STARTUPS – Intuition driven Lifestyle & Wellbeing coach

98Fit is first of it’s kind Intuition driven Lifestyle & Wellbeing coach, capable to help users achieve fitness goals without making them Starve or Sweat tirelessly in gym.
“All this without any human intervention.”
With Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the front & Machine Learning (ML) at the core 98fit is an intuitive system designed to Understand, Interpret, Predict & Suggest like a qualified diet coach or certified fitness trainer would but with much higher accuracy & computational power.
With a highly skilled team of 10+ people led by Mr. Bhavishya Wadhawan, Founder of the organization, has spent 9 rigorous months to develop this technology capable to suggest real time subtle yet relatable changes. That are based on users existing routine, sleep pattern, food preference, lifestyle based activities, choice of exercises and many more parameters.
It is engineered to suggest user’s subtle dietary & lifestyle changes that holistically impact & improve their quality of life.
98Fit’s self-directing algorithms are designed to act as a real-time Dietician that generates a highly personalised Diet Plan. It computes from 5000+ Indian meal items self-curated by our specialised team. Validates & verify each item’s 80+ micro, macro nutrients & variables. Passes them through 50+ logical conditions, cater to 8+ Medical Conditions and run 7,600 lines of code to prepare one single day’s diet chart suggesting 15 meal items divided into 5 meal groups.
Similarly, for workout it computes from 1000+ exercises, based on 3 different levels, catering to 8 types of injuries and 2 workout types among many other parameters.
With an ambition to become a second skin, 98fit’s Mobile app is on mark to revolutionize the way users have experienced digital fitness till now. With its power to analyse each aspect of one’s routine from their sleep to movements, this additional stream of data topped with systemic intelligence (ML) will help it achieve higher level of precision in predicting real time changes for user to improve his lifestyle.
Knowledge to build this system has been acquired from world class certified fitness professionals from leading fitness institutions like American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Together they have spent a great deal of time to understand human behaviour and unique body requirements to build this self-learning platform.
We believe in the philosophy, “empower the stakeholders and influencers, money will automatically fall in”.
Our three primary revenue streams are:
Selling cloud based mini ERP solution, embedded with Diet & Workout system to related businesses that will enable them to deliver world class experience to their consumers.
Provide white label solutions to existing stakeholders and influences for them to leverage the same power and provide accurate standardized, high quality service.
The consumer application will remain free for life. The mission is to help masses, especially the ones who need it the most but can’t afford it. Post achieving the critical mass, we have explored many underlying streams to monetize the B2C app like Targeted brand product marketing, promoting discovery led sales, to name a few.
The wellness industry is worth is INR 40billion and fitness and slimming services is a major part of the industry.  Therefore, we know that 98fit can grow by leaps and bounds. Currently, we have achieved achieved the feet of around 1/3rd returning users to the website. In the last 4 months, 98fit has generated more than 1,12,000 diet and workout plans for people from varied age groups & from tier I, II , III cities.

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