Change you Lifestyle, Heath and still manage to ace your Career Goals

21st century is the greatest time to be alive if you are a career driven personality. There are a million and more opportunities for young entrepreneurs and equal amount of resources to establish their careers and become the next leaders of the world. And a corporate 9 to 5 job is something the millennials are ready to pursue to be a step closer to their big goal. In fact, the 9 to 5 jobs or desk jobs are a personal favourite of the millennial if i may say. The input is majorly intellectual and does not require much physical or creative labour. It’s the perfect more for less job. But what if I tell you that your favourite job is the 90% of the reason of the monotonous and often stressful life that most of the young and ambitious corporate enthusiasts complain of? It is quite self-exploratory; you get up at 7 to prepare for your job, cannot indulge in basic activites like breakfast or family talks because you are often late and are loaded with work, you sit at the same desk, staring into a screen and only to take a break to munch a fried samosa that the peon brings for everyone.
change you lifestyle, heath and still manage to ace your career goals
But there are some simple ways by which this cycle of tedious and often harmful lifestyle can be broken. And no this article is not going to tell you to “issue a gym membership “ or “join a book club”. These are minor lifestyle changes, which only require a few days time to get into a habit for, but in the longer run, can impact something as far as the state of mind of a person in a stressful situation.

  • Your Health and Personal Well Being is EVERYTHING

One of the most common words everyone can hear from the mouth of the young entrepreneurs when asked about paying attention to their health  is, “ Right now it doesn’t matter. When I’ll be successful i can pay for all the health cares and trainers needed.”
It simply doesn’t work that way.
By the time the money comes along, the damage will already be done. If all along the body is treated as a dump bag, the end resullt shouldn’t be so 9shocking.
Now it is understandable that these corporate jobs do not leave out time for a 2 hour hardcore gym training and this is the age of progress so the resources to afford luxury services is also quite a task. But here’s the simple thing, any person can change itself from 0 to 100 without breaking the bank or sacrificing thier career. Simple changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking 5 minutes break to walk around the office cabin or even the cubicle to get the muscles running, these daily changes can make a drastic effect on the physical well being. Simple desk based workouts are tailor made for this situations. These are not a major lifestyle flip and are not going to keep you occupied for long, but make a huge impact in the longer run. 

  • Meal-Prepping and Planning is going to be your new best friend
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If you work a 9 to 5 job it is obvious that you do not have the time to cook for yourself if you live alone. And staying is hungry is also not an option because it is proven that hunger leads to fatigue, aggressive behaviours and not being able to concentrate. Meal-Prepping is a fairly new concept in India but can be your saviour. You pick one day to do all your groceries and cooking, and store them in air-tight containers for at least a few days and presumably label each container for each weekdays. The ideal prepping is done for one week; one container for every day of the week; but this is totally a matter of preference. And I know you might wonder, “the food is going to spoiled if we store it this long.” Not really, unless you keep extra oily and moist foods. This way, it is also going to force you to buy and prepare fresh and healthy ingredients since these are easier to store, so it kills 2 bird with one stone! And if meal prepping is not suited for your lifestyle which is obvious given the vast variety of cuisines and eating patterns India has, there is the other way to snack healthier. There multiple quick meals that are 2 minutes to make and have a punch of nutrition. Most of the people will not have the time to cook an entire 3 course meal, so snacking in between hours is the easier approach. Oats, brown bread, berries, Matcha, most of the fruits, these are few superfoods that are rich in nutrients and are far easier to prepare than a full on course meal. Overnight Oats take 2 mins to prepare and you wake up in the morning without the worry of thinking of something to cook for breakfast. Your health should not be a barrier to your journey to success!

  • Bribe yourself with new goals and motivations.
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Working endlessly is no fun. And working endlessly without having any motivations to do so? Far more dreading. Setting up goals, small or big, can really motivate you to give your 110%. It can also lift up your mood to work because now there is something that will be rewarded to you at the end of this hectic days or months of work. These can be small weekly goals like seeing more productivity or discipline in your personal life, or big monthly goals like buying the new shiny footwear that you saw on your way home. Or even bigger like buying a new bike. These are you personal goals. Do not make going out a goal for yourself because that more of a necessity than an actual motivation. Take a white board and write out your goals and hang it somewhere you can see it every single day. Humans are visual beings, the more we use our senses the more we are aware of what needs to be done. So be aware of your goals, and use them to motivate yourself!

  • Lack of Social Interaction is not helping your ultimate goal either.

It is a common preference for people with corporate jobs and people who are just starting with setting up a career of their own to live alone. There are more opportunities in big metropolitan cities and people often leave their homes behind and settle alone. And alongside living alone, the tight schedule leaves them no time slots to go out and participate in social events. Result? You spend days and weeks, even months, without actually connecting with family or a friend. This may seem like it shouldn’t harm a lot, but it soon becomes a habit and under load of work, you begin to distance yourself from family and people in general. Humans are social animals. They need some support in the form another being. Being alone can lead to insecurities and can really harm the mental state of a person. If you cannot bring yourself to socialize heavily, adopt a pet. If permanent adoption is not something for you, try fostering troubled and injured pets. Many NGOs give out pets temporarily for fostering in homes before they are ready to actually be adopted. If this seems hard enough too, get a plant. There needs to be something for everyone to look forward to, that is away from your career and is just there for mental support or your personal well being.
Motivation varies from person to person. These points could be useful to some people and absolutely ridiculous to others. And it is correct because each person’s schedule, lifestyle, personality and preferences, they all vary greatly. But the ultimate goal is self-health. Your mental and physical well being is the most important goal before anything, and for the millennials and young entrepreneurs who are just starting to venture into this new world of opportunities, it is even more important. We are becoming a generation of successful unhealthy loners and that isn’t something to gloat about. The better is the health and well being of an individual, the more he will enjoy his accomplishments. So do what works for you. What makes you fight for your goals and dreams and keeps you motivated enough to go through the hardship that comes with success is your personal self-help. Take your time to work on yourself, and when it fruits with success and accomplishments, relish them!

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