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5 Tips for a fabulous wedding day


Weddings are once in a lifetime celebration where you are the star of the event, and it is natural that you’ll want to look your very best. But besides looking picture perfect, you need to feel great too. There are several contributing factors that can help with this which many brides overlook in the rush to get everything ready and in place.  Of course, weddings are YOUR day and each individual plans their wedding according to their preferences. If extravagant and over the top is your niche, you do you. The final day says a lot about the personality of a bride especially and it is only fitting that your day describes you in the most perfect way. There are definitely things that can go wrong; from a little dress fiasco or cold feet, but these are simple things that can be tackled with a little help and support. Here are some tips to help a bride to be to make the day a little easier. Please note that these are general suggestions and some may work for you and some may not.

Prepare Your Body

Prepare your Body for your wedding day Flairtales

Many brides to be start crash diet a few weeks or months before their big day. This is not a good idea. Crash diets lead to rapid weight loss that can lead you looking tired and drained. Instead, if you feel you need to get into better shape before your wedding, we recommend a sensible diet and plenty of exercises to tone up.

DO NOT try some new gluten-free celeb diet that you saw on the internet. Stick with what you know and what works for YOU.

It is more about feeling your best self on your big day rather than looking perfect. Instead of sudden changes in your lifestyle, start at least four to six months prior to your wedding – the earlier the better. The benefit? You won’t just look amazing – you’ll glow! Your outfits will fall better. You’ll also have tons more energy and stamina to execute all your wedding preparations as well, in addition to being energized on your big day. And if a bride is happy and confident, it can be seen in her glowing smile already!

Match Your Outfit To Your Jewellery

8 Tips for a fabulous wedding day

First choose your jewellery and then settle on an outfit accordingly. Why? Because your jewellery is something you will obviously wear more often than your wedding outfit. Also, it is likely that your wedding jewellery will be much more expensive and valuable than your wedding dress – you need to make sure that the investment is worth it. It will last you through your lifetime so make sure it’s something you are wholeheartedly in love with. Once you have picked, you can then choose an outfit that is suitable in colour, design and style.

Wear ‘Something Old – Antique’ 

Add some meaning to your wedding outfit with a symbolic ‘something old’ from your family jewellery collection. Make a special ode to your mother or grandmother by wearing a jewel that she wore on her own wedding day, or a special piece that holds sentimental value to your family. Whether it’s just a ring or a bangle, wearing antique or heirloom jewellery is bound to add a sense of pride and connection to those who brought you up on your wedding day.

Western countries follow a phrase on their wedding day for wearing 4 things, which goes “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.

So wearing a unique and personal touch to the wedding outfit is not something very uncommon and can really tell a lot about the bride’s individuality!

Choose Appropriate and Comfortable Jewellery

When buying jewellery for your big day always try on the pieces in store. Don’t rely on ordering online or off a catalogue. Your jewellery preferably be  lightweight enough to wear through your long ceremonies and receptions. A pair of earrings that feel a tag heavy in the store will feel like a ton of bricks at the end of a 5 hour party so try on, choose carefully and quiz the sales staff on the comfort.

A lot of us are used to wearing a timepiece on a daily basis and feel lost without it. But whether it is a wedding gown, saree or lengha, a watch just doesn’t fit in. It certainly doesn’t go well with wedding bangles and bracelets. It adds a certain casualness to an otherwise formal festive outfit. Don’t worry about keeping track of the time – there’ll be plenty of people around who can update you. Go with pieces that make you comfortable and complement your outfit for the day. There are brides who like to go unconventional, so to each their own.

Pay Close Attention To Footwear 

bridal shoes

Perhaps the biggest contributing factor to comfort on your wedding day – your footwear. Six-inch steep stilettos may look gorgeous and you swear you’ll be able to bear the pain that’s the price of beauty but, 3 hours in, that pain will show itself in your clenched face which, in turn, will be imprinted in your pictures forever. The smaller your feet, the greater impact each inch of heel will have on you so don’t go overboard. If you aren’t used to wearing high heels, opt for block heels or platform shoes – after all, your wedding gown is likely to be covering your entire footwear for most of the evening. Also carry a backup pair of comfy shoes as a last resort to wear in case your aching feet need a break post the formal picture taking and meet and greets.

Don’t Forget About Food

Eat healthy food

In the chaos of so much to do many brides skip meals on their wedding day but this can be a big mistake. You need your energy levels at their peak on this day the most so start off with a power-packed breakfast that won’t bloat you such as whole wheat toast and some nut butter, oats or fresh fruits. Through the day, snack on nuts or veggies to keep your energy up. Make sure you drink plenty of water and fluids such as juices to keep yourself hydrated and your skin looking fresh and supple. Filling up on fluids in the morning is a good idea and drink less toward your wedding time so you won’t need to rush to the washroom too many times during the reception. Wedding days are supposed to be fun, and starving is definitely something not fun to do.

Lastly, Relax!

Minor issues may crop up – it happens at every wedding reception. Don’t let it faze you. It’s important to remember that these small things aren’t going to ruin your party. So take a deep breath and make sure you enjoy every second of this once in a lifetime event. Wedding days are your day so it should be about you, and a representation of you in real life. And there definitely no competition or need to impress someone because you are marrying the love of your life! You already won girl!

Source: Flairtales

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