This Bangalore Startup connects Clients to CAs to solve their problems online

Finaco is India’s first digital, financial communication and delivery platform. Finaco helps clients to find & connect nearest and Industry specific CAs to book an appointment, virtually meet them and get your query solved.
Finaco is building the financial marketplace of future. It is the most effective way to solve your financial problems and bridge the digital gap in one of the most critical areas of our life. Finaco helps the common man access hundreds of CAs all over the country anytime, anywhere even while on the move, in a smooth and seamless manner, creating a win-win experience for both financials experts and clients.
One of the biggest challenges today is to find a reliable CA. Most of which is done by reference which is not the best way to do. On the other hand CAs goes through a tough time finding new clients. Finaco helps by bridging this gap.
Finaco allows CAs to create an online profile where they can showcase their skills and credentials. This helps them not only to create an online presence for themselves but also quite helpful in managing their practice especially for those CAs who have just qualified.
People have a mindset that they have to meet the CA in person to get their finance query solved. However it can be done through a virtual meeting also. But yes there needs to be a proper system which should be reliable and accountable. Finaco allows clients to connect to CAs through phone/text/video consultation, get their query solved and allows them to give feedback which further helps users to judge the correct CAs for them.
Today if you search on internet topic related to finance there are high chances you might find an answer but the fact is you are not sure about the genuineness of the post. We don’t have a system where you have answers from CAs or Finance professionals. Finaco is focusing to build a finance ecosystem where users find answers to specific topics by CAs and at the same time can view their profile so that they can rely on those answers.
CAs in Job and CA students (Articles) can also register on Finaco and avail a lot of services. For CA in jobs they can build a customized profile which is visible to HRs of top companies. This opens an opportunity to those who are looking for a job change and also can find peers to work in their own team for openings. Similarly for CA articles they can find an article ship rotation and discuss about their work and tuitions to other Articles across the country.
Finaco also aims to develop a practice management system for CAs which is a cloud based technology. CAs can manage existing and new clients and their office anytime anywhere.
Finaco doesn’t charges the users for booking an appointment, asking a question and for most of the features on the website. But yes users are charged by the CAs for their consultation.
Features you need to know about:

  • Find a CA
  • Ask a question
  • Text/phone/video consultation
  • Finance feed
  • Discussion Forum
  • Finaco Cloud

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