Ritu Singh – Weaving the success story of transforming couples into parents through Fertilitycare Startup ElaWoman

In a country like India talking about infertility is still a taboo. Although women in Tier 1 cities have come a long way and gone are the days when barrenness was attributed only to women and the onus of begetting a child fell largely upon them, however in tier 2 and 3 cities it is still considered a taboo. Moreover, women’s health has long been devoid of technological innovation, but when it comes to fertility options, this started to change with the advent of Assisted Reproductive Techniques(ART) which covers a wide spectrum of treatments OI, AI, IVF, ICSI, PGT.
Due to many factors like high cost, less awareness and lack of regulatory practices, the ART industry is still at a nascent stage in India. The consumers who plan to access this service, often get confused with no platform to guide them towards their parenthood journey.
Hence, ElaWoman one of the premier names in the field of reproduction took the burden to bridge this gap by building a transparent data-driven community where users can take independent and trusted advice with the specialized experienced Doctors specific to their fertility needs. At present, there are more than five thousand fertility doctors and clinics listed across more than thirty-two cities in India.
Ritu Singh is the CEO, Co-founder of the Fertility healthcare portal ElaWoman, She was the alumni at NST(Netaji Subhas Institute of Management) Delhi alumni Ritu Singh. Her past work with Deloitte and Cognizant helped her to hone her business planning and customer relationship skills. With abundant experience of working in the internet and healthcare industry(CareOnGo), she was able to form ElaWoman. Her motivation behind the inception of ElaWoman was that she can see the huge gap which infertility couples face in the absence of ElaWoman.With increasing fertility problems worldwide and escalating need of awareness, Ela Woman was born as a one-stop solution portal to all fertility needs and treatments. Her mission is to facilitate patients with a transparent and robust system into Fertility Health across the globe – a system, which provides unbiased transparent information across Doctor and Centre Data, Treatment Pricing, Clinical Success rates, and past patient reviews. Ela is dedicated to finding the best fertility solution for couples. With Ela, intended parents get the benefit of having a personal health assistant, to help you at each step in your goal of having a baby and realizing your dreams. Ela is an end-to-end fertility platform that wants to be the most independent, reliable and trusted friend in the pursuit of completing your dream of parenthood. Therefore, she created an online platform that connects aspiring parents from all walks of life to fulfill their wish of having a child.
Under Ms.Ritu Singh supritendence ElaWoman received $3Mn in series A funding round, led by Chiratae Ventures(Formerly IDG Ventures India) along with co-investor- Alkemi Ventures Partners, a healthcare and consumption focused early growth stage fund.
One of the biggest challenges that she faced during their initial days was mainly to convince couples to consult an infertility specialist about their infertility issues. Also, they had difficulty in making patients understand our unique brand concept. Eventually, she cracked it with timely counseling and discussion with several couples with the help of medical specialists and psychologists who are specialized in dealing with some of the most complicated medical cases. they are hoping to close down the gap present between patients and right infertility treatments shortly.
Her biggest motivation is Ratan Tata. His principles have helped her give birth to Elawoman along with other co-founders of the brand.
She has a message for all the women entrepreneurs “ Listen to yourself and go ahead towards your chosen path. You will surely achieve heights of success. Planning well before the execution of the respective ideas is an essential part of a successful entrepreneurial career.”

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