Top 10 Best Courier Companies In India In 2023

Top 10 Best Courier Companies In India In 2023

In today’s era of rapidly growing online shopping, the quality of the delivery service provided to clients is crucial to the success of any business. If shipping takes longer than a week, customers are willing to remove a purchase from their shopping cart. Therefore, each seller must take steps to provide the buyer with the most cost-effective and expedient shipping experience possible.

With large enterprises establishing and growing networks in the market, India has been developing into a significant market for both local and international shipping. One of the numerous factors driving the growth of digital sales in India is the digitization of the economy and the availability of affordable internet to the general public.

Every industry has been touched by the COVID-19 epidemic. The pandemic has, however, boosted online sales, which favorably benefits the domestic CEP industry’s growth and raises its market share. To deliver their goods to domestic locations, Indian e-commerce stores work with courier service providers. A good picture for business in India is also being created by technology improvements, such as the use of digital technologies with crowdsourcing delivery models.

One of the main causes fueling the expansion of the domestic CEP market is the expanding e-commerce industry, which is also contributing to the expansion of cross-border trade. Due to the B2C e-commerce development, the domestic CEP market is predicted to expand and hold the majority of the market share over the projection period.

What do eCommerce Courier Services involve?

Courier companies

Even though they were intended to describe slightly different delivery experiences, the phrases eCommerce courier services and fulfillment services are used interchangeably in the current context. Small packages can be delivered through courier services across many pin codes, from the seller’s location to the customer’s door. Reverse logistics is occasionally catered to by courier services.

Companies that provide courier services let you send packages, whether they are for business or personal items, from one location to another. There are various courier companies in India that offer nationwide parcel delivery services. However, it might be difficult to find the ideal courier partner who can deliver your items quickly and economically. The top courier services in India that offer the quickest and most dependable delivery services are listed below.

Market Snapshot

A CAGR of more than 10.5% is predicted for the Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) market in India due to the expansion of e-commerce, increased internet access among the general public, and the most recent technological advancements in the industry. The last mile market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years as a result of rising customer demand for quick delivery and expanding internet access, which has increased the number of places with active online communities.

Growing E-Commerce Sector to Strengthen India’s CEP Market

One of the key drivers fueling the market’s expansion is e-commerce. India is one of the top three fastest-growing markets for parcel delivery due to the rapid growth of its online/e-commerce business, higher levels of additional money, and increased internet access.

The way that business is conducted in India has altered as a result of e-commerce. The Indian internet business market is anticipated to grow from USD 38.5 billion starting in 2017 to USD 200 billion by 2026. A number of factors, including the launch of the government’s Digital India plan, are responsible for the e-commerce sector’s rising growth.

Both urban and rural areas now have more people using the internet than ever before. Past trends suggested that the deployment of Jio’s fixed-line broadband aid, known as Gigafiber, may contribute to the country’s already-expanding e-commerce and internet adoption. The country’s digital population, which is already 688 million as of January 2020, will surely increase. The CEP market in India is anticipated to have continuous growth over the gauge time period, inferable from the strong internet penetration during the most recent two years, which is only likely to rise during the conjecture time frame.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Shipping Service


Verify that there is a profit margin after shipping and production expenses have been paid. Examine all of the top shipping firms in India’s pricing schemes, then pick the one that best strikes a balance between costs and the satisfaction of your business’s needs.

On-Time Delivery –

On-time delivery is a guaranteed feature that must exist and cannot be compromised. If a delivery is delayed, it could have a negative impact on your customer experience. If you make customers wait for their packages even after the scheduled delivery date, they may lose interest in your company.

Region Laws –

Verify that the courier firm complies with all applicable laws relating to shipping and consumer rights.

International support –

If you are selling your products to customers abroad, check that the courier service you select is also operational on a global scale. Use your logistics partner to send packages of your goods to any country on earth.

Tracking –

The tracking feature enables customers to track the progress of their packages. It is an essential component of contemporary online buying. Even if the package doesn’t arrive on time, they can still use the tracking service to find out whether it was delivered or not. Therefore, confirm that the shipping service provides a tracking option.

