A Pristyn Testimonial: Ankita’s Pristyn Care Experience

Ankita Sharma’s twenty-year fight against her sinusitis seemed to be in vain, until she underwent a Functional Endoscopic Stimulus surgery along with a septoplasty at Pristyn Care; this is how it went.

Signs of Nose Blockage:

Ankita had always been a healthy child, until the age of seven. That was when a simple game of football had resulted in her getting smacked on the nose by the ball, leading to a bleed that seemed to have gotten better a while later. Upon medical examination, her doctor had speculated that her nose might have been bent due to the head-on collision. Ever since, she has experienced frequent nose blockage episodes, which led to her wanting a bedrest after bouts of fever and headache.

As time went on, these episodes of hers started to be expressed more frequently, which combined with her severe pollen allergies and made her symptoms worse, especially during seasonal changes. She managed to keep those symptoms under control with regular medication and an additional swig of home remedies and steam inhalation. As the episodes gradually increased in frequency, so did her countermeasures, leading to a handy bottle of paracetamol – until an unfortunate day at work, when the paracetamol did not help control her symptoms.

Following protocol, Ankita went home for a much-needed steam inhalation remedy, only for it to slip her grip and not help her either. With the congestion accompanying her headache and a sore throat, sleep was out of the question. This led to her gaining the will to search for a permanent solution to rid herself of the problem. On entering her symptoms online, she came across Pristyn Care. With positive testimonials (such as this one) motivating her further, the final nail was hammered when she found out about our sinusitis treatments. Convinced after going through her would-be doctor’s profile, Ankita booked an appointment with Pristyn the very next day.

Doctor’s Diagnosis:

Ankita had reached the clinic on-time the next morning, only to find a long queue ahead of her. Her loss of hope was only temporary as she was called in right away, thanks to her pre-booked appointment; and on she went despite her insecurity about her doctor’s competency, despite Pristyn’s website assuring her about his vast experience. Dr. Siddhartha had listened closely and patiently to Ankita’s problems as she unwound the whole picture, a tale that goes back twenty years. After letting him know about the insufficiency of nasal sprays and antibiotics her last time (including her sore throat, too), he physically examined her while asking to be informed about her medical history.

Once his physical examination of her nose and throat were complete, he explained to Ankita that she, in accompaniment to her sinusitis, had enlarged adenoids. Similar to the tonsils, adenoids are lymphatic tissues located high up along the nasal column, at the threshold of the pipe. Dr. Siddharta had managed to locate Ankita’s reason for having trouble breathing, and advised that she undergo a Functional Endoscopic Stimulus surgery (FESS) along with a septoplasty. He had also prescribed a couple of antibiotics to Ankita for keeping her adenoids in control, curing her of sore throat issues. The doctor took his time to explain that an FESS is usually performed to drain infected sinuses with an endoscope inserted directly up the nose, and that a septoplasty is performed to correct a deviated septum, as was the case with Ankita’s nose ever since the football had hit it.

He ensured Ankita about the surgery not leaving any visible scars, as both of these procedures are performed directly within the nose, along with letting her know that she would not feel any pain during the process due to her being under sedation the whole time. He also warned her about the mild pain and swelling that may accompany the surgery, and asked her to follow any post-operational instructions provided. He also let her know that a nasal packing would be used to stop any nasal bleeding in its paths. “He clarified all the doubts I had related to the surgery so that I could make an informed decision”, she says. Thanks to Dr. Siddhartha’s patient and expansive explanation, Ankita decided to undergo the surgery in the next three days.

Before The Surgery:

One of Ankita’s problems seemed to be something very commonly encountered by many before a life-changing event – she was anxious about what the surgery would cost her. She was paranoid about the amount of money it was going to take to cure her sinusitis and fix her deviated septum, despite having a health insurance plan to cover her. Thanks to her policy’s paperwork for a claim keeping her afoot, she made through most of the day. Her Pristyn Care medical coordinator and the clinic’s insurance team had helped relieve her burden by taking care of the entire procedure. All that was left to do on Ankita’s part that day was to send over the necessary documents to the organization via WhatsApp, which resulted in her claim being approved on the very same day.

