Providing second home to corporate travelers, PAJASA service apartments is changing the corporate stays

Corporate business always keeps the comfort of its employees at the foremost and to make sure that the corporate world keeps its employees happy, PAJASA comes to rescue. PAJASA service apartments provide ‘A second Home’ for the corporate employees working outstation. Providing a stay solution for corporate travel, PAJASA is helping the corporate world and business travelers to have a great living experience by providing comfortable and homely stay alternative. PAJASA is creating a ‘home’, ‘away from home’.

Passion always turns dreams into reality and this was proved when two different people joined hands to solve a major problem of the corporate world.
Paras Sangwan and Arpit Awasthi founded PAJASA Service Apartments in 2014 in Mumbai, the only Indian company to deal exclusively in serviced apartments and in the span of just 3 years they have successfully managed to get in big names in their client list. Paras with his ambition and Arpit with his tech expertise are turning the world around for those who seek home when they are away from home.
Paras gave up on his ambition of becoming a doctor after not being able to clear the medical entrance exam for 3 consecutive times. However, determined to succeed in life, he enrolled for an MBA in Pune and upon its completion, came to Mumbai to fulfill his dreams and ambitions. He joined an E-Commerce company where he worked for a year and joined the hospitality sector as a manager in a renowned Hotel afterward. He soon realized what he wanted to do.
Arpit, on the other hand, gave up his high paying job for the startup. His knack for business goes back to his college days when he started his own venture, a web portal, in the third year of his college to help and counsel students.
I had heard many times from a friend that Mumbai is “The City of Dreams” and if you have the ambition and perseverance, you can attain whatever goal you set for yourself. I had the drive to work hard and even though the path was still unclear, I had the faith that God will help me succeed. I learned quickly and from the experience that I gained, I was highly motivated to start my own company. But I was new to Mumbai and not from a business family background. So the first step was to find a business which could be expanded limitlessly and which could be started with almost zero investment”, says Paras.
While working as a hotel manager, Paras realized that corporate guests prefer Apartment over the Hotel room in general. Not only corporates, but families too prefer Apartment over any hotel room because it gives them a homely feeling. After keenly analyzing, he decides to enter the serviced apartments industry. Seeking that this sector of the hospitality industry has a huge demand and tremendous growth potential in India he came up with PAJASA Service Apartments.

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The beginning

Paras, in the quest to begin with his idea, met a like-minded guy, Arpit who joined PAJASA and later on to become a very close friend, CTO, and co-founder of the company. Arpit, who worked at Accenture as a team lead left his job and joined Paras in shaping up PAJASA . The encounter between them happened while developing a website for Paras’s earlier workplace.

Tech geek Arpit started building the application and website so that back end management of bookings is hassles and visitors get details of accommodation and easy access to the service. For a software developer and data analyst, developing an application for Apartment booking was a bit tough job as the concept was very different from all other industries, but Arpit’s coding expertise and problem-solving ability were of great help in laying company’s firm digital foundation.

Solving the corporate problem

PAJASA started its operations in July 2014 as a Service Apartment aggregator with the mission to provide “Your second home in every city” to corporate travelers. Paras worked extensively to understand the demand and supply in this industry. He discovered that companies had to pay a huge amount to manage their Guest Houses which also were a fix cost burden on them since corporate travel is very much unpredictable. Sometimes, when the number of guests exceeded the limited accommodation in guest houses, the company had to shift the guests to the hotel or other apartments based on availability. PAJASA targeted at the same problem offering a better stay without having the company to bear the maintenance cost and rent for the time when the guest house is not used. Hence, they made sure to provide best standard and secured apartment near the office location on requirement basis.

The best thing about serviced apartments is that it gives a homely feel, especially when one travels for a long duration. We have mandatory kitchen in all apartments, so that the guests can enjoy home cooked food whenever they want and since India is a place where family is very important and an integral part of one’s life, our service becomes the best available alternative as our guests do not have to share the guest house with anyone and can have their own space with their family as they had in their home”, says Arpit

PAJASA records a 95 per cent repetitive business from its clients who are more than happy to have them onboard when it comes to arranging a peaceful stay for their employees. With more than 115+ corporate clients and just a team of 8 memebrs, PAJASA is giving a good competitive edge to the conventional guest house setup of corporate travels.


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