Love Doodle: An Experience Unheard Of

The face of businesses in India is changing. With the start-up culture thriving, we see a lot of new businesses taking wing. They set out with humble beginnings but soon gain a significant hold in the market.

Start-ups have an upper hand in the industry with a leg up from modern technology and a fresh approach that encompasses creative ideas and new-age strategies. The novel outlook helps start-ups succeed.

One such budding start-up is the Mumbai-based Love Doodle that was initiated in January 2016 with an ingenious idea. What’s so great about this business? Read on to find out!

What’s the idea?

Love Doodle has taken gifting to the next level. Gone are the days when buying material things was the only gifting option you had. With Love Doodle, you may do a lot more. Explore gifts that are a lot more exciting!

Gifting your loved ones is not just a formality; it comes with emotions attached. Love Doodle understands this. It believes that to make an occasion special, your gift should be just as special. Gifting a shirt or a watch is neat and nice, but gifting an experience is wonderful. Love Doodle wants people to go beyond the typical use-and–throw gifts and present their special ones with an item or an experience that they will treasure for life.

What it does

Love Doodle is a celebration management company. It offers a range of gifting options for its customers. These gifts are anything but regular.

The gifts are classified into two broad categories: experience gifts and customized gifts. Under these, you will have themes like romance, group celebrations, gifts for him, gifts for her, and gifts for kids, among others.

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If you want something personalized, Love Doodle will gladly oblige. With choices ranging from foot imprints on a ceramic plate to a painting of a movie character or quote on a drinking glass, if you can think it, Love Doodle can make it happen.

There is a horde of options in the arena of experience gifting too. Why take your partner to a typical restaurant, when you can go sailing and follow it with a candlelight supper in the midst the sea? Go waterfall rappelling with your buddies, and feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Have a friend who’s in need of a makeover? Get them a personal shopper for a couple of hours and let the transformation begin! All this, and so much more, awaits you at Love Doodle.

Love Doodle’s core value lies in creating an enriching customer experience. With its experience-based gifting, Love Doodle aims to address the pain points of the people planning a perfect gift or celebration for any occasion. The unique idea is a noteworthy innovation in the gifting industry. Handpicked, personalized, and exclusive gifts are what set Love Doodle apart. The company’s association with premium brands and established artists sweeten the deal.

Meet the founder

Love Doodle is the brainchild of Dhruti Mehta, its founder. She left the corporate life and ventured into the entrepreneurial world with the idea of Love Doodle. Her husband, Jigar, has been alongside her all through this journey.

Dhruti’s passion and dedication have helped Love Doodle succeed. She ensures that every customer who uses Love Doodle leaves with memories to cherish for a lifetime. She believes that her clients should have amazing stories to share instead of objects to show.

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How it all began

It all began with Dhruti’s first birthday celebration post marriage in 2009. The couple headed to a beautiful bungalow property spread in 150 acres of land with lush surrounding, a one of its kind winery and a full-time cook at their service. Ever since, both Jigar and Dhruti have celebrated their occasions in a unique way.

The experience gifts offered by Love Doodle are inspired by the couples shared experiences and celebrations. Their love for unique gifting eventually gave birth to Love Doodle.

Love Doodle’s first event was organized in 2016. Five couples celebrated Valentine’s Day in the dreamiest way a woman can imagine—the men took to the kitchen and whipped up a delicious three-course meal for their women that featured international dishes. Love Doodle ensured that the women felt pampered and special throughout.

Love Doodle continues to dole out lovely experiences to several individuals, couples, as well groups.

Plans in the pipeline

Love Doodle serves the city of Mumbai. Future plans see the business expanding to other cities, making Love Doodle a pan-India service provider. This is expected to roll out in phases. The team is scaling up operations by increasing collaborations with trusted vendors / service providers and spreading awareness via social media platforms.

Another gifting category that Love Doodle is about to feature is “Corporate Gifts.” These would include both personalized gifts for clients and professionals as well fun bonding and team-building activities for employees.

With Love Doodle, Dhruti aims to touch the lives of the people all over the world. She wishes to gift them fond memories that they will hold dear all their life.

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