Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones in India in 2023

Over time, earbuds have advanced significantly, and the release of the AirPods paved the path for fully wireless earphones. Investing in a pair of headphones is still the best choice if you take your music seriously. Typically, headphones have big drivers that provide rich sounds.

The audio quality of a pair of headphones should be your first priority when purchasing them. As you will probably use it for extended durations, you should also take comfort into account. 

We have put up a list of the top on-ear Bluetooth headphones for you to assist you pick which headphone to buy, but before that, let’s know a few things about bluetooth headphones.

How wireless headphones work and how to connect

Wireless headphones are those that connect to a device without the use of a wire or connection, such as a smartphone, stereo speaker, television, gaming console, computer, or other electronic device. Depending on the equipment, wireless headphones send audio signals through radio or IR (infrared) waves.

Every day, millions of people use wireless headphones for work and play in settings ranging from call centres to gyms. For instance, cordless headphones are popular among gamers since they allow you to move around freely without worrying about a tether. People like the independence of wireless headphones when working out at the gym or watching TV in their living rooms.People who want to watch late-night television without disturbing others will also find them to be ideal.

Wireless headphones function by radio or infrared signal pairing with the device you want to use. To facilitate connections for users, Bluetooth technology is used by many gadgets. Bluetooth-enabled devices may communicate and share data across incredibly short distances utilising radio signals. Bluetooth headphones also allow you to connect to many devices at once.

A tiny computer chip that houses the Bluetooth radio and the software that enables connectivity between devices can be found within a Bluetooth-enabled product. As a result, when Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a cell phone and headphones, are close to one another, they pair or connect. You can use this to converse on the phone or play music wirelessly.

Depending on the device you’re using, there are several ways to connect wireless headphones, but once you know how it’s simple. The most common gadgets that people use with wireless headphones are listed here, along with instructions on how to connect each one.

Connecting wireless headphones to an iPhone

  • On an iPhone, look for the “Settings” icon, which is typically on the home screen.
  • Open the menu and select “General.”
  • To activate the feature, press the “Bluetooth” button and slide it over.
  • Once enabled, your iPhone should locate the device and display its name on the screen. You must press the “Pair” button after it accomplishes that for the devices to sync. A four-digit password that comes with your wireless device may be required to be entered.
  • To finish the setup, enter the information and tap “Connect” on your iPhone. Now, your headphones ought to function properly.

4 Advantages of Using a Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Advantage #1: No Desk or Device Required

You may move around your office with a Bluetooth headset and not worry about missing a call. The usual range is between 25 and 100 metres. No more difficult wiring to get in the way. I like that I can concentrate on my work rather than constantly fumbling with cords. I can still be productive when on hold for a call by working on other things away from my phone or computer.

Advantage #2: Simple and fast setup

Nowadays, Bluetooth is practically ubiquitous. The majority of your electronic devices come equipped with a Bluetooth feature that may be utilised in conjunction with a Bluetooth headset. Additionally, pairing a Bluetooth headset is quicker and easier than coupling a conventional headset.

Advantage #3: Couple with Several Devices Easily

One of my favourite benefits is this. You might wish to swap music or phone conversations from one device to another if, like me, you always have many gadgets operating at once. With Bluetooth technology, you may quickly connect several devices to a single Bluetooth headset and switch between them as needed.

Advantage #4: Everything is within reach

You may now stay in touch with your job, clients, or even your family and friends wherever you are with a Bluetooth headset. The majority of available alternatives include simple control buttons right on the wireless headset, allowing you to answer or finish calls without returning to your phone or computer.

How To Choose The Best Wireless Headphones


1. Sound Quality

A key factor in choosing true wireless headphones is sound quality. This is mostly because of how wireless audio transmission works when going from an audio source to headphones. In contrast to corded headphones,

  • At the source, digital audio signals must be compressed before being transmitted wirelessly, via Bluetooth, to headphones.
  • Receiving the transmission, the headphone will decode the digital signal into an analogue one.
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Sound quality may deteriorate due to wireless transmission and compression along the route.

You should be aware that some factors can impact sound quality.

