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Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Vadodara 2022.

Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Vadodara 2022.

Thanks to its manufacturing sectors, pricey assets, and proximity to prestigious educational institutions, Vadodara is growing as a launchpad for innovators and business owners. Gujarat has a lot to provide visitors, including its food and textiles, industrial clusters, SEZs, cooperatives, and rising startup hubs.

Gujarat may not have many residents aware that this was the first state to implement the SSIP and the IT & Electronic Startup Policies. Due to state initiatives and these structural components, Gujarat is presently rated second in the country for the number of entrepreneurs and innovation activities.

 Although Vadodara is renowned for its industrial hub, it has recently upped its support for businesses in its early phases. As a result, many professionals and students in this area are now choosing the entrepreneurial path. Barbadians, because the city’s residents are known, resemble Gujaratis regarding their sense of business and willingness to take risks.

VADODARA City 2020 - Views & Facts About Vadodara City || Gujarat || India  || Plenty Facts || Baroda - YouTube

Vadodara’s entrepreneurial ecosystem benefits from many well-connected individuals, top talent, shorter commutes, and infrastructure resources. Due to the work of governmental companies and the startup community, the city has seen a major increase in the number of startups in recent years.

Vadodara is the state’s startup hotspot, according to the number of businesses and the amount of financing raised by these companies.

Most of the region’s profitable startups are in industries unheard of a few decades ago, including education, the Internet of Things (IoT), pharmaceuticals, health, AR/VR/MR, and fintech. Due to the Platform, Vadodara has seen the emergence of more recent startup businesses.

Have you been looking for specialists in the state for your new company venture but haven’t had any luck?

The help of TiE Vadodara will now make it simpler for them to launch their enterprises. The administration of TiE claims that its goals are to promote entrepreneurs and create a welcoming business environment in Gujarat.

Without much help, entrepreneurs who wish to launch a business suffer. We aim to provide them with the knowledge and guidance they require. At all stages of incubation, the Vadodara branch of TiE will assist as many businesses as possible.

Shukla has established knowledge partnerships with several academic institutions, including Navrachana University, M S University, Parul University, Vadodara Start-up Studio, KPGU, and even the Vadodara Marathon.

Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara: Valuation, Key facts and History

A workshop on Company Groupings and Legal Issues is being held at the GTU Innovation & Startup Center in Vadodara for aspiring entrepreneurs, inventors, and early-stage startups. You can get suggestions from business leaders, entrepreneurs, advisors, and academics at this workshop to help your startup better understand the entrepreneurship ecosystem. We will go over legal concerns, company formation processes, and different types of companies.

GTU created the initiative to raise awareness of protocols in linked institutions throughout the city. GTU’s Innovations Council and StartUp Center also run several initiatives to support student innovation and entrepreneurship.

As per Dr. Akash Pandey, assistant director of the center, the student startup and innovation policy (SSIP) strategy of the state government and as a central topic of the university led the center for startups and innovation to make people aware of teachers and students about the support available for creation and turning ideas into startups.

1. SAPAS Telematics

SAP Brings SAP HANA Cloud for Internet of Things - SMEStreet: Knowledge &  Networking for Growth

This organization provides fleet management solutions over the Internet. The company provides a variety of technologies, including live vehicle tracking hardware and software, speed and fuel control, time and attendance monitoring, and more.

Company Overview

                 Legal Name            SAPAS Telematics
                  Industries Provider of web-based fleet management solutions
                  Founder(s)                    NA
                Founded Date                   2020
          Total Funding Amount                    NA
                   Investors                    NA

2. TruckGuru

TruckGuru on Twitter: "Presently no more stresses!!! TruckGuru offers  online truck transportion services all over India. Book truck effectively  and benefit the best cost for your goal. #TruckGuru  #TruckBooking #TruckingCompany ...

The business provides intercity and intracity logistical services through its on-demand vehicle booking portal. The organization provides logistics, transportation, and packers movers services to corporations and people. The organization provides regular SMS/Email alerts, real-time SMS/Email notifications, automatic reporting, certified drivers, price transparency, real-time monitoring, and planning reports. Gujarat has them in business as of August 2017.

Company Overview

                 Legal Name                TruckGuru 
                  Industries On-demand truck booking portal for moving goods
                  Founder(s)             Hitesh Magnani
                Founded Date                   2016
          Total Funding Amount                     NA
                   Investors                    NA

3. Delfoo


The business has partnered with eateries to give customers access to an online restaurant directory where they can place meal orders. After receiving the user’s ranking on the platform, the business picks up the requested products from the eatery and distributes them to the client. The company has launched a search tool that lets people book tables and provides information about the number of bookings, timing, etc. The app has 200+ restaurant partners and is now accessible in Vadodara and Surat.

