Few hours on Social Media- How I find each platform to create a subtle message to our audience?

We have oftentimes heard that social media helps us to actively perform and engage with people.

But what we don’t know is the shortcomings that we can have from a prolonged effect of social media on our lives.

Before starting to write this article, I would like to tell you about the little experiment I did on social media last week.

As you have heard, the app known as Instagram is quite famous for budding influencers from all around the world. What we don’t’ know is that there is a lot of cyberbullying which happens on this application day and night can cause someone’s confidence to rupture in just a few minutes. To take a closer look into whatever was happening, here is something I want to let you know.

Instagram comes with pros and mostly cons

As said, social media comes with both pros and cons, but mostly the cons are much greater in range. Instagram is such an amazing platform for people to showcase their talent, it was a shame to see how it went to waste with so-called influencers who tagged themselves as brand promoters. It is not that hard to become an influencer these days.

All you have to do is to find out the right Photoshop editing tool, a cool photographer and even an expensive camera (even your phone’s camera does the trick) and a huge load of makeup.

Yes, whatever you see on media is nothing but lies. Every face that claims that it is fresh out after waking up in the morning, is lying to you. If you are not subtle to see, ask any of your designer friends to spot out the retouches that have been done.

So what did I find?

The answer to this survey is not that complicated. Once I did set up my profile on Instagram, there were a lot of suggestions loaded up right through my page. I followed most of them but later found out that things are not that easy. Later that evening, I got mixed messages from already known social media influencers (names are not disclosed) asking me to stop promoting my ‘fake’ brand. I never knew what they were asking me to do or had the slightest hint of the commotion which went on, but I was surely greeted with a lot of hate.

What does it mean for our young audience?

As transparent as I can be, social media for our young audience can pollute their mind.

It is a medium through which we seek acceptance and a level of desirability among our peers. What happens behind the world of social media is much beyond our comprehension. Hate speeches, bullying, and a negative attitude are what the young audience is harboring these days. If not take a step, we can spiral down to a world of power where free speech will be disregarded despite what the matter is.

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