You are always one decision away from a totally different life

In today’s world, how difficult it is to remove sometime for ourselves? An hour or two may be!? Seems a very small period of time from our entire day, but the bitter truth is, people are still not able to do so.
When it comes to being at your best, in terms of fitness, it’s just not about only 1 day, 1 week or even one month, it is something you should always have to be there for your entire life, not for anyone else, but for you, yourself.
It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment to be there every day at your gym/fitness club, workout centre, at the decided time!
There are like millions of people who may be regular to the gym, working out regularly, but it takes something really beyond all this to be focused, dedicated and who would be striving to achieve those figures, on paper results by hook or by crook.
A guy named Saurabh Patki, 22 years old (at present), living at Vile Parle, Mumbai, has been through the best ever  transformation in his life, rather according to him, he still has long way to go (as he wants to carry it to altogether  next level)
Not that, he was a fatty, overloaded or laziest guy in the universe, instead he used to play football (representing his college), had his physical activities going on, on a regular basis, was always the most active guy in his group, his locality may be.
He actually didn’t have that urgency, that desperate need to bring a change , a massive change in him, neither did he wanted to take part in wrestling championship, but then what was it, that made him do so, what was it, that took him to a completely different phase ?
Just a thought of becoming fitter and better than yesterday was his desperate target.
One more thing which made him enter into this phase is, dream of becoming a Fitness Model. Obviously it didn’t happen all of a sudden, it’s not at all something which can take place overnight, but a continuous, daily dedication towards the workout, proper synchronization of his exercise and daily fixed diet and a blind trust on his mentor (Dattaprasad Kardas), made him look different from what he used to be.
There are always few people who stay behind the screen, but play a major role in one’s life to bring something productive in front of everyone. Without these people, it’s practically impossible to achieve something like this. Though it was him, who actually stood in front of his friends, who got the appreciation on his transformation, his efforts, but according to him, it was his mom who stood behind him and took ample amount of efforts to see the most important factor responsible for the change, which was obviously, his “DIET”
He took a decision in the month of October, 2016, and there he is now, surprising and impressing his friends, family, with his daily updates and snaps from his workouts. He is just not going to stop here. With a very positive attitude towards life, he wants to take it to a level where in he wants to help people to experience that change, that happiness.
He is doing so, but at a very small scale, not professionally at the moment. He is taking efforts to pursue a professional degree for the same so that he can impart right, useful and productive knowledge worth sharing and changing lives of as many people as possible.
Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd. (Vile Parle) has played one of the most important parts in his transformation.
With a proper lean body structure and required cuts and abs he wishes to be a mentor in the future whom people may follow with whole dedication and faith. He wants to train people, help them out to achieve their respective goals and bring the change in them which they would have never imagined. A YouTube channel is also something he dreams a lot about, but certain important things like place, support staff, certified knowledge, is what he doesn’t have at the moment. Provided a chance, he would love to collaborate with anyone who could help him out with it (Collaboration should be profitable to both)
Saurabh is taking efforts to be a professional model. He passionately wants to be a part of Fashion and Lifestyle Industry. Coming from a middle class family as well as retired parents, at the age of 22, even though he wants to focus on it completely, he is not able to, due to his family condition, but still from his end, everyday he wakes up with a mindset of giving his best performance everyday and making sure he does something productive every day. He desperately wants to crack it big and we all hope he fulfills his passion about entering the Industry, in coming years.

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