A Mumbai Based Startup Begun the Era of Maintenance Free Smartphone with the Launch of “MBcare” Mobile Application

MUMBAI, April 17, 2018 – Mr. Subhash Bothare, The founder of “MBcare App” launched India’s 1st lockscreen mobile application, “MBcare App”, which provides free smartphone screen damage Protection to active users of android smartphone. He said the launch of “MBcare” is going to become a disrupting event among the smartphone uses and definitely the beginning of the era of maintenance free smartphones.
When he was asked “how he got an idea of making India have maintenance free smartphones?” he became emotional and took a silence. His wife and co-founder of “MBcare”, Mrs.Sona Bothare, broke the silence by saying… this is a typical story of determined and inborn entrepreneur. Giving reference of famous phrase “connecting the dots” from the famous speech of Steve Jobs, the founder of the Apple Inc., she said… if you connect the life dots of Mr. Subhash Bothare, you’ll found that this revolutionary application has to be invented by him. She requested Mr. Subhash Bothare to give everyone a glimpse into his life so far.
He started narrating his own story of being true entrepreneur as…
I am night college dropout and started my career as a smrtphone engineer during college. I was working as a mobile engineer in a local shop and studying in nights. After completion of HSC (10th Standard) I started my own local repair shop in Mumbai with 50k Gold Loan with family support. I successfully repay gold loan in 3 months and upgraded my service center.
I became an authorized service partner for Sony, Tata, Lava, Micromaxx. I sold out my running business and become Samsung Service Partner in 2011. I served more than 5 lakhs customer during 12 years carrier.
In android smartphones there was a very common issue of battery draining and phone get hang. When I understood the reason behind is advertisement in games and apps.
I sold my running Samsung Service Centre in December 2015 and started giving consultancy to mobile insurance companies in Mumbai. I was consultant for them as fraud claim management.
I become Google Certified Partner in 2016 for online advertising. While exploring mobile advertising industry he thought that there are lots of other utility apps like app locker and screen locker showing ads on mobile. But there is no monetary benefit to users. Can be filling this gap with good business opportunities and created MBcare App.
It is the only startup which provides Free Smartphone Screen Damage Protection to active users of MBcare App.
Once Mr. Subhash Bothare stopped narrating his story, everyone went silent for a few moments. Someone asked him to tell the major problem which will be resolved by his application. He answered him as…
Huge Repair Cost of smartphone screen is the major problem we are solving. MBcare App is India’s 1st Lockscreen App providing Free Smartphone Screen Damage. The application will provide protection to active users of android smartphone. MBcare App is creating an environment of maintenance free smartphone in India.”
As soon as he completed his answer, a big round applause was heard by all of us which gave a clear idea to everyone that his innovation deserves a super success in very near future.
One keen camera men listener shifted whole attention towards his wife by as saying…”you said your wife is the co-founder”!
Mr. Subhash Bothare looked towards his gorgeous wife and holds her hand to pull her bit close with big smile on his face and lots of love in his eyes, as if she is the love of his life. He proudly said…
My first co-founder is my better half Mrs.Sona Bothare who believes in my vision of creating an environment of maintenance free smartphone in India.
She supported me in each and every stage of my startup and life. I had a very bad time of survival when she runs our house by giving Yoga Training. In MBcare App she is handling ad network mediation and ad revenue.
Then he shifted his attention and everyone’s attention towards a smart looking man. He continued…
My second co-founder is Mr.Shubham Hirve. We met online social media portal. He is a tech geek. He is android app developer having 5 years experience. He had experience in specific system utility app development. As he had experience with ad network it becomes easier to convince on this vision.”
When Mr. Subhash Bothare was asked with a question on his challenging parts of his journey and how he overcame them, he said…
Most challenging part of my journey was survival and stick with my startup idea without any external funding or income. I overcome this challenge by started giving training and consultancy for Digital Marketing in Mumbai. I realize that we should set realistic goal in our life and always make provision for your survival.
A young woman from the media stood up and eagerly asked “Anything, you would like to say to our readers or upcoming entrepreneurs?” as if she is seeking an advice for herself and many others like her.
Mr. Subhash Bothare gave a thought for couple of moments and said…
Don’t see dreams when you sleep, see the dreams which never let you sleep. Don’t change goal in life, change the way towards goal.
Don’t run behind what you don’t have in hand, Start what resource you have in hand; rest things are coming in your way.
Everyone gave him a big hand of applause.
Those who want to know more about this revolutionary startup can visit their official website The website has an FAQ section which contains answers to dozens of commonly asked questions. Those who want to personally contact them can send an email using a contact form at “contact us” page of the website.
Aeschylus truly said… “From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow”. And this “MBcare Application” of Mr. Subhash Bothare seems exactly to be that seed.

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