Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Bangalore 2022

Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Bangalore 2022


India has risen to become one of the world’s top rising economies in terms of entrepreneurship and business. Hundreds of new businesses have been formed in recent years, many of which have had tremendous success. The city of Bangalore is dubbed India’s ‘Silicon Valley’ for good reason. The city has a large number of innovative startups, which is rising by the day. Bangalore is home to a variety of corporations and startups that have garnered millions of dollars in funding from some of the world’s most prestigious investors. 


These innovations have grown into unicorns or businesses with a market capitalization of more than $1 billion. Bangalore has produced a plethora of significant corporations over the years. Flipkart and Team Indus are just a few of the big names in today’s corporate world that have their roots in Bangalore. This city is the startup capital of the world. Many entrepreneurs have founded businesses in Bangalore, some of them are residents of the IT city and others hail from different locations. Bangalore is home to some of the most successful companies since it gives all of the necessary surroundings and tools to help a startup succeed. 


It has its Startup Weekend to promote local businesses. The entrepreneurial ecosystem and financial environment in the city are exceptional for starting and growing a business. Bangalore is called Startup Heaven because of its multiple networking possibilities that promote the growth of companies. Furthermore, co-working spaces in Bangalore are contributing to India’s rapid expansion of startup hubs by providing a diverse scope of services to meet the needs of their clientele. Coworking spaces give independent professionals a place to interact, create, and work together to expand their creativity, productivity, and efficiency. 


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As a result of providing a networking platform, all startups, freelancers, and rising enterprises can prosper by assisting one another. According to the Bangalore Innovation Report 2019, the city’s amiable environment, strong technical pool, established private and public technology institutions, and proactive government policies have turned it into an irresistible magnet for all technological startups. The metropolis also has one of India’s most open and friendly cultures, with over 100,000 PhDs, top technical talent from around the country, and two million people today working in technology.


Bangalore will lead India as the hub of invention in the era of disruption, thanks to a true ecosystem established by the most innovative individuals as an example of what India can contribute to the world. Bengaluru, India’s startup hub, has evolved into the country’s technology capital and continues to be at the forefront of technological innovation, due to the city possessing all of the ingredients of a thriving startup ecosystem, including people, infrastructure, and know-how.

It is a well-known Indian city that is also regarded as the country’s IT centre and Silicon Valley. It has been the home of startups for innumerable years. Many people who are not residents of the city invest in Bangalore-based companies. The city has long been known for science-related technology and research and development (R&D). 


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Bangalore is named the country’s most millennial-friendly city, with 37 per cent of the population aged 15 to 35. In addition, the city has a large technical talent pool because it is home to over 100 engineering institutes, which annually produce over 90,000 engineering graduates. The city’s impact on this technical evolution can be seen in numbers. According to the research, Bengaluru has seen more digital start-ups than Mumbai and Delhi combined since 2016. 


Bengaluru’s GDP is expected to rise at an annual rate of 8.5 per cent through 2035, according to the analysis. Between 2019 and 2035, it will be one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. The ambition and drive of Bengaluru’s entrepreneurs, along with the city’s startups expansion in scale, both nationally and globally, continues to be a source of inspiration for the whole ecosystem. The city has come a long way in the last ten years, and it continues to create startups and entrepreneurs who can become industry behemoths.


Bangalore is considered a startup capital in India for several reasons.

  • Investors in High Density


The ability of a business to raise funding determines its ability to get off the ground. A vast number of angel investors and venture capitalists call Bangalore home. Various investors are available to assist you with your innovative idea or product, as well as to guide your company in the appropriate direction.


Entrepreneurs can even get money from the state government if their businesses are registered under the Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1961. In 2015, the Karnataka government launched a startup policy and established several funds totalling roughly Rs. 300 crores to help enterprises in fields including tourism, biotechnology, and animation get off the ground.

  • Outstanding infrastructure 


For faster economic expansion, a well-planned infrastructure is imperative. To expand a startup or a business, appropriate infrastructure in the form of roads, rail transportation, ports, power, and airports is necessary.


