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Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Srinagar 2022

Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Srinagar 2022

The challenging case unemployment is one of the most critical aspects for the people of Srinagar. The unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir undergoes, at the level of 15%, has seen a slight reduction in the past two months. The situation in Srinagar is completely unresolved with the people and the kind of atmosphere it has.

Start-ups have been known to be a very rapid world-changing kind of business, which on the one hand has been giving big chances of employment while on the other hand, it makes a living for the people easy by providing multiple kinds of products and services. Now with time, it has some of the fascinating and famous types of start-ups, and it welcomes all sorts of enterprises, including small, medium, and large ones to join the start-ups running in the city.

It helps them showcase their talent, potential and shows them the value of joining them. Over 3,100 jobs were offered to the youth by the corporates in the last year, which was the highest since the Udaan jobs scheme in the year 2013. For a town like this, for all the kinds of business and local shops, it becomes complicated to find delivery agents, which is considered a nightmare because it requires a lot of money at the same time.

Fastbeetle; Srinagar Based Startup Provides Delivery Services From Small,  Local Businesses

 Due to the lack of delivery boys, there is a lack of orders, and they cannot even complete the orders quickly. So basically, if you are running a small business in an area like Srinagar, it becomes very tough to make the company’s process smooth.

With time, the start-up in Srinagar is getting better and better and making the government of Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship stronger, more committed towards creating a completely different world-class technology start-up ecosystem by fostering the entrepreneurship and their culture of innovation and creation in immensely contributing to the knowledge, wealth and the employment rate in our society or community.

Through the use of innovations done in start-ups and with their Start-up policy, the government has intended to create a kind of ecosystem that produces a better variety of entrepreneurs in every sector, area, or family. There are almost sixty-nine different types of start-ups that have been registered in Jammu and Kashmir under the scheme of Start-up India.

According to the data received about J & K Entrepreneurship Development Institute, the start-ups were recorded in the Union territory. It focuses more on the sectors of food processing, agriculture, energy, handicraft, and handloom to promote the different levels of business or organizations.

How are start-ups different from other small businesses?

From some angle, the different kinds of startups always seem similar to the small business, but there are a few significant factors that make the two concepts a little different from each other. Most small companies often interact with the smaller markets compared to start-ups because they are local and always appealing to the niche audience, or it may include other reasons.

All the small businesses always receive a majority of their funding from most of the non-investor sources, like the different loans, grants and the different founder’s own money, which they use for the funding process—typically focusing more on the long-term stability instead of investing in the more risky investment that is required in the start-ups.

Top Digital Marketing Companies in Jammu & Kashmir ( Srinagar )

Start-up needs a lot of effort and attention from the founders and investors because this kind of business goes hand in hand. It requires both the founder’s hard work and the investor’s contribution to have a smooth process of the complete procedure.

Given below are some of the best-known start-ups working in Srinagar and offering the best kind of employment opportunities to people. They are always happy to promote your initiatives without additional costs and require an easy process.


KASHMIRONESTOP (@kashmironestop) / Twitter

It is known as one of the most famous one-stop online and retail and is not just another kind of eCommerce store. Still, also it is the most endeavour by uprooting the Kashmir Pandit founders Rohit Bhat and Meenakshi Rakesh Bhat who tries most of their chances to establish the reconnection with the people of Kashmir and even bring Kashmir very close to the best part of India and even the world.

This company differentiates itself in many of the possible ways because it is called the one-stop for all the fantastic and unique kinds of Kashmiri and Srinagar products, which includes a particular category for all the Kashmiri Pandits, considered to be a catalyst in offering the most of the employment chances and the entrepreneurial support to the youth to bring the terrorism of hit state Jammu and Kashmir to minimal levels.

 It readily connects the artisans, suppliers and all the significant farmers to the different customs throughout the world through the use of effective technology along with the most fantastic kind of marketing platform providing benefits to most of the people.

 It pans the India delivery through the ways of the partners who are considered to be the best in the courier service in the country because it provides the free shipping for most of the orders for all the pro-active kinds of customers to give them their care personalized tracking.

It help with the assistance of the customer services so that every order that is made gets delivered on time and does receive good reviews from them. Providing complete customer satisfaction, their three-stage quality check ensures the customers are given the best quality delivered at their doorstep.