COD Facility –

Check to see if your shipping service provider accepts payments made via the “Cash on Delivery” (COD) method. It assists in bringing in more clients and earning their trust in your company. You may grow your company with this functionality, establish client credibility, and boost impulsive purchases. With your store’s COD option, even clients without a credit card can effortlessly make a transaction.

Simple account management –

A merchant dashboard with lots of features can make it easy to manage your account and check that your shipping system is functioning properly.

Popularity –

Choose a courier provider that customers will trust and use when making purchases from your online business.

List Of The Top 10 Best Courier Companies In India In 2023

  • Blue Dart Express
  • Delhivery Courier Service
  • DHL Shipping Service
  • DTDC Courier Service
  • Gati
  • XpressBees
  • FedEx
  • Ecom Express
  • Ekart
  • Safe Express


  • Blue Dart:

Courier companies

One of the greatest courier companies for online businesses is Blue Dart, a global carrier that has been operating as a top courier service provider since 1983. They provide a variety of service-bundling payment options. More than 35,000 pin codes in India and more than 220 countries are accessible with Blue Dart. These services include time-based/slot-based delivery, automated proof-of-delivery on order fulfillment, weather-resistant order packing, COD delivery, and express delivery.

By using live order monitoring, the Blue Dart Tracking API enables e-commerce businesses to monitor their incoming and departing shipments. It keeps a strict eye on product returns, unsuccessful deliveries, and order delays. A variety of services, including early delivery windows and temperature-controlled logistics (TCL) options, are provided by Blue Dart. Sellers should be aware that due to their track record of customer satisfaction and current pan-India network, their prices may appear to be greater than those of rivals.

  • Delhivery:

Courier companies

Since launching its logistics operation in 2011, Delhivery has become one of the leading e-commerce courier services. More than 10,000 customers in India are served by Delhivery, 75% of which are significant eCommerce companies. This is a result of the extensive range of services this business provides. It is frequently praised for offering effective COD and reverse logistics services. By combining world-class infrastructure, state-of-the-art engineering and technological capabilities, and the best logistics operations, they want to create an effective business operations model.

However, its main focus is on offering a range of express delivery choices, including on-demand, same-day, and next-day delivery. Delhivery‘s API allows businesses to streamline the creation of shipping labels, the cancellation of orders, the presentation of correct EDDs, and the handling of shipping issues. It has features like same-day/next-day delivery options and sends consumers tracking information through SMS. Several payment alternatives are available at the time of delivery.

  • DHL:

Courier companies

DHL is another major global shipping company that Indian online retailers rely on (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn). With 26000+ pin codes covered nationwide, DHL upholds a high standard for minimizing waste and the delivery process’ environmental impact. It was established in 1969.

DHL is another well-known provider of international eCommerce courier services in India (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn). Its network of distribution centers, which is controlled globally and is well-connected, enables it to efficiently optimize supply chain solutions to boost order fulfillment across 220+ countries. DHL is dependable and easily accessible to fulfill the needs of any eCommerce platform.

The procedures DHL does to protect the environment are another important issue to take into account. When it comes to minimizing waste during delivery, this courier service upholds a high standard and sincerely works to lessen each company’s environmental impact. Its internationally controlled and interconnected network of distribution centers gives it the ability to effectively optimize supply chain solutions to enhance order fulfillment within the nation and across 220+ nations worldwide.

  • DTDC:

Courier companies

The Indian division of this significant multinational logistics organization is called DTDC (Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo) Express Limited. eCommerce companies can tailor deliveries using DTDC’s services, which include COD, collect-on-delivery, bulk shipping, heavyweight shipping, and expedited delivery. One of the most well-known eCommerce courier service companies in the nation is DTDC. With a network of more than 10,000 pin codes spread out over the nation, it has been providing courier services since 1990.

Even though DTDC was founded in India, it has developed to the point that it currently offers services to more than 240 countries. Due to its extensive global network, it helps your brand with courier shipments both domestically and internationally at a lesser cost than other market competitors. Due to sacrifices in the number of facilities to concentrate more on its core offers, it may not be a feasible alternative for small firms in terms of services and costs.