A well-designed infrastructure, ranging from improved roads to faster bandwidth, is demanded to provide entrepreneurs with the confidence to expand, as new businesses are supposed to provide employment, growth, and national prosperity. Bangalore is one of India’s top-ranking cities, with a well-established infrastructure for startups to launch, and is ranked 84th among the most developed cities in the world.

  • Technological Influence


In comparison to other startup hubs, Bangalore has a prevalence of creative IT talent available, with between 1,800 and 2,300 active businesses. Every day, Bangalore sees a massive infusion of talent from all over the country, making it the most talented city in the country.

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  • Moderate Living Expenses


Startup founders lean towards establishing a company in a cosmopolitan location with a low cost of living. In comparison to its big-city peers like Mumbai and Delhi, Bangalore’s cost of living is reasonable which further encourages innovative minds to establish their startups in this city.


  • Conducive Technological Network 


Bangalore is the city that hosts a plethora of meetups, hackathons, and other events throughout the year. This feature leads to one of the most important reasons why the city is a startup haven.


Such conferences allow aspiring entrepreneurs to mix with the community and share their stories of overcoming obstacles and attaining their goals. The entrepreneurs get ideas and inspiration from the speakers and other attendees, along with the possibility to present their ideas, products, and potential while networking at the same time. 

  • Media Coverage


There are several media portals in the city that focus on startups and entrepreneurs, including NextBigWhat, Yourstory, ET Tech, and Medianama. These media channels help in bringing the limelight to innovative startups. If you have an innovative idea and a positive mindset and vision, you can be sure that exposure, coverage, and networking will come your way. 

  • Authorities that are pro-startup


State officials must provide the necessary regulatory support and auxiliary infrastructure to foster invention for the city to develop successful entrepreneurs. With the formation of the Startup Vision Group-Karnataka under the Startup Karnataka programme, the Karnataka government aimed to bring together the brightest minds in the ecosystem to help set up a strong framework for policy generation that can be both flexible in its response to disruptive technologies and fair to all stakeholders involved.


These are the Most Innovative Startups in Bangalore.

1. Instamojo


Legal Name- Instamojo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sector- Financial Technology, E-commerce and Business Development

Products & Services- Digital Goods, Payments and Financial Services

Founders- Aditya Sengupta, Harshad Sharma, Akash Gehani and Sampad Swain

Date Of Starting- 2012

Geographical Range- India and U.S.

Company Stage- Series B

Number of Investors- 15

Key Investors- Blume Ventures, Dream Incubator, Times Internet and GMO Venture Partners

Funding Rounds- 9

Total Funding Amount- $ 8.4 Million

Valuation- $ 13.2 Million


Instamojo - Aiding the Indian MSME's with effortless payment gateway


Instamojo is a full-stack transactional platform based in Bangalore that aims to put small businesses online. It excelled in payment links in India, an easy-to-start and easy-to-integrate payment solution that facilitates corporations and businesses to quickly get started collecting payments online. Aside from payments, the startup delivers a set of services and products that allow the seller to set up an online store, gain insight into his store’s behaviour, and use that information to grow his business. Instamojo helps entrepreneurs start, run, and grow their businesses online through mobile payments. 


For enterprises and merchants, cloud-based payment processing options are available. MojoCommerce for eCommerce payments and management, API-based payments and payment gateways, mojoPayments for link-based payments, mojoCapital for business loans, and more are the startup’s offerings. It even includes eCommerce features for managing sales and inventory, shipping, analytics, transaction monitoring, CRM, and expenses. With transactions being such an important element of any trade, Instamojo introduces ‘Payment Links’ in India, an easy-to-use and integrated payment solution that allows entrepreneurs and enterprises to immediately start accepting payments online. 


It gives a set of services and solutions that allow sellers to set up an online store, analyse customer behaviour, and use that information to grow their business. It primarily operates as a platform for customers to sell digital goods by listing them on the website and sharing the URL with others. The startup pays the seller 95% of all successful digital goods transactions and 98.1 per cent of all successful physical goods and products transactions that are not hosted on their servers. The startup claims to have helped over 100,000 businesses receive payments online in India, with over 1.2 million consumers that have done so.


Instamojo provides online store and payment solutions to over 20 lakh Indian small companies. It wants to help small businesses become D2C brands by promoting and empowering them. They say that with over 500,000+ vendors on its platform, they are on their way to becoming a Growth Gateway that provides practical tools & services, influential associations, and relevant information to place every business in its ecosystem on a fast-track growth route.


