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Rent A Closet, as the name suggests provides people access to designer closets which were once inaccessible to the masses. It is creating a remarkable luxury experience by changing the patterns of ownership and revolutionizing retail in process. As the brain child of Akshay Taneja, Managing Director and the young face of TDI Infratech Ltd., Rent A Closet is a fashion company powered by a trans-formative business model, proprietary technology and a unique reverse-logistics operation. An Alumnus of The University of Manchester, England, Akshay Taneja, a self-motivated achiever, aims to provide the masses access to luxury through this new endeavour.

Under the guidance and mentorship of Varun Bahl, one of the veterans of the Indian fashion community, the designer strives to provide the same luxury afforded by the celebrities to the masses as well. Following in his footsteps, Rent A Closet is a perfect amalgamation of creative ideas and extravagant fashion choices where renting services are provided.  Akshay Taneja in reference to his endeavor says “The idea was to make designer wear accessible to the masses. There has always been a trend of splurging on extravagant outfits for weddings and numerous other occasions in our country. Not only does this burn a big hole in the pocket, these outfits also end up in the back of the wardrobe after a short while”.
“It is an exclusive platform that offers a wide range of designer clothing. Rent a closet offers a huge potential audience as it is really convenient and easy for the target audience to buy/rent the garments. The site has a number of unique visitors each month, which gives my piece the attention it deserves” quotes Varun Bahl
The solution to this was simple, an easy and accessible rental service that provides an array of designer wear to choose from. More and more people are starting to realize that they don’t have to be stuck with an expensive purchase, especially when one will only wear the outfit once or twice. The concept of rentals is a savior, not just because it’s inexpensive but because one gets to wear a new look on every occasion. Rent A Closet charges the minimal price of the product’s MRP every time it gets rented. The service includes alterations, dry cleaning, and product delivery and picks up from the customer’s address. Additionally, customers also have an option of purchasing items off the rack from our prêt-à-porter or opt for our made to order service.
At the core of the brand is the idea to develop a knack for renting and buying designer wear and accessories among Indian women, and doing so at a fraction of the retail price, enabling them to experience luxury and feel and look beautiful on all special occasions.
The platform offers a seemingly endless variety in ethnic wear, cocktail dresses, sparkly jewelry and even “Cinderella” dresses, from the top designers of the country including Varun Bahl, Manish Arora, Shantanu & Nikhil, Ridhima Bhasin, Carousel by Simran Arya, Amethyst by Rahul Popli and much more.
The brand constantly works on signing more designers and establishing exclusive relationships with India’s premier designers to provide its customers with a wide selection to choose from, during all seasons. Rent A Closet has made a special effort by its upcoming Wedding Couture venture, a venture that will make the wedding season go by smoother and hassle-free for all the brides to be.
The idea of renting works on a simple concept; rent a garment of your choice for a few days, wear it and then return it. To ease out the entire process, their stylists are always available to help the customers at their convenience. To further enhance the experience for its customers, Rent A Closet launched its first offline store at Epicuria, Nehru Place in December 2016, where one can touch, feel, and select from range of designer wear, as well as get free trials, making it one of a kind stores in town that offers renting services. Launched by actress Malaika Arora, Rent A Closet is also proudly associated with Soha Ali Khan as its brand ambassador and designer Varun Bahl as its brand mentor.
With a significant media presence ranging from their own website, to almost all social media platforms, and an operational store in the country’s capital at Epicuria Nehru Place, the brand recently launched its services in Punjab.

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