7 Futuristic Tech Gadgets to Clean your Fruits in the Time of Pandemic


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What if we tell you, right now, all the fruits you have consumed in the past few days are poisonous? The number of pesticides you consume will shorten your life span by considerable years. Shocking, isn’t it? But worry no more. We have brought seven futuristic gadgets to clean your fruits and stay healthy. 

We are living in the modern world. Sure there are some negatives, like Corona and quarantine. But we got you covered. Eating healthy fruits will help you reduce the risk of exposure to any disease. Fruits are the major constituents of a healthy diet. Fuse it with modern technological gadgets. There is a chance that you might live longer and healthier than everyone.

  1. ARG Fruit Cleaner

ARG fruit cleaner works on the principle of ozonizing. Ozonizing is one of the best ways to clean fruits. The cleaner generates ozone. You do know the Ozone in Earth’s atmosphere protects us from harmful UV rays.

So, what is Ozone? It is an excellent disinfectant. To get your fruits cleaned, you need to place the fruits in the water. You set the timer within the given range. The quickest you can clean the fruits is five minutes. Maybe with some effort, the time will be reduced if you have already washed the fruit.

While you wait, the ozonizer disinfects the fruits. Viola, your fruit is safe to eat.

The gadget is versatile. It requires a power connection.  It is easy to use and store. It has a lot of positive reviews from people. You can buy the product on leading online websites.

2. Green Wash Fruit Cleaning 300ml Spray Bottle

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The gadget involves a basic principle. It’s a spray bottle. So, what’s futuristic about it?  Think of it this way. What if you wanted to clean a big fruit? Say, Pineapple or Jackfruit

You can’t keep it in the ozonizer. Instead, you can spray the liquid. You can remove the odor and harmful pesticides effectively. Isn’t that futuristic? You can clean more fruits in less time. One sprays one side on the fruit efficiently. Let it stay on the fruit for some time. You can wipe the liquid off the surface. It only operates externally. 

It is ideal for a huge family.  Especially, if you want to feed your kids healthy fruits. The kids can even use it themselves as there is no electric connection required.  One Bottle can last an average of 2 months.

3. Prestige Ozonizer (POZ 1.0)

POZ 1.0 has a modern and sleek design. It works without much effort. You can set a timer for cleaning. You can surely spare 10 minutes before eating fruit. A healthy one. 

Here’s what you have to do to clean the fruits. All you have to do is to find a big vessel. Preferably a glass bowl. Place the fruits inside the glass bowl. Fill the bowl with water up to three quarters.

Insert the tube of the ozonizer inside the bowl. Switch the gadget on. You will see the bubbles of water popping out. This is Ozone, cleaning out the fruits. You have to immerse the fruits for ten to thirty minutes.

The ozonizer is the best way to clean the fruits. Try this one and let us know.

4. Homecare Double Drain Round Basket

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A gadget is not just always electrical. The gadgets can be mechanical too. This one is a very novel innovation. The cleaner is made of BPA free harmless plastic.

It is available in two attractive colors: leaf Green and Cherry Red. The colors are chosen to ensure minimum staining. If you’re looking for a fruit cleaner, that is under your budget here’s your right choice.

Put the fruits inside the solid basket. Fill it with water. Rotate the sieve bowl and drain the water. The rotation is 360 degrees and it makes cleaning easier. Since the water flows downward, the fruit will be washed in all the directions.

You can clean mud and dirt very easily using the cleaner. The basket is the newest model and it is very trendy. The products can be assembled in no time. It saves storage space in your kitchen counter.

5. Fruits Wash and Clean Basket by Pawaca

Here is an innovative model of fruit cleaner. Are you familiar with Saputo fruit? The approximate comparison would be an avocado. Just put the fruits into the basket. Pour water till the fruit is completely inside the water. Just do a few rotations with the comfortable handle.

The work is manual. But you are completely sure of the thorough cleaning. Besides, it is done in a matter of minutes. A few rotations in a few minutes for a clean and healthy fruit? Sign me up.

Not only as a cleaner, will the gadget serve.  Once you wash it, you can use it for multi-purpose. Like salad making or storing the fruits. It can hold up to 3 liters of water.

6. Stevia Stainless Steel Fruit Cleaning and Adjustable Storage Basket

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Did you just say cleaning and storage basket with creativity? Look at this one! Specifically made for your requirements if you are running out of storage.

You just have to place the handles in the sink. You can adjust the handles according to the size of the sink. Then keep the fruits you want to clean in the basket. Allow water to run over the fruits.

The stainless steel does not rust. You can leave the fruits in the basket above the sink. It will stay healthy and hydrated. So will you be, if you eat those cleaned fruits?

Children can also use this basket. It will encourage them to eat clean fruits from a young age.

7. O3 Pure Elite 50 Kt Fruit Washer System

This is another Ozone mechanism for the fruit washer. What makes this one “ELITE”? You’ll see. Firstly, the smartest thing about the washer system is the compact lid. The Ozone molecules do not escape, unlike the other models.

Secondly, it is portable and lightweight. Lightweight does not mean it is of low capacity. It can hold up to 6 liters of water. All you will need is a power outlet. You will require 110v/60Hz power, which is standard in the United States household.

There are no physical filters. You can adjust the timer using the push buttons. It’s very simple to use.


So, that’s the top 7 futuristic fruit cleaners in the global market. We have listed all the mechanisms of the gadgets. So, which one did you like the most? What features could be improved upon? Comment below.





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