Clear communication between Ankita and her doctor had stopped her from consuming herbal supplements, blood thinners, or alcohol before the procedure, and had her take the required steps in order to prepare for FESS and septoplasty. Ankita opened up to her doctor about her adenoidal medicine, which she was able to consume without any worry of it getting in the procedure’s way.

On the day of the Septoplasty:

On the day of the surgery, Ankita had reached the hospital after taking all the precautions recommended to her. She had taken no breakfast and a quick shower, and reached her doorstep after her medical coordinator at Pristyn Care informed her about the cab waiting to take her to the hospital. With no further delays, Ankita reached the hospital with an empty stomach and her mother. Her Care Buddy was ready at the hospital to take care of all the formalities necessary to admit Ankita, and had requested her mother to stay with her throughout the duration for her support. Within a couple of minutes, the paperwork had been completed.

Once the formalities had been completed, Ankita was wheeled into a private room maintained at high levels of hygiene and ventilation. Once she had settled in, a nurse entered the room within minutes to prepare her for the upcoming surgery, followed by a doctor coming up to take a note of her body temperature and blood pressure; with everything marked normal, it was go-time.

After a physical examination from the anesthesiologist, an IV channel was pricked and placed in her arm to administer the anesthesia intravenously. After a couple of hours of unconsciousness, Ankita woke up feeling mildly nauseated and a headache, to which the nurse attended within moments. Within minutes, the doctor visited her to assure her that the surgery had been completed, and that there was no major complication during both surgeries. Suffering from the nauseating aftereffects of anesthesia, Ankita had dozed off after hearing that incredible piece of news.

The next morning, Ankita had reported feeling the nasal packaging inside her nose, to which the doctor tended to make sure that she did not feel any pain. He set her up with a list of medications and instructions after discharging her from the hospital. With Pristyn’s free transportation services, Ankita and her mother returned home as safely as they had reached the hospital – and on time, too!

After the Surgery:

Upon reaching home, Ankita reported having feeling fatigued and tired due to the anesthesia. Following her doctor’s recommendations, she took a complete rest, making sure that her head was elevated. Post-rest, she irrigated her nose and sinuses in order to remove the nasal packing, in which her mother had assisted her. Immediately following the removal of the package, Ankita felt her nose being blocked, which she did not fear as her doctor had given her a forewarning about the aftereffects of a sinus surgery. Using a saline solution, she then rinsed her congested nose carefully, in response to which there had been a little bleeding.

In a while, Ankita had started to feel better, and for the first two days, she was extremely careful while performing any activity – including eating – and followed her instructions and prescriptions to the dot. She also took enough rest during the time period. As expected, the aftermath of the anesthesia had begun to significantly wane off on the third day, which resulted in her feeling better and leading to her performing her daily activities carefully. “I took a bath. I even resumed work although I was extremely careful the entire day. Meanwhile, I irrigated the nose twice a day.”

Upon the dawn of the seventh day of her recovery, Ankita had felt completely normal, and went for her follow-up with her doctor at Pristyn Care. After some niceties and general enquiry into her well-being and health, the doctor carefully removed her packing and asked her to breathe. “I inhaled the air deeply after being able to do so after so long.” The doctor took a final look at the nose and assured her that the results were as expected. Three weeks after the surgery, Ankita was able to breathe freely once again, after twenty years of vain struggle and temporary cures. A single visit to Pristyn Care had changed her life for the better, thanks to her firm decision. “I must admit I was not sure initially, but the decision of undergoing the surgery from this clinic worked really great for me.” She profusely thanks Pristyn Care for straightening her nose and curing her adenoids permanently, making her able to breathe freely.

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