The payment gateway startup provides a website that sells digital goods and accepts payments online. In October 2012, the company was selected for the fifth batch of 500 Startups and has received money from angel investors like Rajan Anandan, vice president and managing director of Google South East Asia & India. The startup raised $500,000 from eight investors in three rounds, the most recent of which was the Series A fundraising on November 13, 2014. 

2. AssureShift

Legal Name- AssureShift
Founders- Debendra Prasad and Juby John
Date Of Starting- 2016
Geographical Range- 25+ cities in India

AssureShift is an online platform where you can find reliable packers and movers. With AssureShift, you can find the right relocation company to assist you with your home, office, commercial, and industrial relocation needs. One of the fastest-growing local and national reference portals, it has been designed for optimal user experience on every digital platform.

Founded in August 2016 with operations in Bangalore, it has grown into a mammoth to include 1000+ expert packers and movers across the country. In Bangalore alone, they served over 25000 clients and received over 20000 good evaluations, with a satisfaction rate of around 99.5 per cent.

It is an online reference portal that lists verified relocation services that are reliable and professional. Their service connects individuals with trustworthy companies that provide packing, moving, logistics, and storage at fair rates near their location. They have verified and listed all relocation companies to make it easier for you to choose the best and cheapest service providers from over 25 cities.

What are the benefits of choosing AssureShift?

AssureShift makes sure you get the best relocation experience at low costs, no matter what your requirement is. Their services have helped many of the best relocation companies in India locate people like you. These companies provide quality services with standard packing materials, logistics, and professionals. Another problem is finding customer feedback, ratings, and an overview of all companies in one location, negating most of the problems that people face when looking for a reliable moving company.

AssureShift has addressed these issues to make sure you get a trustworthy and suitable service provider, all from the comfort of your couch. You have relocation firms from all around India’s main cities and these professional moving firms offer practically every relocation service imaginable, whether it is local, domestic or even international.

Future Prospects

Moving Forward, the company has a massive expansion plan in the works. It aims to be an end-to-end home solutions provider for every basic homecare need. The initial plan involves the launch of Interior Design services whether it is a corporate space or your personal home. This is slated to launch later this year. AssureShift plans to go beyond this and provide various homecare services like plumbing, carpentry, pest control and electrical works among others.

3. Swiggy


Legal Name- Bundl TechnologiresPvt. Ltd.

Sector- Online Food Ordering, Food and Beverage

Products & Services- Online Grocery, Food Ordering and Delivery Services

Founders- Nandan Reddy and Rahul Jaimini

Date Of Starting- 2014

Geographical Range- India

Company Stage- Series J

Number of Investors- 56

Key Investors- Bessemer Venture Partners, Invesco, Accel and Norwest Venture Partners

Funding Rounds- 15

Total Funding Amount- $ 3.57 Billion

Valuation- $ 10.1 Billion


Steps To Order Food From Swiggy! Get Upto Rs.75 Off on Orders Now* - Oneindia News


Swiggy is an online food ordering and delivery service based in India. It is based in Bangalore and was launched in July 2014. It offers on-demand delivery services, as well as a customer-centric and technology-first approach to logistics. With a presence in 500 cities across India, relationships with hundreds of thousands of eateries, over 5000 employees, and a network of 2 lakh+ independent delivery workers, the company provides outstanding convenience backed by constant innovation.


The company that runs Swiggy is Bundl Technologies Private Limited. The startup provides a fast, simple, and reliable delivery experience for millions of consumers across India, thanks to sophisticated machine learning technologies and terabytes of data analysed every day. The startup’s skills have evolved from a hyperlocal food delivery service in 2014 to a logistical hub of excellence today, resulting in not just lightning-fast delivery for its consumers, but also a productive and gratifying experience for its staff. 


Customers can order food and have it delivered over the internet. Customers can utilise it to find a variety of restaurants in their neighbourhood. The startup operates in 500 Indian cities as reported in the year 2021. Customers can purchase food online and have it delivered to their houses. They may see the progress of their orders in real-time and pay for them online. The platform’s grocery zone sells items from local merchants in addition to standard essentials, fresh fruits and vegetables, and home items.


