Launching! India’s first special scooter on rent for differently able folks

Commuting is an essential need of any being and making it easy and readily available for everyone was the goal. They explored the options to make the service available for everyone and it was then they tried to implement this thought to introduce special scooters with side cars on rent which they had in their minds for long to accommodate the temporary commuting needs of differently able around us. This was launched on 4th March and one of their volunteers is currently testing the same. These special scooters will be available for booking in a month or two. Now that they have launched this Special scooter, the main challenge in front of them is to create awareness and reach of the service among the people who needs it and we’re sharing it in every possible way to take it far! (product of Eques Auto Rentals Private limited), is a newly launched Bike Rental company in Bangalore. This company which was incorporated on Dec-2017 is built upon the passion of founder towards bikes and bike rides which always have been an inspiration.
Why scooters for physically challenged?
The founder explains an interesting and passionate story behind it. He quotes a famous proverb from Jimmy Dean “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” It was a fuming day last summer and we encountered a differently able lady in a neighborhood, who seated in an electric chair, guiding its wheels through the dusty road of the city on her way to Market to buy some house hold stuff. Being new to the city, she had no means of other commuting options than relying on that electric chair which she uses inside her house as well. Her lovely inspiring smile on her face, muddy wheels, which make her house dirty, were two sights of huge contrast due to her needing to use the wheels inside and outside her home.
We asked ourselves…what if she had a different option to get where ever she needed to be?
Never wanting to limit or cause a contrast in her home again! “Your success and happiness lie in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties” – said Helen Keller. At Justthrottle, we believe that and worked on it. Obstacles are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call out our courage and strength. Just as we say, with Just Throttle, you ride now and forever!
Not just the venture but even the founder has a story behind him:
Shankar who is the Founder & CEO of justthrottle speaks about himself. I’m a high school dropout, failed in 12th standard and joined a Diploma course, but couldn’t complete that too. I started doing business when I was in 8th standard (2000). I used to stick A4 printouts on the streets to call us for Fruits/Veg delivery at door step. The door step delivery was something very novel back then; I named it as ‘Fresh & Fresh’ and for every delivery I earned 50 paise. The journey started there and the same year I visited Bangalore for the first time, where I wished to settle down as I found this city could accommodate the vision I had about my life. I relocated to Bangalore in 2010, looking to create better opportunities to march towards my vision. I worked in a couple of companies for a year and then tried my hands on T-shirt and food business. The food business ended up in loss and I had to start over from the scratch by selling t-shirts in platform to make my living. Getting a job was a challenge as not all the companies were ready to hire a school dropout. After few months, I got a job in a BPO company and my journey started as an entry level agent and went up-to Manager level. During my time there, I also established a different bike rental company from which I had to step out due to some professional reasons. I resigned from there on Nov 2017, to pursue my passion and started

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