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You just struck an idea. Your mind is now a place of thoughts. Whether it will be a successful endeavor or not? There is a continuous juggle in your head. But, against all odds, you take up that endeavor because it was beautifully framed in your mind. And somewhere it convinced you to take the risk. Well, your idea is now a plan. It’s something new and innovative and it is a food for your thought. But with every new plan you need to move a step ahead and to give you a helping hand by connecting all the dots, Misty Dots stand by your side.
The dots are basically the invisible shapes of thought, idea, and plan. They help you connect those dots. Undoubtedly, there is an outbreak of start-up and everyone wants to become a master of their own minds. The idea of working under someone is now cliché and we are constantly looking for a way out. It is evident that success is a bait and we are the rats in a race. But why not be the big fat rat and instead of running, lead the army of rats?! It’s just a thought and later it becomes an idea. That’s how we develop. However, we cannot rule the army alone. The assistance and support are what acts as an encouragement to rule and hence, the power comes.
Misty Dots are helping hands in the form of marketing assistance. A marketing & advertising agency based in Bangalore. The sole motive is to look for the strategic alliance with companies or start-ups who are in need for marketing their products and services. They are new age marketing solution companies and technically understand better the requirements of the coming up start-ups. As we all know the importance of reaching out to the masses, expanding and flourishing. Today, they have resources, means, and technology. In this technologically globalized world, everyone is more interested in having their own personal space. And Misty Dots help them realize that dream. A start-up to a fully legit company, it will form the stepping stones between them in the form of our unbiased services.
So, all said and done about the introduction. Talking about the services, They provide digital marketing with SEO, Google AdWords, PPC, PPI, retargeting, content marketing, online reputation management, campaign management and social media marketing. Moreover, they specialize in web design and development of dynamic, themed e-commerce websites, CMS, blogging and server management. To begin with, every startup requires some recognition, they provide that in the form of advertising be it media advertisements, online ads, website marketing, event marketing, outdoor ads, branding, in film branding.
Misty Dots ensure that your startup reaches the target audience with optimized social media platforms and finally ensuring the positioning of the company in the minds of the people with outdoor advertising, visual and radio ads. And also, exclusive marketing depending on the client’s interest. So, their main focus is to attract more and more audience which will benefit the company in long term as well. A strong profile is what makes a company stand out from the rest and advertising and marketing and is one such thing which will instill the life in any start-up. With a good response, the prospering rates of a company are likely to go up and the performance and results will technically rise and shine.
The base is where the functioning starts and if that is strong, what more can you ask for?! Marketing is never a one time job. So, they look forward to the long term relationship with their clients. For the company to be in the mind of the people, it should have a robust marketing strategy that positions them in the “Top of people’s mind” which in turn helps the company to rule the market not fearing upon the competitors or duplicators. Misty Dots are not middle men to get missed with the loop. According to their policy, Misty Dots prefer working with the startups as a marketing provider as they totally understand the importance of marketing in the stage of startup and financial status to run the aggressive marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.
It’s as simple as being a friend in need and deed. A start-up needs immense watering and patience and sustainability to grow into a beautiful flower. Let us give it some time and we will see it breathe through our marketing strategy. Last but not the least is the presentation that runs parallel throughout the entire process. The logo should be creative and should say enough about the company. The pleasure lies in breaking the mundane and doing something creative. Actually this point is the most important and fortunately, they got that covered as well. We help the company to design the logo with graphic design, marketing collaterals, hoardings, 3d designing and video editing.
Therefore, Misty Dots is all in all and don’t haste lest you may waste. Choose your partners wisely who will not only help you on a professional level but also understand that your growth is eventually their growth. For further details contact +91 9742566255. E-mail Website: Reach out to us on social media below.

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