Customer organizations can choose between intra-city and interstate delivery solutions to increase their fulfillment. The DTDC API, which offers immediate access to shipping costs, anticipated delivery dates, order tracking notifications, and AWB production, is partially responsible for making these services available.

  • Gati:

Courier companies

On the list of best courier services in India, GATI is a requirement. GATI was established in 1989 to streamline distribution for brick-and-mortar stores and, more recently, for online businesses. It presently provides services to more than 19000 pin codes across the nation, reaching 735 of India’s 739 districts. It provides eCommerce businesses with a wide range of distribution alternatives, such as express delivery choices, moving options, and warehousing options. It also has extensive experience processing COD orders and offers customizable warehouse pick-up.

By shipping to 735 of the 739 distinct districts around the nation, this eCommerce courier company promises greater reach and business success. With some of the most reasonably priced courier services in India, Gati aims to satisfy the shipping and courier requirements of small business owners. It offers a wide variety of express delivery alternatives and warehousing solutions, allowing for flexible location pick-ups.

  • XpressBees

Courier companies

One of the biggest courier services in India, XpressBees was established in 2015 and currently manages more than 3 million shipments daily. One of the fastest-growing logistics service companies that best meet the demand for various supply chain solutions is XpressBees. They provide services to more than 3000 offices and service centers worldwide. It covers more than 13000 pin codes, 100+ hubs, and service centers, and it meets the sellers’ end-to-end fulfillment demands. They are seasoned experts who offer tech-based answers to courier service needs. Modern logistics centers are dispersed around the nation.

You can rely on XpressBees to dispatch your delicate or breakable goods to customers. Additionally, they handle the services for temperature-sensitive and perishable goods delivery that are climate-controlled. You can rely on us to deliver your goods on schedule because we are a world leader in shipments and have such a wealth of knowledge!  Reputable companies like Meesho, FlipKart, Bewakoof, Myntra, Snapdeal, etc. place the greatest trust in them. Top firms across many industries have picked them as their partner due to their many years of industry experience.

  • FedEx

Courier companies

Another reputable and reasonably priced provider of eCommerce courier services for internet businesses is FedEx. It was founded in 1973, giving it almost 50 years of invaluable experience in shipping and managing a variety of goods. It provides shipping services that include door-to-door pickup and delivery both domestically and internationally. This courier service is dedicated to perfection, which makes it a respectable logistics partner for your online store.

Prior to entering the Indian market and offering the best shipping options to online businesses, FedEx first established its reputation in the worldwide logistics sector. It is regarded as one of the top courier services in India for eCommerce companies due to its capacity to transport a wide variety of goods, including dangerous materials like lithium batteries and dry ice as well as heavy, fragile, and expensive goods.

Because its core services, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Express, can be accessed from online businesses, FedEx is a well-liked option for sending local and international goods. The FedEx API documentation makes it simpler to manage refunds, create shipping labels, and report performance.

  • Ecom Express:

Courier companies

One of India’s top courier services for online shopping is Ecom Express. Ecom Express, which covers over 27000 pin codes in India, is a top choice for e-commerce companies that deal with expensive items like jewels. It provides extra security and monitoring options for both storage and transportation. The Gurugram-based company Ecom Express was established in 2012, making it a relative newbie to the eCommerce courier service industry. In any case, buyers looking for both shipping and logistics services perceive it as a realistic choice.

In a short period of time, Ecom Express has shown great promise, growing into one of the leading courier services for eCommerce for retail businesses today. With the safest, most affordable, and most reliable pick-up and delivery services in India, it is a dependable partner for its clients. Users who want to use a combination of logistics for deliveries should use this courier service. Its pricing is fair, and its response times and service quality have shown a lot of promise. These characteristics make it one of the best eCommerce courier services. However, there is a ton of possibility for growth with it.

Ecom Express also provides express shipping, doorstep quality checks (QC) for returned items, and a guarantee of delivery within 72 hours.

