GST mop-up rises 28 pc in Aug to Rs 1.43 lakh cr

GST mop-up rises 28 pc in Aug to Rs 1.43 lakh cr

Collections from Goods and Services Tax (GST) rose 28 per cent to Rs 1.43 lakh crore in August, the Finance Ministry said on Thursday.

gst kitty swells 28% in aug to rs. 1.43 lakh cr

GST collection has remained over the Rs 1.4-lakh-crore mark for the sixth straight month in August.

gst mop up rises 28% in august to rs 1.43 lakh crore - the press walla

“Better reporting coupled with economic recovery has been having a positive impact on the GST revenues consistently,” the ministry said in a statement.

gst collection remains above rs 1.4 lakh crore-mark for sixth straight month in august

The gross GST revenue collected in August 2022 stood at Rs 1,43,612 crore of which Central GST is Rs 24,710 crore, State GST is Rs 30,951 crore, Integrated GST is Rs 77,782 crore (including Rs 42,067 crore collected on import of goods) and cess is Rs 10,168 crore (including Rs 1,018 crore collected on import of goods), the ministry said.

gst mop-up rises 28 pc in aug to rs 1.43 lakh cr

The revenues for August 2022, registered 28 per cent increase than the GST revenues of Rs 1,12,020 crore collected in August 2021.

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