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A place that can bring true memories of childhood, a place that can handle the celebration of life, a place that can teach the goodness of culture, a place that cherishes the traditional values is the place we call home and not just house. A home is where we play and grow, where all the values of life are molding us by adding virtue of colors and joy of light. A place built of Brick, “Bricks of Love and bricks of care” is the visual Coldwell Banker India promises. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC grounded in 1906 extended its success with the launch of Indian arm Coldwell Banker India. Coldwell Banker India is a successful organization with 30,000+ offices, 88,000 agents in around 49 countries worldwide. Dominating the world of real estate, they give life to the famous quote “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. The key objective of Coldwell banker India is that, it transforms the residential sale process and significantly enhance the customer’s experience in a transaction of property. The ability to showcase some beautiful property through their preview International program has been provided impeccable service expected from the customers. The key pillars of success of any consumer-centric sale business are the ability to plan yourself, well processes, and recruit and attract the right kind of talent. Coldwell banker India produce an opportunity to change an unorganized segment into the organized segment. They have imported the best sales practices from parent Coldwell Banker and have adopted them to suit the Indian environment. They strongly believe that technology can make a lot of difference in how real estate is perceived and seen currently in India. Technology and Real Estate coming together will bring about a revolution, opening a world of Avenue of how property transactions could occur, the possibility of a person sitting in Mumbai can dream of owning a Swiss villa.

One of the key reasons for the disorganized nature of the Indian real estate business has been the inability of the Indian real estate agencies to scale their business to a significant size. Coldwell Banker India provides the opportunity of a marketing builder’s project to a network of agents across the globe rather than just 20 or 40 agents giving the real worth of the building. A stimulating report informs that people at even the age of 65 and 75 are accessing into the Coldwell Banker India for the sake of professional kick. Because Coldwell Banker India is proud to say it provides the best satisfaction which could not be found else were. Coldwell Banker India brings a unique proposition to India, by seeing a significant change to how people perceive real estate so far. The Coldwell Banker India franchise and models provide the pillar of success in skill ability in any agency business by helping them leverage on a global brand, adopt global base practices, as well as attract customers and talents. Therefore, any person looking for a way to enter the Real Estate world should consider being a franchisee for Coldwell Banker India for it has the potential and the ability to change the way interaction and transaction within the are looked. Coldwell Banker India provides information and an easy access method to know more about them. A detailed report of each of their research with in-depth are insights is made available with hundreds of blogs enunciating the widespread experience around the world. Residential property or commercial space, they partner you in making an informed decision for reality purchase.

Coldwell Banker India University hones their talents to the maximum and helps train the agents by transforming them into real estate specialist. Their learning program follows the wording ” if you learn, you last, if you develop, you drive.” The goal is the growth of the corporate environment and demand for office spaces, apart from urban and semi-urban accommodation will be the stepping milestone for the unorganized sector. Reforming and elevating international standards regardless of whether you are seasoned real estate professional or just beginner is continuously checked. A successful business is a result of training workshops that provides such updated and practical development of franchise owners and agents.

With the growing demand in real estate and change in consumer preferences provide big opportunities for organized real estate services in India. The existing brokerage model doesn’t meet up to the expectations and satisfaction with Coldwell banker India can provide. But the Indian real estate market offers a gamut of opportunities for those willing to be a part of it. the rise in GDP contribution 4.2 % annual growth of 11.6% enhances the need for good real estate opportunities. Independent realtor is also yearning to up their game and they are the best people Coldwell Banker India are seeking to partner with. According to Balaji Badrinath, a satisfied partner shares that his experience with Coldwell Banker India has been phenomenal, changing his profits and loads and loads of calls and offers from real estate dealers through all day! In India, it has extended to 8 cities with 150+ agents successful.

Trust is a basic Instinct yet the most powerful one, Coldwell Banker India aims to provide trustworthy partnership and business. Coldwell Banker India real estate specialist will assist in selling residential properties and ensure personalized services at the reach of your home. The most convenient option is a contract of one page made it possible for Referral Program real estate dealers.

Mojahid Taj Syed, Head of NRI sales of Coldwell banker India is a Real estate professional who has 20 years of overall experience in Real estate and Corporate Interiors. He also released an article on his new business model  ( Refer and Earn). Connected with 40,000 associated channel partners around the world, Mojahid Taj Syed advises and assists NRIs and PIOs to invest in the Indian real estate sector, to sell their existing Indian Real Estate- PAN India.

Mojahid Taj Syed has worked across diverse asset classes which includes office, land, residential advising leading multi-national owners, the investors are mainly from UK, USA, GCC, India and other locations preferably. He was able to easily built rapport with prospective clients and is very quick to identify their needs and form effective solutions that come handy. He is not only an expert in selling NRI homes but also has a good understanding of the Income Tax laws pertaining to the selling of NRI properties and repatriating funds overseas. Persistent and detail-oriented with the skill of negotiations and satisfied customers, he became the proof for the quality of affiliate the Coldwell Banker India provides. Mojahid is closely connected with over 40,000 associated channel partners from all over the country.

Apart from Coldwell wealth, Mojahid enjoys trekking and hiking in different terrains and conditions, which sounds exhilarating! He has a belief that regular exercise freedom is that it keeps him active.

Coldwell Banker India’s goal is in transforming its employees into professionals and professionals providing services. Coldwell banker India’s employees receive tons of emails from people looking for houses, rental spaces with the end of the day transaction which are professionally guided. These kinds of services are needed particularly in this sector which previously didn’t have. The employee is proud to be a part of the Coldwell Banker India franchise which has provided their clients with utmost satisfaction and reason for Trust and Innovation to grow in the real estate sector.

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