Digital Cameras to COVID Medicine: The Journey of Kodak


There was a time when Kodak, the world’s first digital camera, was considered no less than a heaven for photographers. Kodak used to rule the camera on the photography and film shooting industry. But it is difficult to guess when the turn of the time is reversed. Something similar happened with the photography company Eastman Kodak Co. The company that provided the first digital camera to the world could not keep itself digital and lagged in terms of high-tech and dynamic industry.

Gradually, high-tech camera technology was used so much in people’s smartphones that the number of camera purchasers continued to decrease. The company suffered heavy losses due to the decline in camera sales. Later Kodak decided to enter the medicine business and now the company has decided to make generic medicine by weaponizing the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Company will make Generic Medicine

Kodak recently received a full $ 765 million loan from the US government to ease this change. The company is now ready to make basic ingredients (ingredients) of medicines dealing with Coronavirus. Especially working on medicines made to cure her symptoms. Recently US President Donald Trump announced that in the wake of the Corona Virus epidemic, the company has signed a deal to produce generic drugs.

The US government announced the loan in an auction and said that due to this, we will be able to reduce our dependence on foreign countries for the needs of medical supplies. Following this, Eastman Codec’s stock rose 2,441 percent to $ 25.26 on July 29. The value of the company increased by $ 1.99 billion.

In 1975, the World recognized Kodak’s Digital Cameras

The Kodak Company was started by George Eastman in the 1880s. But due to the high price, its reach was less. Later George Eastman started the production of ordinary category cameras. The company’s 35mm camera began being used in films in the 1940s. The 35mm camera was used by many journalists during World War II. Due to this camera, the horrors of war were passed on to the people.

In 1975, the first digital camera was given to the world by Kodak. An engineer named Steven Sasson of Eastman Codec attempted to make the world’s first digital camera. This Steven Sasson camera was previously recognized as a digital stan snapper. The camera weighed around four kilograms. Black and white photographs were taken in this camera. The resolution of the camera was 0.01 megapixels. The company made a 1.4 megapixels camera sensor in 1986.

Lack of Change in the Dynamic Scenario 

In a BBC report, G. May Goh of Simon Fraser University has stated that Kodak was the first company to make a digital camera. Then this company lagged in digital technology. The reason was more focused on chemistry research, which was the analog nature of photography. The employees of Kodak were so involved in the old business that they never paid attention to the capabilities of digital processing. According to Goh, another reason has also been the structure of the institute. He had to work with the traditional business for cash flow and revenue. The result was that the company did not take risks and other companies venturing into new technology. Kodak was earning more than shooting for most films.

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