Apart from meal delivery, it also offers Instamart, an on-demand grocery delivery service, and Swiggy Genie, an immediate gift delivery service. Swiggy’s New Supply, and the recent debuts of Swiggy Instamart, Swiggy Genie, and Swiggy Health Hub, continue to make waves in the market while raising the chances to provide to its employees. A general product delivery service called Swiggy Stores, which sources products from local stores, launched in early 2019. Using a grid of dark storefronts, the company started offering Instamart, an immediate grocery delivery service, in August 2020.


Swiggy closed its Swiggy Stores in 2021 and transferred its activities under the Instamart label. The startup launched Swiggy Go, a fast pickup and dropoff service last year. The service is used for several purposes, including document and parcel deliveries to both commercial and retail clients. Swiggy Go has been renamed Swiggy Genie, effective April 2020. In 2021, the firm announced that it would pay for the vaccinations of its delivery partners. In March 2021, a Swiggy Health Hub opened in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

4. Smallcase


Legal Name- Smallcase Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sector- Financial Technology

Products & Services- Financial Services

Founders- Anugrah Shrivastava, Vasanth Kamath and Rohit Gupta

Date Of Starting- 2015

Geographical Range- India

Company Stage- Series C 

Number of Investors- 27

Key Investors- Amazon, Blume Ventures, Sequoia Capital and HDFC Bank

Funding Rounds- 6

Total Funding Amount- $ 70.9 Million

Valuation- $ 198 Million


Smallcase goes big with 5.3X growth in scale during FY21


Smallcase is a website that allows investors to create or invest in portfolios of theme-based stocks or exchange-traded funds. In Bangalore, the company was started in 2015. It’s an app-based platform for public market investing. It gives users a tiny case with a professionally manufactured stock basket within. This basket has a diverse range of stocks depending on market trends, announcements, and events, among other things. It can be used to create a well-diversified, long-term portfolio for users. 


Users can also customise their portfolios before investing and managing them. Affordable housing, GST, and digital India were among the first issues of the startups at a time when the industry’s options were limited, such as consumerism and natural resources. The most popular themes right now are all-weather, discount bargains, smart beta, and brand value. The startup, which is affiliated with Zerodha, Axis Capital, HDFC Securities, and Edelweiss Securities, has over 2.4 lakh, active clients.


The startup launched in 2015 and is situated in Bangalore. It is a financial technology business focused on democratising equities investing. This startup is a new approach to investing in the stock market. Smallcase, an online equities investment platform, allows clients to acquire stock portfolios and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are tied to specific themes and methods for higher returns. The platform went live in July 2016, a year after the startup began its operations.


It’s an online investment platform where customers can put money into “themes.” The idea was to move away from single-stock investing and toward portfolio investing. It differs from investing in individual stocks or mutual fund units in the simplicity of not having to monitor each stock’s performance, as well as the fact that, unlike mutual funds, it gives you ownership of a stock. For example, “Incredible India” and “The GST Opportunity” are theme-based baskets with shares listed in varying amounts to provide the optimum returns.


The platform developed by smallcase technologies enables or allows users to construct and maintain a theme-based portfolio. When a consumer invests in a portfolio, but not when they buy or sell equities, the corporation receives money through fees of roughly $100. Magic Formula, Smart Cities, and Rising Rural Demand are examples of smallcase baskets, which are stock portfolios based on trending market ideas that can profit if the bet on the themes pays out.


The ultimate trade, however, is executed on the site of smallcase’s partner brokerage, Zerodha. In the last 500 days, close to Rs 1,200 crore worth of shares and ETFs were traded on Zerodha’s platform, according to the startups. Through the first three rounds of funding, the platform has raised $55.5 crore from Blume Ventures, Sequoia Capital India, Straddle Capital, and other institutional investors. According to the creators, they will collaborate with five more digital brokerages in the future.

5. Skylark Drones


Legal Name- Skylark Drones Pvt. Ltd.