Company Overview

       Legal Name Kashmironestop Pvt Ltd
        Industries E-commerce & Food Processing
          Founder      Rohit Bhat
      Founded Date        2015
Total Funding Amount         NA
        Investors     Acquired

2. Go Kash Adventures

Go Kash Adventures (@goladakh) / Twitter

It is the brand name owned by the Unique Holidays and organizes tours based in Srinagar for most of the particular kinds of adventures. It is a place that most people visit because of its beauty and the type of atmosphere it gives to the tourist and the people living there.

Many people come to gain the best kind of experience in adventures and provides a chance to find the most amazing deals with different tour packages that you can get quickly. It is known to be an adventure journey established.

It offers the planet’s most impressive and aspiring selection of the affordable of small-group tours, expeditions, safaris, exotic Kashmiri cuisine and even the help of the local transport service to put the travellers on their first-time experience with the area’s people, culture, environment and landscapes along with the knowledge of wildlife.

Go Kash Adventures is the one platform that provides the customers with a memorable adventure tour with the outback experience that you can ever dream of. Their team helps in showing some of the most spectacular scenery in Jammu and Kashmir, with the fantastic beauty you find in Srinagar, Leh and Sonmarg. It delivers the most excellent kind of experience if you take their service and would want always to retake them in your life.

Company Overview

            Legal Name Go Kash Adventures Pvt Ltd
              Industries           Travel 
               Founder         Danish Mir
           Founded Date            2015
 Total Funding Amount             NA
            Investors         Acquired

3. Career Excellence Service

Excellence Services, LLC | LinkedIn

Career Excellence Service is the one platform which is considered to be a very young and dynamic kind of organization, giving their services on the ways of the most exemplary achievements because they blend the traditional and all the modern methods to reach as many CES placements as possible to connect to the broadest range of companies across the different sectors.

 It has the most extensive CES Placementates database, which is constantly updated and drawn from the other job portals, print media advertising and social media. It works through referrals and through the most dedicated and committed kind of discreet search team as the team provides round-the-clock support, and even prompt with thetimely  services to their clients and even fetch the best type of customer reviews.

The team believes that every customer is significant to them. When it is about finding the right person for any specific position, it uses the most innovative kind of solutions, their international practices, and the in-depth market research done in the company.

It does a pervasive type of market research and fantastic collaboration with the clients’ HR team. They even assist the different job seekers in getting the most suitable and appropriate kind of employment.

Company Overview

       Legal Name Centre for Career Excellence 
         Industries Career PLanning, Education & Training
          Founder          Jyoti Sharma
      Founded Date              2016
Total Funding Amount                NA
            Investors              Acquired

3. FastBeetle

Huge milestone for Kashmir's entrepreneurs: FastBeetle becomes first  startup to raise $100,000 - BusinessToday

A start-up from Srinagar, comes as a saviour for the people there, helping all the small businesses along with the delivery process. The start-up was started or established in the year 2018 by Abid Rashid and Sheikh Samiullah. Then, within a few months, the company was even able to make the international deliveries and get customer reviews on international levels.

It is called to be one of the most genuine and the rapid delivery companies established in Kashmir.

The co-founder has stated, “FastBeetle started their logistics services from locally run online and offline businesses which have besieged the valley on trending heights. Working now as a network wherein there is direct correspondence with customers, pickups and deliveries promptly with a powerful management system integrated on a mobile app as well as on a web platform and most of all the fastest delivery to the clients.”

The start-up’s idea came when the founders observed that a number of delivery operators worked for different platforms like Amazon and Flipkart and when only a few numbers worked for the local and small businesses. That was the point when they started it and named it, FastBeetle. It just came like a disguise for all the local and small companies in Kashmir.

The founder has further added, “There was no one to handle the delivery of these small local online businesses, which would have to hire staff for delivering a hassle for this small entrepreneurs-who would mostly operate the business from their homes itself, but was also a costly affair.”

