“It’s all about creating a powerful personal brand and communicating it effectively”, says Abhishek Banerji, Founder & CEO of The Skill Hub.

Very few things compare to the joy of being able to do the kind of work you love to do and consequently be able to create a lasting legacy. Echoing this thought is our man in the spotlight today Abhishek Banerji. He is the Founder & CEO of The Skill Hub – Skills that set you Apart, a corporate training & student development venture based out of Mumbai.

He believes that in today’s world of fierce competition it’s not just about getting a professional degree and landing a job but seeing yourself as a brand and making that brand stand apart. Having complete clarity what your personal brand (brand you) stands for, coming up with a strong brand message and employing a targeted message delivery mechanism to communicate your message to your focused audience for better returns is the way. He urges not only entrepreneurs and business owners but also corporate employees to see themselves as a brand. At The Skill Hub, with the motive of creating powerful brands and making them stand apart, Abhishek and his team provide highly transformational skill building experiences (life skills and soft skills) through their customized workshops, trainings, consultation, one-on-one coaching, courses and speaking engagements.

Abhishek has been a business & creative communications consultant and has worked with multinational companies and startups in diverse industries like advertising, technology, human resource and events including NASSCOM 50 and BBC featured Startups. Although he started his corporate career as a door-to-door salesman, where his days on the field were marked with umpteen rejections in the form of doors literally slammed on his face whilst making sales calls, but he believes that this entire episode taught him the power of resilience. He adds, “The field gave me a practical, though sometimes ruthless demonstration of Jack Canfield’s words – some will, some won’t, so what? someone’s waiting!” Having taken this in his stride he delivered really high sales numbers and grew his team to make them profitable and consequently went on to win top sales and leadership awards.

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When it comes to corporate houses and organizations, he says, “Personally, I believe that the 3P’s – People, Productivity and Profits are very interconnected priorities and not competing ones. Well engaged, trained and productive people can lead to sustained profits and growth” With this view in mind, The Skill Hub offers various corporate training programs – Managerial Effectiveness, Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, Advanced Communication Skills, Personality Profiling, Critical Thinking & Decision Making, Negotiation Skills, Power of Influence, Sales Effectiveness etc. All of their workshops and trainings are a blend of highly curated content coupled with creative insights and communicated using the most modern tools of learning. Workshops are devised using contemporary facilitation training and coaching tools, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), theatre, role-playing, gamification, storytelling, emotional intelligence etc.

When it comes to youth development initiatives of The Skill Hub, Abhishek vehemently expresses, “I am very passionate about youth development. Corporate trainings are exciting, but there is a different sense of fulfillment when you can influence the youth and impact the future of the nation” Abhishek is the creator of #YouLeadIndia Movement, a youth leadership seminar and workshop series created to build global competencies in the youth of India and make them more employable. He believes that leadership skills are not developed overnight, they should be actively and purposefully practiced.

On questioned about his other interests, he reveals that he is also passionate about theatre and is an alumnus of Anupam Kher’s Acting Academy and a student of Barry John’s Acting Studio. “I believe theatre is a great medium to unleash your creativity, get in touch with your suppressed emotions, and express yourself. I use theatre mediums extensively in my workshops to be able to attain creative breakthroughs with my clients.”, adds Abhishek.

“I am a dreamer and I believe in making all my dreams come true. I have a lot to achieve in all domains of life. I love the work that I do and I am immensely fortunate and blessed to have crossed paths with people and opportunities that have contributed hugely to all that I am and set to become.”, says Abhishek.

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