Sector- Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing

Products & Services- Enterprise Drone Solutions, Aerospace and Defence Services

Founders- Mughilan Ramasamy and Mrinal Pai

Date Of Starting- 2014

Geographical Range- India

Company Stage- Seed

Number of Investors- 28

Key Investors- AdvantEdge, GrayCell Ventures, IKP Knowledge Park and Indian Angel Network Fund

Funding Rounds- 3

Total Funding Amount- $ 3.77 Million

Valuation- $ 5.72 Million


Bengaluru-Based Drone Analytics Startup Skylark Drones Raises $3 Million In Pre-Series-A Round; Looks To Expand Internationally


Skylark Drones, situated in Bangalore, India, develops and combines drone solutions and services into scalable real-world applications that benefit businesses and the general public, all while prioritising authenticity and clarity when making time-saving, money-saving, and life-saving decisions. Drone-based solutions are used to enable three critical stages in the lifecycle of any large-scale project or asset in industries like roads and highways, mines, powerlines, pipelines, and even agriculture: planning, construction, and maintenance.


Skylark Drones is a technology startup that is building the foundation for the global drone industry. The drone analytics tool developed by the business can be utilised in a range of industries. It provides worksite information as well as drone management and compliance solutions to firms in the infrastructure, mining, and utility industries. The startup uses drone technology to give scalable solutions and services to businesses and the general public, ensuring that authentic decision-making occurs in a way that saves time, money, and lives.


They deliver drone-based solutions to their clients throughout the lifecycle of any large-scale project or asset in industries such as roads and highways, mines, and even agriculture. The startups’ Planning feature includes its web-based analytical tools to turn survey-grade drone maps and digital elevation models into rich high-resolution geospatial models and information systems that can be utilised for thorough project reports, feasibility studies, and planning. Its Monitoring feature assists you in comparing project progress over time and detecting bottlenecks that require project management. 


With solutions that use near real-time analysis given by drone videography and photography, the startup ensures that, regardless of scale, every stakeholder gets the information they need to make the right decisions. Drone-based analytical solutions may help asset owners and maintenance teams precisely diagnose issues by providing information layers such as high-resolution drone videography, thermal analysis, and other asset lifecycle modelling capabilities.


Today, their technology provides drone analytics to Fortune 500 enterprises, secure flight execution to service providers, and regulatory airspace compliance to manufacturers. Its customers include Balco, Hindustan Zinc, Tata Steel, Ultra Tech Cement, SAIL, L&T, HINDALCO, BOSCH, Reliance Infrastructure, ReNEW Power, URS, and others in areas such as mining, infrastructure, renewable energy, and agriculture.

6. Niki


Legal Name- Techbin Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sector- E-commerce and Natural Language Processing

Products & Services- Concierge Services

Founders- Sachin Jaiswal, Keshav Pravasi, Shishir Modi and Nitin Babel

Date Of Starting- 2015

Geographical Range- India

Company Stage- Series A

Number of Investors- 20

Key Investors- Angel List, Blume Ventures, Lets Venture and Recruit Strategic Partners

Funding Rounds- 8

Total Funding Amount- $ 11 Million

Valuation- $ 28.7 Million


Exclusive: Ratan Tata-backed AI chatbot Niki to shut down ops, a vernacular conversational platform, based in Bangalore and founded in May 2015 by four IIT-Kharagpur graduates, has set its sights on India. The virtual agent of the AI-powered startup is guiding the next billion consumers and unlocking the potential of internet commerce in India’s Tier II and III regions. The startup offers a concierge service provider with an AI-based automated order-taking app. It is created with patented conversational technology that recognises and satisfies consumers’ demands by voice, and it pioneered the Do-It-For-Me Model. 


Its value chain consists of a powerful supply-side gatekeeping system that ensures high-quality goods and services, as well as a digital and human stack that provides clients with end-to-end proactive help. The startup first concentrated on chatbots but quickly realised that voice-based transactions were better suited to a country like India. The technology foundation of has evolved to include a robust voice layer that allows users to converse in multiple languages.


English, Tamil, Hindi, and Bengali are the four languages supported in the app. It gives any user step-by-step directions for completing a transaction. It now offers two types of online transactional services- bill payments and travel bookings. For these purchases, users from India frequently rely on agents. Niki is introducing India into the internet economy with the mission statement ‘Nobody left behind.’ Niki is India’s very own ‘Full Stack Ramu Kaka,’ serving over 150 million consumers with confidence and service. 