Company Overview

       Legal Name FastBeetle Logistics Pvt Ltd
        Industries            Logistics
        Founder(s) Abid Rashid & Sheikh Samiullah 
      Founded Date           2019
Total Funding Amount          $100 K
            Investors Angel Investors  & Asha Impact

5. StartupJK

StartupJK - Innovation Initiative of J&K

It is called one of the most innovative initiative kinds of start-up in Jammu and Kashmir, it makes it possible for the customers to find an online platform for all the different kinds of stakeholders of the start-up ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir, which includes different types of start-ups, investors, incubators, mentors, providers and various types of government providers.

It has the most aspiring types of entrepreneur’s service providers who provide the opportunities to connect with the other different ecosystem members. It even gives access to the critical considered resources like the Learning and Development program platform.

 It provides the relevant kind of information government schemes, a frum to brainstorm and even discuss the news and the blogs among the team members with the best type of learning and development. Access to a wide range of start-ups courses is made available, especially for the customers.

Their government schemes are constantly staying up to date and even benefit from the government schemes. It has the best kind of market research reports and avails the benefits from them. You can get easily recognized when you connect with this company, benefiting from self-certification.

Company Overview

        Legal Name      StartupJK Pvt Ltd
         Industries          IT Services
         Founder  Khidmat Ventures Limited
       Founded Date              2010
 Total Funding Amount               NA
            Investors             Acquired

6. Parsa’s

With 12 outlets, Kashmir-based Parsa's becomes one of the fastest growing  food chains of the state

It targets most of the ongoing students, former Amazon employee Javid Parsa has made this brand a complete success. The Jammu and Kashmir-based food start-up was founded in the year 2014, which serves a fusion of different cities like Kolkata and Hyderabad.

Their menu that has been given includes the dishes Kathi rolls, mutton korma, biryani and kebabs. The other outlets across the areas of Srinagar serve more than of the 400 customers each day. This company is also famous for hiring Jammu and Kashmir’s first waitress.

The company, Parsa Foods and Beverages Private Limited is a part of the fruit and vegetable preserving and speciality food with the manufacturing industry. It has a total of 77 employees across all of its locations. Their ambition does the work fruit and vegetable, preserving and speciality food manufacturing, food manufacturing, manufacturing and the canned fruits and specialities.

It had played a significant role and was called a private incorporated in 2014. It is one of the fastest-growing food chains, with the skilled in human resource management, customer relationship management and the leadership required for the customers. It has strong development in terms of business with the most professional with the Master of Business.

Company Overview

       Legal Name Parsa foods and Beverages Pvt Ltd.
       Industries       Food chain
        Founder         Javid Parsa
    Founded Date             2014
 Total Funding Amount               NA
            Investors           Acquired

7. Job&Fine

Ready Enough: Your 7-Step Guide for Life's Hardest Decisions

Job&Fine is a France-based and Kashmir-based start-up that has been constantly involved in the manufacturing, and it keeps selling authentic types of Ladhaki Pashmina. The company has been delivering the best manufacturing of the pashmina and has been fetching good reviews from the people of Srinagar and Jammu, and Kashmir.

The company was founded by Aaditya Kitroo, a Kashmiri and a Safia Igranaissi, French woman in the year 2016. The company has been operating on their wholesale kind of business. It works based on the buyers selling the products at the retail end at the 500 per cent markup. They have the most famous sales of B2C and the last time, “YourStory” spoke to the founder of Job&Fine, Aaditya who said that they are looking to go into international affairs of the markets and also plans to open a boutique store in France.

 Different kinds of buyers come to seek their help and assistance with the best of given procedures. Their wholesale business of the company has been significantly better with the company, and the professionals that help the company’s team work constantly to make better improvements and make the company better choice for all kinds of customers.

Company Overview 

        Legal Name MJM Tech Limited
         Industries Employment & Recruting 
         Founder(s) Arran James Stewart & Paul Sloyan 
       Founded Date               2001
 Total Funding Amount                NA
            Investors             Acquired

8. KartFood


This start-up was founded by the two friends- Furqan Qureshi and Amir Bashir. KartFood is an online delivery giving their services in the food industry. Claiming to be one of the first start-ups established In Jammu and Kashmir was initially did their operations through the use of telephone calls.

 Once their company received an overwhelming response from their customers, the duo launched their online website. It even started taking orders in February 2017 through the use of the Android application that was introduced in the same year.

This start-up is known to be the heart of Srinagar, and it has planned now to diversify the delivery of items other than just-food. People have many options when it comes to the foods section and always consider being very specific of their choices.

