Yet Another Case Of A Woman Killed By Her Male Partner, Indian Women Are Encountering Increasing Hostility; What’s To Blame, Why Are We Regressing As A Society?

In the shadows of our societies, an alarming trend is gaining momentum—a surge in hostility and violence directed at women. This distressing issue demands our utmost attention, for it strikes at the very heart of gender equality and human dignity. From the bustling streets of metropolitan cities to the quiet corners of rural communities, women continue to bear the brunt of physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse.

In yet another case of violence and murder, a 56-year-old man was arrested Wednesday evening for allegedly killing his live-in partner and chopping her body into pieces at his rented apartment on Mumbai’s Mira Road. 

The police at the scene mentioned that the decomposing body parts found in his house led to suspicions the murder may have been committed two-three days ago, and it appears the accused had been living with the body parts all these days.

The Harsh Reality is that while no country, culture, or economic status is immune to this blight, it is to be noted that, unfortunately, in India, this trend doesn’t seem to lessen; in fact, on the contrary, the last couple of months have steadily reported of incidents of women being murdered by none other than their male partners. Worse is that even while dead, there seems to be no dignity, no respect as the bodies are mutilated and cut for systematic disposal later.

750x450 crime against women

While we were just coming out of the horrifically public and gruesome murder of a 16-year-old in Delhi came reports of yet another axe-held man who, along with his entire family, publicly threw his new wife out of the house and also attacked her with the axe over dowry disagreements.

The Never-Ending Incidents Of Violence Against Women In India

  • In November, a 28-year-old man, Aaftab Amin Poonawala, was arrested in the Indian capital New Delhi for chopping up the body of his live-in girlfriend, Shraddha Walker, into 35 pieces and disposing of them at a nearby forest over the course of 18 days. Poonawala confessed to the crime, and a history of domestic abuse surfaced. 
  • The same month, another man in Uttar Pradesh state was arrested for chopping up his wife’s body as he suspected she was cheating on him.
  • Also in November, a woman and her son chopped up her husband into 22 pieces and refrigerated his body for allegedly cheating on her. 
  • In December, in the western Indian state of Jharkhand, a man was arrested after parts of his wife’s body were discovered by dogs and local residents. 
  • Also in December, in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, a woman’s chopped-up body was found in a drum inside a locked-up rented apartment. 
  • In January, yet another man was arrested in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad city for allegedly killing his wife’s alleged lover by chopping him up into 15 pieces. 
  • Last month, a man was arrested for allegedly killing his 22-year-old wife and storing her body in his restaurant. Cops told the media that the family of the accused, Sahil Gehlot, helped murder the victim as they didn’t approve of her. The night after he killed her, Gehlot married another woman. The investigations in all these cases are ongoing. 
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The Never-Ending Cries Of Women In India 

Women of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life are suffering. This insidious violence not only traumatizes the individuals directly affected but also reverberates throughout society, perpetuating gender inequality and impeding women’s progress. 

Even as we are growing at a tremendous rate economically and leaving a mark on the world arena, with much to promise, India unfortunately and sadly has not been able to translate the same success when it comes to its women. 

Cases of Sexual Assault, Domestic violence, Honour Killing, Forced Prostitution, and Murders are on the rise, and their impact is far-reaching, curbing women’s access to education, stifling their economic potential, and stifling their voices. 

We must recognize the fact that violence against women thrives on a foundation of gender inequality and harmful social norms, which we must actively challenge and dismantle.

The Rise In Number Of Cases Of Women Abuse And Murders

What can be attributed to the rise of crime against women? Is it that we are still stuck in a  Patriarchal Society?

Indian society is a male-dominated society where women don’t have the right to make major decisions related to the family. Moreover, research revealed that almost 60% of males in India think that women in the family must be beaten from time to time. This societal setup always keeps women in a vulnerable position.

Family Factors And Carrying On The Tradition

Domestic violence committed against a woman has a tendency to be carried over to the next generation. A child who watches his father physically abusing his mother is most likely to do the same to his wife when he grows up. 

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Fostering A Change

Confronting this crisis requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses legal reforms, education, awareness, and support services. Robust legal frameworks must be established, ensuring the criminalization and punishment of all forms of violence against women. However, it is not enough to have laws on paper; their effective implementation is vital. Access to justice and support services must be guaranteed for survivors, ensuring that they can seek redress without fear or prejudice.

Education emerges as a powerful tool in shifting societal attitudes. By cultivating a culture of respect, consent, and non-violence, we can dismantle the very foundations upon which violence against women thrives. Gender-sensitive education should be integrated into curricula, engaging both men and boys as active allies in the fight for gender equality. 

Only by breaking down ingrained stereotypes and norms can we build a future where violence against women is no longer tolerated.


Can We All Stand Up Together?

In this battle, survivors need our unwavering support. Comprehensive support services such as helplines, counselling centres, and shelters should be readily available, adequately funded, and tailored to the diverse needs of survivors. Additionally, healthcare systems must be equipped to address the physical and psychological aftermath of violence, providing survivors with the necessary medical care and support.

However, ending this epidemic requires more than individual efforts—it demands collective action. Governments, civil society organizations, and communities must collaborate in advocating for policy changes, allocating resources, and creating safe spaces where women can seek refuge, report incidents, and receive assistance without fear of stigma or retaliation. 

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It is through these partnerships that we can forge a path towards a society free from violence.

The Last Bit, As we confront the rising tide of hostility and violence against women, let us not shy away from the gravity of this issue. With courage and determination, we can dismantle the pillars that support gender-based violence and foster a society built on respect, equality, and justice. 



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