The startup created the Do-It-For-Me Model, which is based on cutting-edge proprietary conversational technology that recognises and fulfils consumer wants through voice. Its value chain includes a strong supply-side gatekeeping system that ensures high-quality goods and services, as well as a digital and human stack that offers Indian clients end-to-end proactive help. The startup has received funding from EMVC, a fintech-focused firm based in the United States, Mr Ratan Tata, Unilazer Ventures, Haresh Chawla, and Recruit Partners in Japan, among others.


During the last four years since its inception, the startup has made significant progress in demonstrating how voice may be used as a medium to enable various forms of online transactions, thanks to the support of Ratan Tata and other investors. Through a variety of retail use cases, the AI-based company aims to facilitate online transactions worth over Rs 7,000 crore in the next two years, up from the current Rs 450 crore. With annualised revenues of about Rs 450 crore, it has raised vernacular volumes by more than 500 per cent in the last eight months.

7. Log9 Materials


Legal Name- Log9 Materials Scientific Pvt. Ltd.

Sector- Nanotechnology Research

Products & Services- Nanotechnology-based Products

Founders- Pankaj Sharma, Akshay Singhal, Shalini and Kartik Hajela

Date Of Starting- 2014

Geographical Range- India

Company Stage- Series A

Number of Investors- 31

Key Investors- Surge, Exfinity Venture Partners, Innoven Capital and Venture Gurukul

Funding Rounds- 10

Total Funding Amount- $ 18.9 Million

Valuation- $ 51 Million


Rapid Charging EVS | Aluminium Fuel Cells


Bangalore-based startup Log 9 Materials is a graphene research and development business that accelerates the commercialization of graphene nanotechnology. It was founded in 2015 by Aksha Singhal and Kartik Hajela. The ‘smoke-safe’ cigarette, which reduces the risk of cancer by 90%, is their first developed product using this technology. Under the formal name Log 9 Materials Scientific Private Limited, Log 9 Materials is a nanomaterials production and Research & Development startup.


It is also a manufacturer of e-vehicle batteries based on nanotechnology. This startup has created graphene derivatives that allow new energy storage technologies to be made out of electrode materials. It also sells LEDs made of graphene quantum dots, foldable displays, and water purifying devices. Furthermore, it has created a graphene-based cigarette filter that lowers the risk of cancer. From cradle to grave, Log9 Materials is on a mission to make global energy 100 per cent clean. 


Based on its main skill in graphene nanotechnology, the startup wants to develop improved energy storage solutions ranging from electrode materials through the cell to pack level. The Rapid Charging Battery technology from Log9 addresses adoption concerns for 2Wheeler and 3Wheeler electric vehicle platforms, whereas the Aluminum Fuel Cell technology targets long-haul, heavier cars.


Commercial 2W and 3W electric users will have easier access to public fast chargers. The startup is revolutionising this area by increasing the use of current chargers deployed by charge station operators like Fortum Charge & Drive India, as well as incentivizing them to expand their deployments across the country. With Log 9’s InstaCharging (15 minutes for 2-wheelers and 40 minutes for 3-wheelers) batteries, the number of electric automobiles that can be charged in a given time is substantially higher.


To continue the project, Log 9 Materials has formed a strategic partnership with Fortum Charge & Drive India, one of India’s largest EV charging infrastructure solutions providers, to deploy and provide access to their public fast chargers for two-wheeler and three-wheeler electric vehicles in India. The startup was formed in 2015 and was named the top innovator by ET in 2021.

8. Lightmetrics


Legal Name- Lightmetrics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sector- Software and Analytics BI

Products & Services- Software Development Services

Founders- Ravi Shenoy, Krishna AG, Soumik Ukil and Gururaj Putraya

Date Of Starting- 2015 

Geographical Range- Global

Company Stage- Seed

Number of Investors- 9

Key Investors- Zone Startups India, Net App Excellerator, Beenext and Karnataka Startup Cell

Funding Rounds- 5

Total Funding Amount- $ 1.04 Million

Valuation- $ 5.75 Million


LightMetrics Vision and Mission For Camera Technologies | LightMetrics


LightMetrics, based in Bangalore, is a real-time video analytics platform that employs artificial intelligence (AI) on the edge to deliver a 360-degree perspective of driving behaviour. On this platform, businesses can effectively monitor their fleets for safety and compliance, reducing risk and associated losses while also safeguarding brand value. The startups’ data-driven driver profiles contribute to more effective driver teaching and improved overall safety.


