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Abstract: Becoming an entrepreneur requires you to wear many hats and to master many skills.
One of those skills is learning how to delegate, say yes, say no, and know how to manage yourself impeccably. By having these skills, you’ll be unstoppable and have the characteristics necessary to run a thriving business.
When you got into business for yourself, no one told you – being an entrepreneur meant you’d have to master a lot of skills.
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One of the many hats that entrepreneurs have to master is time management and delegation.
After interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs ranging from; Jack Canfield, Russell Brunson, Jay Papasan, to Marianne Williamson – I’ve discovered all these great minds are excellent at managing their time.
As dull as this may seem, time management for entrepreneurs is essential to success. Use this time right, and you can achieve incredible results.
Or, on the other hand, mismanage time and you could find yourself in the situation I was in at one point – running low on money, backed up with projects, upset clients, and overwhelmed.
When I finally figured out how to create a better schedule, I found myself able to produce more, serve more clients, and even able to command higher fees. Now that I manage my time well, I’m able to do a lot more than ever.
I currently run a weekly podcast that was featured on the front page of iTunes, am writing a book, write for seven major publications, have two digital products, host the third largest Facebook group for podcasters, and consult with Fortune 500 companies on digital marketing.
Follow these tips and you’ll find you’re more capable, more efficient, and happier.
Create A To-Do List To Prioritize
As a busy CEO, I’m constantly bombarded with people and opportunities. In the past, I used to say yes to all kinds of people and possibilities. Next thing I knew, what needed to get done got put off, and I was wiped out following breadcrumbs.
When I interviewed New York Times Bestselling author, Jay Papasan, about his book with Gary Keller, “The One Thing,” he stressed the importance of time management when he said:
“What we need is a mechanism to help us filter out a lot of the noise so we can focus on the one thing that matters the most.”
If you want your business to grow, you do need a filter and mechanism to separate the essential and important from the noise.
The best way I’ve found to do this is by having a list of objectives and priorities. By reflecting back on this list throughout the day, you can have something to remind you of where you’re headed and what you need to accomplish.
Use Timers And Become Your Own Task Master
One of the myths about entrepreneurship is you can do whatever you want. If you’re running your own business, you know that’s not true.
Being your own boss does allow you a great deal of freedom – but with that freedom comes great responsibility. Learning to manage your time is the first and most crucial skillset you’ll need to master.
One tool for that is a task list, and the second tool that will help you is using a timer. One of the best reasons for the timer is best explained by multi-millionaire and multiple time New York Time Bestseller, Tim Ferris.
In Tim’s words, by having a timer and making yourself focus on a task, “It will help overcome the procrastination inertia (or lack thereof).”
I’ve found that timer helps me stay focused, creates a constraint on my mind to focus and get something done (or at least start) and helps generate the momentum. As a Mac user, I’ve found that the Be Focused application helps immensely.
Stop Doing It All – Learn To Delegate
No matter how great you are at what you do, some of it can be delegated. By handing off work tasks and projects, you’ll free up your time and creativity for better tasks.
In my case, I’m able to write this while my team is busy doing these things; Posting to social media, editing the podcast, editing YouTube videos, replying to clients via email, and going out and speaking with leads until they’re ready to buy.
If you want business growth, you’ll need to find a way to multiply yourself and outsource the least important tasks to other people. If you’re interested in learning more about outsourcing and delegation, I recommend this interview I did with outsourcing master, Kamala Chambers.
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Celebrate Your Successes
This is the best piece of advice to end with. Learning to celebrate your wins is essential to creating success. When I attended a seminar by world-renowned coach, Anthony Robbins, he told a story about the importance of honoring the little wins – even if they’re small wins that you’ve only achieved in your mind.
In his talk, he stressed the importance of celebrating each achievement on your path as an essential strategy that anyone who wants to create massive results.
One way you can start to implement celebration is by scratching items off your to-do list. You can take it further by mentally congratulating yourself each time you reach a milestone. Next, you can start to tell the people in your life about your wins – the people that will celebrate you.
If you are serious about running a highly profitable business, a company that excites you to head, and a lifestyle that makes you happy – you must practice celebration.
In fact, I’d go as far as to say – if you are not accustomed to celebrating and feeling the joy of your success – you will never have the success and happiness of your work.
Start patting yourself on the back, congratulating yourself, and do the same for your team (research shows that celebrating your team increases their productivity too). It will help you feel happier, more prosperous and catapult you to new heights.
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