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Ren Invent Solar Power is a solar sector business management consultancy company. RISP was established in the year 2011 at Vadodara, Gujarat.  The head office of the organization is located at Vadodara, and the corporate office of the company is located in New Delhi. RISP has exhibited consistent growth from being a local establishment to providing business consultations to international management companies. They also offer sales and service aid to companies that originate from other countries, and help them be the best at what they do. The steady growth of RISP can be attributed to their high-key international business operations. RISP’s vision and mission are to provide quality consultancy services in the solar sector, including subsectors such as solar module manufacturers and solar inverter manufacturers, with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The next step in RISP’s operations is an expansion of its clients from South Asian countries within the next three years.

The company’s USP:

Ren Invent Solar Power provides consultancy services focused in the solar sector, especially for solar modules, solar cells, and solar inverter industries; this is the USP of the company.  The specialization in solar sector consultancy is what sets the company a class apart from other consultancy services.

About The Founder:

Ren Invent Solar Power was founded by Mr. Ramkrishna Shirhatti. With a profound passion to run his own company from his college days, he founded RISP. He has completed his Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. Unsatisfied in his placements despite obtaining offers from various companies, he decided to pursue his dream of starting up a business. In his later life, he was employed in a renewable energy business consulting company in Bangalore. It was in this company that he realized how similar it functioned to his envisioning of an organization. He viewed this as an opportunity to learn about starting a business and growing it. The experience he gained in this company embedded the confidence he required to start a company of his own.

Humble Beginnings:

With the announcement of a national solar mission policy by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in the year 2009-2010, Mr. Shirhatti had found the right time to bring his vision to life. With the help of this policy, Ren Invent Solar Power was founded in 2011 at Vadodara, Gujarat. The company was started with a low initial investment, and aimed to leave a lasting impression on their clients with a robust support team.

RISP started out as a completely bootstrapped organization, funded solely by money from personal savings accounts. However, the company hopes to host and participate in funding rounds in its near future.

In praise of the organization:

The work of the company in solar sector has been appreciated by various start-up and entrepreneurship magazines. Various positive testimonies have been provided by the clients of RISP as well.


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