LightMetrics offers a video telematics platform with AI capabilities. The device must be installed and the vehicles must be connected to the platform. It provides fleet managers with real-time driver coaching and a dashboard with driving analytics, with the findings being stored in the cloud. It has solutions for all types of fleets. Forward collision warning, loop recording, sleepiness detection, distracted driving detection, and other capabilities are available on the platform. 


The startup’s RideView technology lets partners provide enhanced video telematics to fleet customers. It includes a client-side SDK for real-time driver coaching (for Android, iOS, and Linux), as well as powerful, scalable, and secure REST APIs for surfacing actionable data in the cloud. This makes it easier to integrate video with traditional monitoring. Its partners use cross-platform device software and powerful REST APIs to provide differentiated driver safety services without relying on proprietary hardware.


San Jose, California is home to a subsidiary of the Bangalore-based startup. LightMetrics, a video analytics company, helps transportation fleets, insurance companies, and ride-sharing companies better analyse driving behaviour to improve safety and efficiency. Its solutions are employed by several high-profile clients in the automotive ecosystem, including OEMs, Tier-1s, Telematics Service Providers, Zonar, and others, to ensure the safety of thousands of fleets daily.


Companies in the automobile industry can use LightMetrics’ AI-based platform for real-time driver teaching and associated driving safety statistics. With two key services, it caters to autonomous car rental firms and freight companies. RideView is a software development kit (SDK) that turns a smartphone into a smart dashcam by providing real-time, on-device visual analytics, whereas RideCam is a low-cost dashcam that utilises the computing capabilities of a mobile device.


For fleet managers and owners, this means having the information they need to make their fleets safer and more productive at their fingertips. The solutions provided by the startup aid in the measurement of important performance indicators for drivers in terms of safety and compliance, allowing for the identification of repeat offenders and adequate coaching, as well as accident mitigation through real-time ADAS warnings.

9. Flo Mobility


Legal Name- Flo Mobility Pvt. Ltd.

Sector- Automation Machinery Manufacturing

Products & Services- Agri-bots and Delivery-bots

Founders- Angad Singi, Manesh Jain and Paramasivam Mohankumar

Date Of Starting- 2019

Geographical Range- India

Company Stage- Seed

Number of Investors- 18

Key Investors- Lets Venture, Las Olas, Venture Garage and Blume Ventures

Funding Rounds- 2

Total Funding Amount- $ 416 K

Valuation- $ 2.79 Million


Flo Mobility Private Limited | Automation | F6S Profile


Bangalore-based startup Flo Mobility is developing an autonomous technology stack that may be used by agri-bots, delivery bots, two-wheelers, and other applications in which small bots must navigate in busy, unstructured environments. To provide autonomy to vehicles and equipment, they work at the intersection of sensors, computer vision, edge computing, and actuators. The startup believes that how humans and bots coexist to give the finest speed, agility, comfort, and control will define the evolution of autonomy. It is aimed at micro-mobility companies who want to use their fleet for ride-sharing, and it will help them increase ride utilisation and reduce fleet repositioning expenses.


The company makes a Tele-operations kit that can be fitted on electric kick scooter fleets. It says that autonomous vehicles can help with fleet management and repositioning. To assist operators, it incorporates capabilities such as sensor data filtering and interpretation, as well as to object detection algorithms. They believe that the rise of autonomy will be defined by how people and bots interact to deliver the best speed and control. AI-powered autonomous micro-mobility management and fleet repositioning solutions are provided by the company.


The startups’ goal is to develop a self-driving, covered, and self-balancing electric two-wheeler that can reach its destination on its own. Rather than riders arriving at the pick-up place, E-scooters arrive at their destination via remote Teleoperated vehicle movement. For perception, localization, path planning, sensor fusion, and other tasks, FLO Mobility employs feed optimization, operator allocation, computer vision for object recognition, and autonomous stack algorithms.


