Technology, Afford-ability, Security Are The Synonyms Of India’s Most Loved Cab Services Coop Cab

How many of you remember the times when lavish rides only existed in form of huge ‘kali-peeli’ taxis? Vans and Fiat ambassador were the only 2 cars which used to run on roads in form of taxis, readily available out at stations and airports.

With raging pollution levels in cities, public transports aren’t being chosen by many. Moreover in order to match up to the status symbols of societies, car shave become need of the hour. It’s speedily becoming more of an essential element rather than a luxury, which was the case almost a decade ago. Today, almost everyone prefers to travel through cabs from shorter to longer distances. Therefore, with the onset of cab aggregators like Uber and Ola spreading on roads like wildfire, it’s very evident to see the ease which these aggregators are providing it to the general public. So, when talking about cab aggregators, Uber and Ola aren’t the only two ruling the market lot, we do have entrants like Coop cabs as well winning hearts of many. Though their presence isn’t PAN India as of now, but they are slowly gaining momentum to be the next Ola and Uber of India.

Having set foot on 10th June 2018 in Delhi/NCR, Coop Cabs have been ruling the minds of many already. They proudly proclaim of having over twelve thousand experienced cab drivers. Unlike the existing cab aggregators, their policy of’ no surging prices’ is fast catching attraction of many. Their transparent pricing and full screen pop-up application service for driver identification is also one of the key USPs of the newbie brand. Being a new entrant in the Market, there always persist many apprehensions in minds of people regarding effective services, reliable drivers, guided road maps, dedicated customer support, etc. But after having verified it on public front, the owners proudly proclaim of no complaints registered since time of their inception business model until now and they hope to climb the ladders of success in a similar fashion in years to come.

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This B to B model has recently expanded to Gujarat on September 23rd, 2018 and on 1st February 2019; they have expanded their reach and horizons to cities like Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, etc. Within a span of just 8 months, they are at power with all the services which the leaders have provided it in years. They also cater to self-driven segment like Zoomcar which even the giants haven’t been able to provide to their customer base. The founders of Coop cab services have partnered with Hyundai i10 and Accent as their fleet partners and have also provided a special coupon code for the hassle free ride of their first time user; CCINV10, availing which the users will be given a discount of 10%.

Competition is the part and parcel of marketing strategies but you got to have your foot firm to build your sustenance to the level that no new entrant or a decade old leader is able to match your quality. No matter how reliable the object seems to be, consumer does run after discounts and quality!

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