Why China wants Donald Trump to win the reelection 2020?

China – a country that President Donald Trump blamed for the coronavirus pandemic, has hit them with tariffs and sanction and labeled them as a great threat to American Security. Then why would china wants Trump to win the election? What benefit will the Chinese government get?

Obviously China has a selfish motive behind all this. Because Trump will continue to destroy “U.S. alliances” and the damage he is doing to U.S. power and the global domestic community, another four years of Trump will magnify that damage. That’s why elections 2020 is taking great importance in the shape of the world. Chinese officials said that the U.S. is more dangerous to China when they bond with their traditional allies- which could happen if Joe Biden becomes President. In the last 12 months, Trump withdrawn funding from the World Health Organization (WHO), exchanged barbs with Emmanuel Macron – French President, clashed with UK and Canada over 5G contract, and showed a little interest in NATO alliances by drawing out 10,000 US troops from it’s Germany station on last Monday. 

However, American feels that Trump is the first president who can actually stand up against China. Because of his administration regarding the tariffs,  different sanctions on companies or offices, and also pressured Beijing to do fair trade. But he has also destroyed a lot of goodwill in his aggression with the US-China Trade war. The domestic US issues such as protest over police brutality, less management with coronavirus pandemic which is weakening the US, and it may no longer exist the way it used to be. 

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The former Australian leader, Malcolm Turnbull claimed that “The US has less influence today than it did before Mr.Trump was President.”

Although, sometimes Trump has acted more politically, he did actions that suit the Chinese government. He delayed sanctions on the officials involves in the camps Uighur Community and smooth negotiations to a coveted trade deal with China. He also appreciated Chinese President Xi Jinping over dinner in Osaka and said the detention on Beijing camps to control the Uighur community was the right thing to do.

During the China Trade war, Trump has been proved as a weak knead. Chinese negotiators were easily able to convince him to push-off the decisions on the issues that are most critical to American Business. Trump has even done very less to contain china at the lower on the world stage. 


The main reason why China wants Trump to win this election – his style of foreign policy – personalized, unilateral and fixated on dollar-and-cent, this actually weakened the American traditional system of alliances. Unlike Obama, Trump has only taken an occasional interest in the regions such as trading and his disalliances with Northern Korea. Beijing wants to take benefit from the Trump fleeting issues with America’s two closest alliances – North Korea and Japan- with his single-minded and trivial squabbles over trade and the US military bases. 

As Washington steps back, China wants to sway forward. China’s mission is to show the world about Trump’s woeful response to the coronavirus pandemic and American democracy, raised doubts about US global leadership. It will offer china to more responsible world power. 

China claims that Trump is no tougher to handle as compared to the previous presidents. They tried to pressure china to work within the rules of the current global order; Trump always acts outside the system.

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China can be a strategic threat to the US!

The extended four years in Trump’s power – though likely packed with annoyances and disputes – might present tantalizing opportunities for Beijing to expand around East Asia and the other world. 

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