The company’s first product is a self-driving teleoperations kit that can be placed on existing electric scooters. This is aimed at micro-mobility companies who want to use their fleet for ride-sharing, and it will help them increase ride utilisation and reduce fleet repositioning expenses. Its second product was an autonomous weeder, which is currently in the proof-of-concept stage in two states. The Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is the company’s newest product, and it’s the ultimate warehousing automation platform.


Flo Mobility has developed an autonomous technology stack that could be used in agri-bots, delivery bots, two-wheelers, and other applications in which small bots must navigate turbulent environments. The startup wants to automate e-scooters by regulating them without on-field human interaction, addressing concerns including optimising charge cycles, vehicle cluttering, and last-mile movement to meet demand and supply, as well as paving the way for the establishment of seamless micro-mobility operations. The startup has developed an autonomous repositioning solution for electric two-wheelers using an IoT and hardware stack that includes cameras, sensors, sonar, edge processors, and controllers.

10. Revsmart


Legal Name- Revsmart Wearable HK Co Ltd.

Sector- Motor Vehicle Manufacturing, Communication Hardware and Consumer Electronics

Products & Services- Automotive and Hardware 

Founders- Mohamed Yaseen, Vijayalekshmi Jagannathan, Sunder Jagannathan and Valadi Jagannathan

Date Of Starting- 2016

Geographical Range- India

Company Stage- Seed

Number of Investors- 13

Key Investors- Brinc, Artesian, Plugin Alliance and SINE

Funding Rounds- 4

Total Funding Amount- $ 70.6 K

Valuation- $ 790 K


Revsmart Wearable Technologies | Agriculture | F6S Profile


Revsmart, a Bangalore-based business, is developing a smart communication wearable and experience platform that uses sound exciter technology to assist motorbike riders with communication, navigation, and music. IIT Bombay and Intel’s Plugin programme are supporting the firm, which was launched in 2016. This company creates a connectivity module for motorbike helmets. It employs piezo ceramic stimulation technology to allow users to listen to music while simultaneously obtaining traffic and ride information. It has spent over 10,000 hours in research and development over the last three years to gain experience in a variety of hardware solutions.


According to Revsmart, connected and safe mobility is the way of the future. Headsup, a communication module that fits into a motorbike helmet to make it smart, is being developed by Revsmart Wearable. Patented audio conduction technology for high-quality sound, navigation, a built-in personal assistant for critical information, backlighting for visibility at night, and voice input are just a few of the features of this product. For 2-wheeler riders, a smart wearable that can be retrofitted to helmets for navigation and two-way communication is offered by this startup.


Its current focus is on integrating bone conductivity technology into two-wheeler helmets to allow for noise-free navigation and communication. Within the ride groups, it enables group discussions. A moisture-wicking smart helmet fabric is also included. It all started with the goal of developing a reliable communication system for motorbikes to provide a safer and more connected two-wheeler transportation system. Brinc accelerator, which is now based in Hong Kong, is an investor in the startup.


Smart wearable devices and retrofittable solutions for effective commuting are among the startups’ goals. Several international honours have been given to the startup’s designs and products. It got accepted into the BRINC International Accelerator programme in Hong Kong, which will provide funding of $100,000 to Revsmart. It received an award from Hong Kong Cyberport. Revsmart is a team of an innovative group of designers, hardware, and product lovers who are dedicated to creating something useful for its customers.




For a multitude of reasons, many people consider Bangalore as their ideal startup location. It has the best climate for beginning and growing a company. Many of Bangalore’s well-known businesses were previously budding startups just five years ago. It has one of the most open and friendly environments in India, with over 100,000 PhDs, top technical talent from around the country, and two million people today working in technology. 


A true ecosystem built by our most innovative people as an example of what India can contribute to the world, Bangalore will lead India as the epicentre of innovation in the age of disruption. According to the research, Bangalore-based companies have raised more money than Delhi and Mumbai combined since 2016. 


Since 2010, Bangalore-based startups have raised $30.57 billion, with $20.1 billion raised in the last four years. If you have a unique idea to convey and are considering beginning your own business, there is no better place to consider than Bangalore.

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