In 2022, Most Awaited Google Pixel Watch is coming.

In 2022, Most Awaited Google Pixel Watch is coming.

Android or Chrome OS are the operating systems used by Google Pixel devices. Google launched the Pixel brand with the first-generation Chromebook Pixel in February 2013.
A new report by Business Insider claims that Google is planning to release its first smartwatch next year, the rumoured Pixel Watch. WearOS will run on the smartwatch, codenamed ‘Rohan,’ featuring a circular, bezel-less design.

Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and accessories are part of the Pixel lineup.

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WearOS, Google’s platform for smartwatches intended for Android phones, is the most popular. Even so, Google never released its smartwatch, even though brands like Fossil and Garmin use WearOS. A Pixel Watch is set to change that. It has been rumoured for too long now, but it hasn’t been officially announced yet.


Pixel Watch is happening this time, according to reports. It’s happening this time, unlike the countless times it’s been rumoured in the past! – says the report describing how the process is going. After hearing numerous Pixel Watch rumours over the years, none of which came true, forgive us for our scepticism.

Possible Google Pixel Watch tech pops up in patent
Nevertheless, in 2022 this thing will exist and be sold (probably in the few countries that Google sells Pixel phones). According to the company’s press release, the upcoming wearable has been codenamed Rohan, and executives plan to launch it next year.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 already exists and runs that software, so customers likely haven’t heard about Google’s smartwatch software – OK, but it’s hidden under Samsung One UI. Hence, the true vision of Google’s wearable design remains a mystery.


Google Pixel watch report:

According to the source of this report and Google employees who have seen it, the Google watch will be round and won’t have a physical bezel. No bezels on the screen? Amazing. Well, we’re talking about artistic renderings here, and those have certainly never been made exaggeratedly small for marketing purposes in the history of mobile devices. Am I right, Lenovo?


Google let employees outside of the smartwatch team test the Pixel Watch and provide feedback in 2018, a feature that shocked no one. One of those feedback sessions occurred in November, which somehow matters since the Pixel Watch will collect health and fitness metrics.

The Pixel Watch isn’t a sure thing, but it makes sense to market it as such. The company’s wearable strategy so far has been the most successful – oh no, not really. Giving Samsung exclusive early access to Wear OS 3 was a wise decision, so there’s that as well.

Google Pixel Watch - Apple Should Be Worried! - YouTube

Rohan will not be a Fitbit device; that much is clear. As part of the Fitbit acquisition, Google said Fitbit would “eventually” build Wear OS watches, but that has yet to happen. However, Fitbit has not been shuttered yet.

Also, Google recently merged Fitbit’s wearables team with its Devices and Services division to create its Devices and Services division. The previously announced Fitbit integration with Wear OS (in terms of some Fitbit features being available on Wear OS) is still in development. Rohan may be the first product to showcase this integration.
The Rohan has a heart rate monitor and a step counter, among other features. However, “in its current form”, it will need to be charged every day.

Fitbit Charge 4 | Advanced Fitness Tracker

One employee testified that the charging of the device itself is slow. Because the band market is too lucrative to give away using standards, the watch will use proprietary bands, like Apple.

Depending on the latest round of testing results, a launch could happen as early as next spring. Rohan was designed to compete with the Apple Watch and, if this report is accurate, it already appears to do that very well when it comes to battery life, at least. As for price, Pixel Watch will cost more than any Fitbit, and given that sense costs $299, that means at least $349 will be charged.

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