From Mobility to AI, Innovantes Sets Its Foot On The Digital Pedal

Digital disruption is inevitable and is pushing companies in all sectors to embrace digital capabilities in order to remain relevant. Mobility, Big data, Cloud and Robotics are forcing the organizations to rethink the way business is conducted. Businesses would need to make significant investments in technology & automation. As analysts point out, over 80% of the new technology spending by enterprises will be in mobility and analytics.
With the growing demand for digital capabilities, Innovantes, a leading India-based IT services and consulting organization is nicely poised to take advantage of the growing demand. With a portfolio spread across major verticals-  healthcare, financial services, retail, automotive, food tech, hospitality, real estate, media & communication, logistics and e-commerce, the digital strategy is the key factor driving its growth. 
“Our deep understanding of our customers’ business models coupled with strong digital execution capabilities sets us apart”, says its CEO Paramvir Bakshi. Innovantes (theInnovantes) has a strong customer base of large enterprises spread across 5 continents with strategic relationships, established practices and strong domain expertise. To help its clients leverage the power of technology, it offers a complete suite of digital solutions- mobile applications, enterprise mobility solutions, learning management solutions, e-business applications and predictive analytics to digitize the entire value chain.
Innovantes recently successfully partnered a leading Japanese automaker to create a mobile-led digital evaluation platform for its dealership staff. The platform helped them improve operational efficiencies by over 70%. In the healthcare space, Innovantes helped a leading hospital chain to improve its patient-facing processes through technology and big data resulting in an improvement of over 20% in online appointments and a significant improvement in patient satisfaction. It also established the technological backbone of a unique B2B model for a leading Pathology & Diagnostics group, automating their complete value chain; right from onboarding business partners to order placement by customers, orders fulfilment and reporting. 
In media and communications vertical, Innovantes designed and developed the technology platform for the world’s first open data community forum on social issues. The first-of-its-kind platform is based on deep analytics and has various analytical interfaces to allow users to track their own attitudes on a range of topics.
Additionally, in the food tech niche, it partnered with one of the world’s leading chefs to roll out a unique food tech platform modelled on ordering ready-to-cook recipes and ingredients in the form of meal boxes with dynamic pricing and offers.
What next?
As companies go digital and establish multiple touchpoints with their customer, there is an inherent need to adopt an omnichannel strategy. Also, as digital adoption increases, companies need to harness the power of data to understand consumer behaviour and predict future trends. 
“Automation is not the end, it is actually the beginning of an amazing journey to understand your customers better. Automation itself leads to generation of millions of data points over the customer’s journey. If used effectively, this can be turned into a huge strategic advantage”, adds Bakshi.
With companies realizing how data can be key strategic differentiator, Innovantes’s data analytics practice offers a complete suite of solutions such as segmentation, predictive analytics, forecasting, marketing analytics etc. Although the financial services sector was one of the earliest adopters of analytics, the other sectors are catching up now and Innovantes sees huge opportunities in all other sectors. It plans to set up a separate COE focussed on Data Analytics.
Times, for sure, are changing and Innovantes is ready to grab all the opportunities that come its way.

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