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‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ this is a saying from the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. This is even applicable to this day.
India is no doubt regarded as the fastest growing economy in the world and some of the international agencies and countries are carefully watching us. As per the UN report, India with 356 million 10-24 year-olds, India has the world’s largest youth. Here ends the euphoric view.
The biggest problem the country is plagued with is the ‘Unemployment and Underemployment’. Here are some of the figures indicating it.

  • India adds 10-12 million new workers to its workforce every year. The biggest problem India faces is to get them jobs.
  • 51% of existing employees are considering a new job
  • 47% of small businesses cannot find qualified applicants for open positions
  • According to 2016 talent trends, India has 42% active talent, which is above the global average of 36%
  • Average of 52 days to fill an open position by Employers

You have heard the problems, now where is the solution?
Udyogii Solutions genesis is to ‘Eliminate/ curb the unemployment problem in India by 2025’.  With this magnanimous vision Udyogii has built a world class platform.
Udyogii is an End-to-End recruitment platform. It is redefining the way employers attract and hire talent/skill. With Udyogii experience an amalgamation of technology, people and process to recruit the best talent/skill in the market.
More than 97% of Udyogii clients reward the company’s delivery model, reliability, passion, creativity, and unique ability to handle the broadest range of their human capital requirements by continually extending their partnerships with us.
Udyogii is organising the HR market and brings all the three players in the market i.e: Employers, HR Consultants, and Jobseekers under its umbrella. The image list down some of those value add they bring to the table.
It is a unique delivery model which meets the requirements of all the three parties in the ecosystem. Technology plays a very critical role in making it happen. Here is an explainer video on how things work:  How it works
Udyogii is a brain child of two professionals from the industry.
Ashok Ramanna:  Has an overall experience of 12+ years in the field of recruitment both in corporate and consulting firms. He has been closely associated with the recruitment and HR activities all through his career. His previous work experience started with ‘Manpower services’ ‘and moved on to ’Xora(Now Click Software)’ and started his own recruitment consultancy ‘Agile Force Solutions’. There is no limit to gaining knowledge and he is pursuing Strategic Performance Management of XLRI. In his free time he loves travelling and believes that a traveller is the one who sees the world the way it has to be seen.
Bharath Bushan: Currently leads the effort on Marketing and Sales, before to his current responsibility was with Infosys Ltd working on consulting and pre-sales assignments. Has an overall corporate experience of 10+ years in MNC’s and Startups. He is very passionate about the technology and its application in improving the quality of life. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore Institute of Technology and PGDM in Marketing & Systems from SDMIMD
Udyogii is strategically based out of Bengaluru, the silicon city of India. Bengaluru attracts a lot of population from different parts of the country for employment needs. Startups have made Bengaluru its home due to availability of quality talent. This makes it a best place to launch a platform like  The founders believe though it is ‘born in Bengaluru, it is made for India’. The technology stack that they have built will help eliminate the distance between employer and a jobseeker.
One of the USP’s of Udyogii is ‘Video Resume’. Every candidate in the platform who registers as a jobseeker can pitch themselves on a video. They can do it any number of times as it can be done on Mobile apps and in a controlled environment.
If anyone is looking for a Job or quality talent they just need to register at

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