Sunday, June 23, 2024 – Making cutting edge deep-learning accessible to enterprises – Making cutting edge deep-learning accessible to enterprises – Making cutting edge deep-learning accessible to enterprises

Enterprise automation & intelligent workflows is one of the biggest investment areas in the enterprise tech landscape. And to meet this demand, countless startups and solutions from existing tech players have sprung up.

Polynomial Pte. Ltd. - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

But almost all fail to convert the promise into reality because of lack of true world-class AI powering these solutions. Automation without real AI is meaningless.

Polynomial, a Singapore based deep learning startup with engineering operations in Bangalore, India is focused on realizing the potential of intelligent automation using cutting edge AI.

The team of developers and researchers Polynomial are working on platforms that can turn any enterprise workflow like sales, customer service, product full fillment and new customer onboarding into an adaptive AI-powered workflow that is delivered to end-users via conversational interfaces (chatbots, voice, enterprise, and consumer channels)

Polynomial uses Machine learning in turning unstructured and dispersed data into insights and builds upon conversational tech (NLP and NLG) to communicate with intelligence.

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Polynomial claims to have the world’s first massively parallel processing multi-brain deep learning architecture that is enterprise-ready. The tech stack is being leveraged by clients across the globe in areas as diverse as marketing automation, fintech, education tech & shared economy platforms. 

The tech stack has been validated in an enterprise context for over a billion transactions from an instance of a single app. Live instances in execution effectively use tens of thousands of Convolution Neural Network layers and over a hundred thousand nodes equivalent of processing.

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The venture is bootstrapped with incubation support from CoantumLeap Tech Ventures, a cutting edge digital transformation platform.

Polynomial currently offers three platforms in PaaS as well as SaaS model. These are

CoCo: An intelligent assistant that convert any enterprise workflow into a chatbot. It is powered by the proprietary Polynomial multi-brain architecture for super realistic NLP processing.

This combined with natural language generation models, ensure the chatbots behave and feel like living human beings. CoCo offers pre-trained domain models with the ability to train with customer-specific vocabulary and provide business intelligence via a data interpretation engine.

SAM: A collaboration platform that uses AI to provide personalized collaboration environments that combine video, voice, and web/mobile collaboration services.

It is built ground up utilizing several branches of Natural Language Process (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and offers a continuously learning engine that makes it easy to setup new engagement experiences in areas like education, customer engagement & business collaboration.

LENS: A high processing multi-agent system that can be used to process unstructured information to unearth patterns in text as well as image/video based data that existing technologies fail to detect. 

Polynomial has been onboarded on APIX (Innovation sandbox, Singapore), the world’s first cross-border, open-architecture API marketplace and sandbox platform for collaboration between FinTechs and financial institutions in which participants can integrate and test solutions with each other via a cloud-based architecture.

The venture boasts an impressive team of co-founders that bring decades of tech and innovation expertise and deep domain understanding. The team consists of

Puneet Gupta, who is an acclaimed CTO and Deep-Tech innovator with over 80 US patents to his credit and extensive experience across Silicon Valley, Europe & Asia in building cutting edge digital products and platforms. He has been recognized by Enterprise IT world as being among the top 100 digital change agents.

Pramod Bharadwaj, A passionate technologist living with a dream to create better world for people using AI and ML. Specialized in Envisioning, Innovating and Implementing new ideas around AI, ML and Block chain for business which can help them build better ecosystems to support one another. His career includes working with Silicon valley digital firm Brillio.

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Manish Bhai, A career banker with extensive experience and knowledge in sales and financial services (one of the primary vertical Polynomial is focussing on). Extensive experience of clients, products and regulatory landscape across Asia, having been in regional and country head roles in multiple locations.

Career highlight include building and running diverse businesses including Asia Institutional Sales, Global Markets Indonesia and Singapore, Country Treasury Indonesia and Corporate Structuring & Sales, South Asia. Expertise across investments, FX & derivatives, balance sheet management, credit, sales & execution. 

Passionate about building new business? or to know about what team Polynomial is up to, Contact

CoantumLeap Digital India Pvt. Ltd.
A-201, Nagarjuna Green woods, Kadubisanahalli, bangalore, 560103






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