  • the distance between the source and the headphones
  • the number of obstructions (such as walls) in that distance
  • Bluetooth audio codecs that are supported by your headphones and source

Codecs for Bluetooth audio

Different sorts of algorithms are used in Bluetooth audio codecs to compress and decompress digital audio signals. Sound quality that is close to CD quality can be delivered by codecs like LDAC, aptX, and aptX HD. There are several codecs, including the respectable AAC. SBC has the worst compression among them all.

Takes Two To Tango

The algorithm must support the same audio codec on both the headphones and the audio sources for it to function as intended. The majority of mobile devices only support AAC and SBC. If not, you almost certainly will experience audio issues with your headphones, such as lags or stutters.

2. Battery Life

True wireless headphones have a fragile underbelly that is the battery life. It is difficult for manufacturers to install larger rechargeable batteries in their comparatively compact driver housing. Instead, the maker came up with a clever solution; they integrated the battery into their carry case, which they refer to as the “charging case.”

True wireless headphones typically have a battery life of 3 hours or less before they run out of juice. Charger cases come in handy in this situation. A good charging case can extend the listening period of your headphones by at least 5 to 6 hours.

Many models, including the Jabra Elite Active 65t, which guarantees up to 25 hours of recharging, and the Onkyo W800BT, which may provide up to 15 hours, can go longer than that.

But don’t be fooled by what you see on spec sheets from manufacturers. To determine how true wireless headphones’ batteries are used up, there are many dynamics to consider. For instance, volume might affect how much battery life is used. The amount of power consumed increases with sound volume.

3. Wireless Range

The idea that Bluetooth can’t provide coverage far away is untrue. The range capabilities of Bluetooth classes, which operate between 2.4 and 2.485 GHz, differ.

  • Up to 328 feet are covered by Class 1 Bluetooth (100 m).
  • Up to 33 feet are covered by Class 2 Bluetooth (10 m).
  • Less than 33 feet are covered by Class 3 Bluetooth.

The majority of audio sources, including laptops and mobile devices, only have Class 2 Bluetooth devices installed. It only makes sense for producers of genuine wireless headphones to create models that support Class 2 Bluetooth.

For instance, the Sony WF-1000X, the Beoplay E8, the Onkyo W800BT, and the Jabra Elite 65t. The Apple AirPods will be an exception. Thanks in large part to Apple’s W1 chip, AirPods have a 100-foot range (30 m). It qualifies as a Class 1 device.

4. Comfort and Design

The absence of cords adds an additional layer of convenience to headphones, and it’s possible that this is why genuine wireless headphones have become more popular over the past two years.

The amount of comfort and functionality they will provide you with should be taken into consideration while selecting the best true wireless headphones. If not, you will overlook the freedom of movement and comfort that come included with cable-free headphones.

Sometimes the manufacturer will install a larger battery inside the casing of the true wireless headphones to extend their battery life. It may become large and even ugly as a result of this.

But in addition to the usability of the design, comfort can occasionally also be found in the consumers. In order to avoid hearing loss due to noise, be careful not to constantly have the volume at its highest setting.

A pair of cosy genuine wireless headphones…

  • snugly enough to keep in place even while you’re moving about a lot.
  • is light to avoid tiredness
  • has well-placed controllers and buttons

5. Warranty

Even the top brands and most costly types of genuine wireless headphones experience occasional glitches as a young technology. Because of this, it is imperative that you investigate the warranty and return policy before making your next purchase.

To assess the build quality, it would be ideal if you could try the headphones on first. If you’re planning to purchase something online, be sure to familiarise yourself with the manufacturer’s return policy and customer service.

Now that we have got enough information about Bluetooth Headphones, lets have a look on the Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones in India in 2023 –

1. Philips ActionFit TASH402BK


With these wireless, sweat-resistant over-ear sports headphones, break your personal best. They are comfy and light, and one charge provides 20 hours of play time. When things get hot, cooling ear-cup cushions help you maintain focus. No matter how hard you work, the soft, breathable ear-cup cushions are loaded with cooling gel to keep the headphones cool against your skin. Additionally removable for simple washing, the cushions.

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Connect to a world of 40mm drivers that have been meticulously tuned for pristine, natural sound. Regardless of the music you’re listening to, this sports headphone is expertly crafted to produce clear, highly detailed, yet natural sound.

Whether you’re aiming for a personal best or meeting friends after a workout, the modern design looks excellent. Ear cups that fold flat make storage simple.

