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Startup’s Commitment to Entertainment – StarClinch’s Journey to Stardom

We are all aware of the fact that startups are newborns, fresh in the market. The total strength of people may not be as great as the total number of people employed in large companies. But the point that makes a startup unique and successful is the dedication towards the clients. Startups ensure that customers are satisfied with the products and the services provided by an unfailing team. Such a diligent organization is StarClinch.
Clients’ Needs Are Priority No.1
At StarClinch, what clients want matters the most. Entertainment is a booming industry. There are so many talented singers, dancers, comedians, anchors, stylists and other people with special talent, who are looking for an opportunity to share their gifts. The dedicated team at StarClinch ensures that these artists get an audition, get fair reviews, have their profiles updated and shared on the internet on their private website and that they get in touch with the clients who need to organize an event.
StarClinch’s Birth
StarClinch was the vision of an entrepreneur who wanted to deliver quality performance to clients who sought them. It was initiated in January, 2015 by founder and CEO, Varun Agrawal, a visionary and planner, who loves the entertainment industry and is dedicated to assisting artists of this generation.
Who Clients Seek
The clients who sought artists fervently were party organizers looking for dancers, singers, bands that would perform live, comedians and other talented individuals.
Competitors in the Market
StarClinch’s online and offline competitors are Happydemic,which is funded by Bollywood singer, Shaan, Indi,by Anil Kapoor, F the Couch by Sunil Shetty, Gigstart by Snapdeal, Dazzlr by Quickr, Talentrack by Unigrowth , OML, Matrix, Speedrecords, CAA KWAN and Submerge.
What Makes StarClinch Unique
The main difference between StarClinch and other talent-hunting portals is that artists can register and create a profile. They can subscribe so that their performances can be advertised on the website in the form of videos. They are auditioned and their performances are reviewed before they come in contact with clients. They get paid according to the market price of their respective performances. If they wish, they can stop the subscriptions. Clients can interact with the artists and ensure they fit their budget. In case a show has been cancelled, the client gets his refund without complications whatsoever.
So, the main striking point is the fact that there are no greedy third parties manipulating the hiring, booking and payment section. This part of the communication between artist and client is kept free of errors and is handled very professionally.
StarClinch was just a proposition after a disaster at one of the parties. A very dedicated person wanted to organize the best party for his parents. Unfortunately, the artist of his choice never showed up. This unpredictability needed to be eliminated. Thus began the era of StarClinch.
StarClinch has reached the Stars
Right now, StarClinch proudly announces that it has a pool of over 13,000 artists from various backgrounds. Performance hours exceed 4000. Opportunities available to budding artists are 3000. The best part is that artists have earned about 3 crores with their interaction with StarClinch.
The satisfaction of StarClinch lies in the fact that we can make our artists and clients happy. Clients find the right people for the right event. Artists are satisfied with the performances and payments. It motivates this startup to assist more people for the sake of entertainment and friendship in today’s busy world.



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