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How to scale a travel agency?

TraviYo works for all aspects to scale your travel agency by generating and managing your travel agency and solves all your major challenges, once you adept TraviYo you just work with your operation team rest TraviYo will manage all in a hassle-free manner”

How TraviYo achieve the promises?

  • Design an excellent website for your travel agency
  • Promote that on the globe to generate new business
  • Providing you professional email ids
  • Integrating online chat and payment gateway
  • CMS to manage your website
  • Package management tool to upload detail itinerary
  • CRM access with unlimited users
  • Payment scheduler for customer and supplier
  • Supplier management
  • Invoicing Management
  • Customer management
  • MIS reports

With the help of your travel website, you can expand your travel business TraviYo not only develop your website will promote too to generate new business. TraviYo has a dedicated team to guide you for your travel package website and help you to build more travel packages for any destinations and also guides you for as a technology adviser how you design your best travel website.

The aim behind providing a website to the travel agents is not only to making money. TraviYo motive is to provide a platform for the travel agents a technology platform to organize their business and create more opportunity in the tourism industry.

You must have a good online presence to get new customers and scale your business, here we are in TraviYo helps to get the best optimized online presence of your travel agency the first step towards your online presence is making a beautiful and user friendly website where you can showcase all of your products its very simple with TraviYo to create your website and you can’t believe it just take few minutes to develop your website as you want.

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So now let us see how TraviYo will help you to promote your business on the google, we have an expertise team to identify the exact space for your business and to promote this on a different platform and maintaining your Online Reputation

We do content marketing, social media optimization, Search engine optimization, Image Optimization, Press Release, Video promotion and Search Engine Marketing which definitely boom your business suddenly

Travel agents face lots of problems while sharing a quotation with their customers till converting them to booking, here TraviYo provides an option that is Travel CRM to work smoothly and in proper organized way it will solve all problems of the travel agents and automate the complete process from lead generation to converting them the booking.

TraviYo is the best platform for the travel agents and also for the one who is willing to start their own agencies we are here to help you by providing our best service. TraviYo gives an advanced technology for making the business management easy. To scale your travel agency it’s very necessary to organize your process and  further with automation tools we are here in TraviYo we are developing such automation tools to make your travel agency organized

Do you think how this is possible?

Yes it is possible with TraviYo, The first automation tool in TraviYo is managing all of your leads in a centralized location and give you an excellent platform to follow of your leads. we have introduced a robust reminder system which reminds your follow-ups and keep storing all the instants of your leads so that you can find out the gap of losing any lead.

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Many of the travel agents facing a lots of problems to select the appropriate suppliers which again stop them to scale their business once you start using TraviYo you will get a simplified platform to choose the   best suppliers for your specific requirement and manage all your supplier in a single platform here in supplier management system you can manage your suppliers payments and Income Tax Credit on deducted GST amount.

One of the major segment is managing customers payment and invoices and its very difficult and time taking process to do this manually, In TraviYo we are providing you an easy process where you can simply split your customer payments at the time of booking and rest TraviYo will do automatically send them invoices, payment link auto follow-up for payments you just look into the MIS reports and instruct TraviYo how can manage these payment process, your customers can get a professional invoice with proper formatting and receipt with each payment made by them.

Customer engagement is a part of the regenerate business and improves the goodwill of your travel agency in TravaiYo there is an option to manage your customer look into their profile and sharing the required documents with them.



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