You may take calls, pause your playlist, and change the level with the simple buttons. And all of this without touching your smartphone. The moment you turn on Bluetooth, the headphones are prepared to pair. They remember the last device they were paired with after they are established.

2. JBL Tune 500BT

jbl tune 500bt wireless on ear headphone

Without cumbersome cables, wirelessly stream high-quality audio from your smartphone. It includes the well-known JBL Pure Bass sound, which is present in the world’s most illustrious venues.

Listen wirelessly for up to 16 hours of continuous entertainment, and the battery can be recharged in as little as two hours. You can listen to another hour of music after a simple 5-minute recharge. With the handy 1-button remote and microphone, you can manage your calls and adjust your sound easily while wearing headphones.

These headphones are simple to use and come with 32mm JBL speakers and JBL Pure Bass sound, making it simple to enjoy fantastic sound at all times. Additionally, the JBL TUNE500BT smoothly switches to your mobile device if a call comes in while you are watching a video on another device. The JBL TUNE500BT headphones are comfy, Bluetooth-enabled, and provide you access to Siri or Google Now without needing to use a mobile device.

The JBL TUNE500BT headphones, which come in 4 vibrant colours and can be folded for simple portability, are a grab-and-go option that make it easy for you to include music into every element of your busy life.

3. Boat Rockerz 550


An over-ear wireless headset called the boAt Rockerz 550 has been ergonomically created with music enthusiasts in mind. The headphones have the most recent Bluetooth v5.0 technology for immediate wireless communication. Up to 20 hours of playback are possible with its strong 500mAh battery for prolonged aural delight.

Its 50mm dynamic drivers contribute to giving the customer an immersive musical experience with immersive sound. Dual connectivity in the form of Bluetooth and AUX allows the user to make use of the headset.

For the purest listening pleasure, it has a physical Noise Isolation feature.The IPX5 dust and water protection of the Rockerz 550 on-ear headphones makes them ideal for outdoor activities and sports. With the inline buttons, you can switch between music, control the volume, answer and reject calls, redial, and use the voice assistant. To connect to Google and Siri and launch the voice assistant, double tap.

4. Zebronics Zeb-Thunder

zeb thunder

With Thunder’s wireless headphones, it will be simple and hassle-free to listen to podcasts or play back-to-back songs without being hindered by wired tangling problems. It has roomy, cosy earcups and plush cushioning on the adjustable headband. MicroSD card, Bluetooth, and 3.5mm aux input are all compatible for playback.

With the built-in FM tuner, you can also tune in to your preferred FM channel. Wider frequency response and superb sound reproduction are guaranteed with 40mm drivers. All of this with a 9-hour playback time in Bluetooth mode.

5. JBL Live 660NC


jbl live 660nc product image hero black

Music is a necessity in your world, so put on a pair of JBL Live 660NC and improve your day. The JBL Live 660NC headphones feature improved bass and JBL Signature Sound through strong 40mm drivers, making every track stand out. The Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology also enables you to shut out outside noises when music is the only thing that matters, ensuring that nothing interferes with your rhythm. TalkThru enables you to hold brief conversations while still wearing your JBL Live 660NC, and Ambient Aware keeps you secure while you go down the street while listening to music. 

Ask Hey Google or Alexa for assistance by speaking to them or tapping the earcup. Utilize Hey Google to effortlessly activate ANC or Ambient Aware, check the battery level, or turn off your JBL Live 660NC. With the ANC turned off, you can stream music for up to 50 hours while being lightweight and comfortable.

You can also take great stereo calls and enjoy music even when the battery runs out thanks to the handy detachable audio wire. Your Live 660NC will automatically pause when not in use and resume playing when it is. The JBL Live 660 NC headphones let you rock out while keeping you in the loop. When utilising this, Android 6.0 or higher is necessary for complete access to Alexa functionalities.

6. Skullcandy Crusher Evo

skullcandy crusher evo

The sole and original immersive sensory bass experience is Skullcandy Crusher. For softer bass, move the slider down. Increase the volume to make your bones tremble. Additionally, Crusher Evo offers audio quality upgrades over the original Crusher, giving you access to an even wider range of deeper, richer bass. Everyone has a unique hearing style. Because of this, Crusher Evo has Personal Sound. You may customise the sound settings on your headphones by creating a Personal Sound Profile by taking a simple, in-app test on the Skullcandy App.

