Petitions and Protests Against Serum Institute of India (SII) and Microsoft Founder Bill Gates


Dilip Lunawat, the deceased doctor’s father, filed a petition asking for compensation for his daughter’s death, which he said was brought on by the COVID vaccination. The petition revolves around fake narratives and misrepresentations made by the government and the blame is on the authorities for creating the same misrepresentations about the coronavirus vaccine

Senior lecturer and physician, Dr. Sneha Lunawat worked at the SMBT Dental College and Hospital in Nashik’s Dhamangaon neighborhood, close to Igatpuri.

On January 28, 2021- Dr. Snehal Lunawat took her first dosage of the vaccination after being persuaded by the purportedly fraudulent claim of the cover-shield vaccine.

on March 1, 2021- Sneha eventually succumbed to death allegedly as a result of the adverse effects of the Covid-19 vaccination.

on October 2, 2021- The Covi-shield vaccine’s side effects were recognized by the AEFI committee of the central government as the cause of the plaintiff’s daughter’s life.


The defendants including- The Government of India, Serum Institute of India (SII), Microsoft founder Bill Gates, All India Institute of Medical Science Director, DCGI chief, and others have received notices from the High Court, A division bench of Justices S.V. Gangapurwala and Madhav Jamdar issued notice to respondent on August 26.

According to estimates, serum Institute-produced vaccines are administered to at least 65% of children worldwide. The Serum Institute produces vaccines recognized by the World Health Organization in Geneva and utilized in almost 170 nations’ national vaccination programs, saving millions of lives worldwide.

According to reports, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the SII, Pune partnered in 2020 to speed up the production and distribution of up to 100 million doses of Covidshield vaccinations for India and other poor nations.

The petitioner who was a resident of Aurangabad alleged that his deceased daughter, was a medical student, she was compelled to receive the anti-Covid vaccination which was made by SII on January 28 at her college in Nashik.

The petitioner sued for Rs 1,000 crore of damages seeking justice against the Covid shield vaccine which caused the death of his daughter Dr. Snehal Lunawat and for “many more people who are likely to be murdered” from the negative effects.

“The respondent Dr. VG Somani, who is India’s Drug Controller General, unequivocally claimed that “We will never authorize anything if there is even the slightest safety concern, The vaccines are 110percentt safe,” said DCGI while confirming the vaccine’s stability and safety in the interview provided to news on January 4, 2021, 100% safety for the immunizations was claimed.

Similarly, another respondent Dr. Randeep Director of AIIMS, Delhi, and others promoted and asked everyone to take vaccines by stating that, the vaccines are completely safe” this was quoted in the petition.

Health workers, including the petitioner’s daughter, were forced to get the vaccination as a result of such misleading narratives and misrepresentations by the senior authorities and their execution by the state authorities without thorough verification.




In response to the above-mentioned petition a group of activists held protests against the Serum Institute of India (SII) and Microsoft founder Bill Gates on Saturday in Pune rooting for three specific reasons that vary from individual to individual:

  • Advocating for private liberties and rights.
  • opposing governmental meddling; and
  • being anti-scientific

The federation demanded that the union government end its current vaccination program since it was violating the basic rights of The Indian Constitution under the pretext of mandatory vaccination, the government cannot rob the populace of their fundamental rights and social assistance programs.

The government shouldn’t foster a “modern-day untouchability system by targeting those who have not had vaccinations.” The Supreme Court ruled that the government did not require anyone to get vaccinated compulsorily, in the protest held in Madurai for the same reasons. It should not be necessary to have a vaccination to enter public spaces, government buildings, houses of worship, theatres, or board domestic planes and railways. Students in high school and college or front-line workers shouldn’t be coerced into receiving a vaccination that violates their constitutional rights.

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