The US gives relief amidst tension from China, India will be able to buy drones with speed up to 800 KMPH


Amidst the escalation from China, the US has amended its order, which will benefit India and its partner countries around the world. To increase the defense capability of its allied countries, the US has considered less than 800 kilometers of unmanned aircraft (unmanned air weeks) as category-2 instead of category-1 and has approved its export. 

This modification in the export of US drones will not only help its allies in the Middle East to counter Chinese combat drones in Libya but will also help India buy Predator-B Armed and Global Hawk Surveillance drones from the US. The speed of both drones is less than 800 kmph.

In a statement issued by the White House, it said, “The President, deciding on the call of national conscience, missile technology regime category-1 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with a speed of fewer than 800 kilometers per hour is called category-2. Have decided to accept. This will increase the capacity of our partners and will help our national security and increase the scope of the UAV market will increase our economic security.

Changing the policy means the missile technology control regime (MTCR) on UAVs below 800 kmph will not be withheld under USA Clause. On the one hand, while the US defense contractor was banned under the MTCR USA clause, on the other hand, Wing Long Armed drones were given by China to Pakistan and Yemen and Libya for use during the civil war.

According to intelligence reports, China has already supplied four Wing Long Armed Drones to Pakistan for the protection of CPEC and Gwadar Port. This drone can carry up to a thousand kilograms of bombs or air to surface missiles. Neither China nor Pakistan is a member of the MTCR, so Beijing has no restrictions on its exports to Islamabad.

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