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The Skullcandy App’s AudiodoTM technology evaluates your left and right ear’s hearing before automatically adjusting the audio to the optimum levels for your particular hearing. The Crusher Evo has integrated TileTM locating technology. You can quickly “ring” your headphones from the Tile App if you ever lose them. What first appeared lost has so been quickly discovered.

The Crusher Evo was designed to have a 40-hour battery life. Additionally, the Rapid Charge feature provides you an additional 4 hours of listening time anytime your battery runs low with just a short, 10-minute charge.

7. Sony WH-1000XM3


With the best noise cancellation in the business, you can tune out the city sounds. The WH-1000XM3 headphones’ noise-cancelling technology is our most advanced yet thanks to its snug ear pads and HD Noise-Canceling Processor QN1.

In HD Noise-Canceling Processor QN1, an integrated amplifier realises the best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion for portable devices and produces music with excellent sound quality. The headphones are ideal for managing strong beats because of their powerful 1.57″ drivers with Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragms, which can reproduce a wide frequency range up to 40 kHz.

Simply ask your assistant to help you manage your day. Take advantage of entertainment, social interaction, information, music, notifications, reminders, and more. Calling is simple and hands-free, which allows for easy conversation. Leave your phone where it is and simply double-tap to speak.

The WH-1000XM3 provides a clearer sound quality to the caller thanks to several microphones. By tapping or swiping the panel with your fingertip, you can change the song, adjust the volume, and answer or end calls. Even for lengthy excursions away, you’ll have power thanks to the battery life of up to 30 hours. And if you need to charge quickly, the accompanying AC adapter can provide five hours’ worth of energy in just 10 minutes.

8. Sennheiser HD 250BT


With Sennheiser’s renowned transducer technology, the HD 250BT provide an exhilarating DJ-inspired audio experience with higher quality audio and dramatic bass. With a 25-hour battery life, cutting-edge wireless technology, and tough construction, they can keep up with the busiest lifestyles and provide an exceptional listening experience whenever and wherever.

Sennheiser’s renowned transducer technology and support for top-notch codecs like aptXTM and AAC guarantee exceptional audio quality with lively bass. A superior listening experience is guaranteed by rock-solid Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and when watching videos, aptXTM Low Latency keeps music perfectly in time with onscreen action.

Using an easy-to-use equaliser, the Sennheiser Smart Control App lets you customise the audio experience. The HD 250BT is equipped with features including a durable design, comfortable, noise-isolating ear cushions, and simple controls to help users navigate life’s experiences.

9. Boat Rockerz 450

rockerz 450

Set your mind on fire with the stylish boAt Rockerz 450 headphones, which provide elegance and deep sound quality to your music. Slip into a different HD immersive audio universe, powered by 40mm dynamic speakers that deliver exceptional clarity. A comfortable fit is made possible by the soft-cornered matte black finish, which is supported by plush foam in an adaptable and flexible design.

Depending on your preference, you can connect an aux wire or go wireless with Bluetooth V4.2 without putting any strain on the 300mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

To connect to Google and Siri and launch the voice assistant, double tap. The multi-function button’s one touch makes it simple for the user to accept and reject calls. For maximum comfort and clarity during conferences and crucial conversations, use Rockerz 450. With the inline buttons, you can switch between music, control the volume, answer and reject calls, redial, and use the voice assistant.

10. Moto XT500+

motorolapulse escape 2201 4132800fc97f161a4f16037324697140 640 0

Studio-caliber performance and wireless freedom are provided by the Moto XT500+. You may bring them anywhere you go without worrying because of their high-end finishes and small fold design. It’s ideal for all-day use because of its powerful 40mm speakers, noise cancellation, and 25 hours of playback duration. A built-in microphone also lets you take and make calls hands-free.

These wireless headphones provide a cushioned ear cap for all-day comfort when travelling and an ergonomic design. The movable slider lessens pressure and ensures a precise, unrestricted fit for the head.

These lightweight, foldable headphones are prepared to travel wherever you go, whether it’s for work, school, or play. Our headphones take up little room and are simple to store in a backpack or on a desk.


With the advancement of technology, things like bluetooth headphones have become a part of our day-to-day life. Now that you are aware of the best headphones in the market, we hope you buy the best one that suits all your needs!

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