  • Ekart:

One of the top courier service providers in India, Ekart Logistics offers comprehensive supply chain and fulfillment services. As the internal logistics division of Flipkart, Ekart Logistics was founded in 2009. In India, it currently offers first-mile and last-mile delivery services to more than 3800 pin codes.

With the help of the Ekart Logistics API, e-commerce companies may connect with a wide range of online marketplaces and storefronts and provide their consumers with a variety of payment mechanisms, including Cash-on-Delivery (COD), UPI, wallets, net banking, etc. The Ekart tracking API makes it simple to transfer order-tracking data between different systems and gives consumers real-time order status updates.

  • Safe Express:

Courier companies

Like Gati, Safe Express has been a leader in the logistics sector for the eCommerce sector for more than 20 years. Safe Express takes pride in offering businesses the most effective supply chain solutions. It serves more than 28000 different pin codes throughout India.

To ensure that eCommerce businesses can get real-time tracking updates while orders are in transit, it outfits each truck with PRS-capable smart devices. In order to minimize delays, this also enables transportation units to choose the best route for the delivery. Online businesses benefit from its secured delivery services, which include receipt of proof-of-delivery upon fulfillment.

What Advantages Do eCommerce Courier Companies Offer?

eCommerce courier services should be considered more than just logistical allies. Sellers need to realize that courier services offer benefits that go beyond managing operational details and lowering logistical expenses. Although these advantages are intangible, they have a significant impact on a company’s ability to expand and ensure that it can either strive toward profitability or retain and even increase its profitability.

Some advantages that eCommerce courier firms give to sellers who work with them include the following:

  • Enhanced Network Coverage

Established courier services have a strong infrastructure that has been developed over many years. This has aided them in building an unrivaled pan-India network that would take an up-and-coming eCommerce company years to match. To give you a more concrete example, the difference between working with eCommerce courier services and not working with them is comparable to going to a job interview as opposed to conducting one because you have all the cards in the latter case.

  • Being Economical

Last-mile delivery might potentially account for 40–70% of a seller’s total shipment costs. The financial commitment, ongoing expenses, and maintenance charges that fulfillment and courier service providers must make are fully to blame. Costs of this size and regularity can significantly increase the liabilities side of balance sheets, which can be fatal for businesses.

For a specific geographic location, the best courier services in India combine orders from several merchants by taking advantage of economies of scale. The marginal cost for each seller and extra products is reduced using this method.

  • Upgrades to the branding and packaging

Ecommerce courier services guarantee that all packaging requirements are fulfilled with the highest attention. Being linked to eCommerce courier services that offer value-added services through branded delivery, including customized packaging, enhances the seller’s own brand value.

  • Advanced Technology

eCommerce courier services are not tiny businesses at all. The realization of the significance of the fulfillment cycle and the supply chain has helped numerous courier services in India become unstoppable unicorns. Due to this significant inflow of cash, courier businesses are making significant investments in infrastructure development as well as industry-leading technology adoption. The end user can see these improvements firsthand: what was once a simple signature on paper has evolved into the usage of tablets for photo recognition and signatures. A better client experience is produced by all of these elements.

  • Expert Assistance

In order to handle goods from the seller’s warehouse to the customer’s home, courier companies have devised a standard protocol. These precautions accommodate for the numerous unfavorable circumstances that the delivery firm may encounter. eCommerce courier services can react appropriately by utilizing the proper contingency protocols and choosing the best course of action by preparing in advance. They are carried out using the knowledge of the company staff and various risk assessment studies.

It could be difficult for sellers to address all potential stumbling obstacles throughout the shipment journey. As a result, by collaborating with courier service providers, you can give them the much-needed professional assistance, counsel, and reassurance they require during the most important phase of the fulfillment cycle.

In Conclusion

We’ve discussed the top courier companies in India in 2023 that you can work with to make sure that your and your client’s orders are delivered on time and to the right location. They all have extensive experience in logistics, a loyal clientele, and a solid reputation for offering top-notch courier services across India. To meet their customers’ deadlines, hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses have turned to these courier service companies.

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