The KartFood is one platform that gives away the most fantastic taste of food and even grants the clients they promise to deliver the best quality food.

Company Overview

       Legal Name  KartFood Private Ltd.
        Industries             Food Tech
         Founder(s) Furqan Qureshi & Amir Bashir
       Founded Date               2017
 Total Funding Amount            Funding 
            Investors Elevation Capital V Limited & Accel India 

9. Startup Grind

Global Community for Entrepreneurs | Startup Grind

A group consisting of 442 members is considered the world’s largest start-up community of the most educated, actively inspiring members who have been connecting the 3.5 Million the entrepreneurs in over the 600 chapters across the different 125 countries.

Start-up Grind is working with the partnership with the Goggle for the Amazon Web Services and Goggle. It majorly focuses on the most of delivering premier events to entrepreneurs in all the different sectors. T

he central part of their community is all the events featuring the local founders, educators, innovators, and investors who share lessons learned on the road to building great companies.

The company has formed their local partnership with Shir Mata Vaishno Devi University, which has the best technology business incubation centre, Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute. The company has some of the topmost values: making friends, not contacts, and even believing in giving and not taking. The company al\ways believe in helping others before helping yourself.

Company Overview

        Legal Name  Startup Grind Inc. 
         Industries Association, Communites & Education 
         Founder(s)  Casper Sermsuksan, Derek Andersen & Endri Mataji
       Founded Date              2010
Total Funding Amount             Funding
            Investors  Startup Equity Partners 

10. Gatoes

Chiliz The Pizza Shop

This startup was founded in the year 2020 by Jibran Gulzar, the company Gatos is known to be a food tech company or startup that began with the most basic one- to build the food delivery platform on their 2G network.

“We talked to hundreds of developers to make food delivery app work on 2G. we were trying to pull something out of the impossible. Very few startups in te Valley last more than a year.” Stated by the founder, Jibran, in his earlier interaction with YourStory.

 It is ultimately an application-based food delivery platform, which has tied up with 2,000 of the local restaurants in the seven known districts of the state. Gat0es claims that their prices for customers and the commission from the restaurants’ charges are lower than the other food tech apps.

The team behind Gatoes has asserted that it has reduced the food delivery window from 65 minutes to 45 minutes, and it is trying more to bring it down further to the level of 30 minutes.

“However, roads in Srinagar are difficult to operate in.Sometimes there’s snow, and sometimes the police make it difficult for riders.” Jibran said. In the future, with the better operations of Gatoes, it is more targeting to the options of delivery of the 5,000 orders per day in Srinagar, and it is definitely aiming to grow the 5X to surpass the Rs 50 crore GMV by March 2020.

It has the angle-funded venture, which was started in pilots in the underserved Tier II and Tier III with the towns of Punjab and Haryana. It has been aiming to expand the pan India after it gets more of the funding from its investors.

Company Overview 

            Legal Name Gatoes Private Limited
              Industries E-commerce, Grocery & Retail 
               Founder            Jibran Gulzar
           Founded Date               2020
    Total Funding Amount                NA
            Investors            Aqcquired

DISTRICT ELECTION OFFICE SRINAGAR - Systematic Voters' Education and  Electoral Participation

Kashmir has been called to be the land of unimaginable beauty and has been gaining good numbers of visitors every year. One of the top tourist destinations it has been known in India. It is also well known for its handicrafts and the different handlooms like the famous pashm

ina shawls, carpets, rugs, scarves and all the most exotic types of spices with the colourful tulips. But Jammu and Kashmir are being affected by some of the significant issues or problems with their political instability, climatic conditions, low technological adoption, unemployment, and even sometimes zero internet connectivity, which makes it very difficult for them to connect with other people.

The area has been aiming to facilitate and nurture the growth of the number of startups in the state, when Jammu and Kashmir government launched their first startup policy in September 2018.

The companies or organizations have been working significantly with the rea;l-time investment and making great remarks among the audience. Their vision in Srinagar is to build a robust community of all the founders, aspiring entrepreneurs and mentors, even the minded people who tend to support each other and even each other with their ideas and helps with the engagement and interaction between the people with the minded people and even increase the knowledge and the network.

edited and published by nikita sharma



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