A mysterious Metal Monolith found in the Utah Desert re-establishes the many accounts of mysterious sightings and phenomenons throughout history

The news of a mysterious metal Monolith or an ‘obelisk’ found buried in Utah‘s sands in a remote western desert in the United States has sent the ‘star trek’ community into a tizzy.

The Utah Department of Public Safety discovered a shiny triangular metal monolith protruding from southern Utah’s red rocks.

The metal ‘obelisk’ was spotted when the local officials were counting bighorn sheep from the air.

They were baffled to see the monolith since it is illegal to install structures or any art installation without authorization on federally managed public lands.

To investigate this uncommon sighting, a team of officials visited the site and, to their surprise, found this mysterious structure rising 12 feet from the red rocks found in Utah.

As the news went viral online, it set the world buzzing—many who believe that there may be life outside this planet. We simply do not know about it; believers and theorists stood up again, saying – we told you so!

UFOs’ theory and that life from outside the planet may be visiting us from time to time is not new; in fact, throughout history, humans worldwide have described unidentified flying objects, with shapes ranging from a saucer to a triangle and strange blinking lights.

The same has also been depicted in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art and literature. These were ancient civilizations that have depictions of such unidentified objects. Still, the UFO theory caught on from the middle of the 20th century. 

This was when rockets, high–tech aircraft, and venturing into space were being devised by various countries, often as secret projects.

There have been some famous supposed UFO sightings that have made history.

  1. 1947 – Kenneth Arnold, a civilian pilot on June 24, 1947, while flying his small airplane
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near Washington’s Mount Rainier, had claimed that he had seen nine blue, glowing objects that were flying at very high speed in a ‘V’ formation. He claimed that the strange craft’s motion was like a ‘saucer if you skip it across the water’ and hence the name ‘flying saucer’ came to be.

He said that at first, he thought that it was some sort of a new military aircraft since it had only been two years since world war II and the first year of the Cold War.

However, the military confirmed that no tests had been done near Mount Rainier that day.

Strange as it was, reports of sightings of nine UFOs were reported from across the region, including a sighting by a prospector on Mount Adams and the crew of a commercial flight in Idaho.

There was no official statement issued by the government on the same.


  1. 1951 – Lubbock Lights, three science professors from Texas Tech were enjoying a quiet evening outdoors. When they happened to look up, they saw a semicircle of lights flying above them at very high speed. Over the next several days, many people came forward and reported the phenomenon. 

The US Airforce at the time investigated the events. It concluded that the light were birds reflecting the luminescence from the newly installed street lamps in Lubbock.

However, those who saw the lights vehemently denied the possibility since the lights, according to them, were ‘moving too fast.’


  1. 1957 – Levelland, an incident was individually reported by dozens of citizens of Levelland, Texas of the unusual phenomenon of seeing a rocket/strange lights that interfered with their vehicles, engines shut, and lights cut out.
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The police too saw the mysterious lights. Their investigations reasoned that it was due to an electronic storm and a ball of lightning that caused the cars to malfunction.

However, the fact was that there were no thunderstorms reported in that area that night.


  1. 1976 – Tehran, Citizens of Tehran, in September 1976, made umpteen phone calls reporting a bright light in the sky. 

An F-4 fighter jet was sent to investigate the matter, but its instruments blacked out as it neared the object, hence forcing the pilot to return to base. A second fighter jet took its place; it achieved radar lock as it approached the unusual light. 

But the UFO released a glowing object that the pilot assumed was some sort of missile headed at him. As he prepared to fight back, this pilot also experienced malfunctions with his instruments and observed another bright object released from the UFO that, according to him, headed straight to the ground. He returned to his base despite the faulty equipment.

Iran then contacted the United States to aid them in an investigation. 

The explanations given for this phenomenon were that the citizens might have seen Jupiter. The glowing lights were attributed to a meteor shower that night.


  1. 1980 – Rendlesham Forest, US Airforce members stationed at two British Royal Airforce base reported seeing strange, colorful lights above the Rendlesham forest. One man who entered the woods to investigate said to have found some sort of an aircraft there. The next day others reported significant damage to the trees nearby and unusually high radiation at the site. 

More sightings were reported several days later. 

The observations were recorded on an audiotape by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt. The recording was considered the most substantial evidence of the case.

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But the UK’s Ministry of Defence didn’t find any credible threat to the nation and didn’t pursue investigations further.


  1. 1989 – 90, The Belgium Wave, Belgium citizens reported witnessing a large, triangular UFO hovering in the sky.

A few months later, in March 1990, new sightings of multiple objects were reported, confirmed by two military ground radar stations. Two F-16 fighter jets were sent out to investigate the anomalies. Though the pilots could not see anything visually, they could secure onto their targets with radar. 

But the UFOs moved so fast that the pilots ended up losing them.

Some 13,500 people are estimated to have witnessed the incident, making it one of the most widely experienced UFO sightings of the modern era. 

The Belgian Air Force had no logical explanation for the activity. Still, it acknowledged that an unknown activity had taken place in the air. The Belgians reached out to the UK’s Ministry of Defence to investigate further. 

Still, once they determined that the incident was not a hostile or aggressive one, they stopped the investigation.

The strange thing is that while the above sightings are closer to our time and have been attributed to weather phenomenons or the visibility of planets in the night sky.

Such incidents have also been recorded in all ancient civilizations – Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks – in many Art forms, given specific shapes ranging from disks to triangles and so on. It does lead to the fact that these strange objects have been documented by them too.

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