Company Overview

                 Legal Name                  Delfoo
                  Industries Online platform for food ordering and delivery
                  Founder(s) Kandarp Patel & Yoshit Patel
                Founded Date                   2013
          Total Funding Amount                     NA
                   Investors                    K2VC  

4. I Online Doctor

Online Doctor Appointments How To |

One of the top twenty Kobe 500 Accelerator Programme startups, this firm links rural Indian patients with doctors through secure video conversations via an app, making it simple to work on their health issues.

Every day, several startups ease the way. Hey, do you need food? Bigbasket, is that Hungry? Those are Swiggy. Do you need help around the house? UrbanClap. Delivery is required. Dunzo, then!

Why would someone ill visit a clinic when everything is accessible online? Telemedicine comes into play, allowing us to stay home when we don’t feel like leaving. Players like Practo, mfine, DocsApp, and Lybrate are major in urban regions since rural India still relies on adjacent cities for medical treatment. To enter this market, a Vadodara-based business, I Online Doctor, uses an intuitive smartphone app to link patients and doctors for video call consultations.

Small towns and country regions have adopted technology more swiftly because smartphones are more affordable and high-speed Internet is more readily available there, according to Deepak Patel, president of I Online Doctor. We wish to facilitate easy and economic access to solutions for our customers.

She has been employed at Horizon Industrial for the past 15 years. Co-founder Meghna Patel is an engineer with a post-graduate computer programming qualification. Deepak decided to return to India due to these encounters to assist in providing healthcare to those who reside in small villages.

A video call consulting tool called Online Doctor connects patients and doctors. The I Online Doctor application, accessible for Android and ios devices, allows patients and doctors to choose doctors on specialty, experience, ratings, and prices.

We treat many patients from India. Deepak contrasts this by saying, “Our app allows patients globally to contact doctors.” We have been able to convert these difficulties into possibilities for online doctors through appropriate training, exposure, and marketing strategies.

I Online Doctor provides a market solution that incorporates live, internet video consultation with our pool of qualified and verified doctors in an era of escalating competition.

Company Overview

                 Legal Name                I Online Doctor
                  Industries                  Medical
                  Founder(s)                 Deepak Patel
                Founded Date                      NA
          Total Funding Amount                      NA
                   Investors                      NA

5. The tea station

my home coffee & tea station tour + linea mini unboxing - YouTube

While enjoying a cup of tea, you might use social media to stay in touch with your friends, family, and acquaintances based on their current whereabouts. The digital chai station developed by MS University was launched in Vadodara as the first city. The social networking site makes money by selling tea and refreshments.

Additionally, it is the first physical store to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. There is presently no locally produced, well-designed social media platform; hence there was a demand for a place-based social network site for the Indian market yesterday. As a result, Shubhra Saha and Shyam Sunder, who launched the social networking site, built Gossip as Twitter’s superior cousin.

The students introduced a GPS feature for group conversations during their time at the Maharaja Ranjitsinh Gaekwad Institute of Design at MSU, allowing individuals in your area to receive immediate information about your movements.

During the height of Covid-19-induced pandemics, the place and interest-based apps provided a Covid chat function to link service providers and those in need of ambulances, beds, oxygen tanks, and medications.

He continued that cryptocurrencies are hotly contested and subject to change. There is no law on how we should use cryptocurrency, but he said it might become as common as e-wallets and electronic wallets in the years to come.

Company Overview

                 Legal Name                The tea station
                  Industries                     Tea
                  Founder(s)             Shyam sundar
                Founded Date                    NA
          Total Funding Amount                    NA
                   Investors                    NA

6. All That Dips

Best Of India - All Indian Dips | Value Pack of 6 – Kalchi India

A pandemic over the world makes it challenging to manage a firm properly. That was made evident in 2020. The end of life as we know it. Many enterprises had overnight closures of their activities and businesses. Regular people lost their jobs during the Great Depression and fled to their homes.

Despite the epidemic in Vadodara, a food entrepreneur has grown its business ten times during this challenging period. The timing of the product introduction and commercial decisions was crucial.

For more than ten months, lockdowns made people eat at home while eating establishments and fast-food franchises were closed. So, in an effort to liven up their life, everyone began experimenting and trying to prepare restaurant-style meals at home. Everyday people—food lovers, couples, mothers, and novices—tried to become at-home cooks.

All That Dips, a company founded in 2011, takes advantage of consumers’ need for at-home, wholesome, delectable meals. The business just debuted its Bechef product range. More than 50 gourmet cooking sauces are available, representing a wide range of international cuisines. All the elements are fresh, and no dangerous chemicals or additives have been used.

Food is a unique industry because what we eat directly impacts our health, according to Dr. Deep Lodhari, founder and director of All That Dips.

All That Dips collaborates with the top chefs in India to promote the Bechef brand through social media postings, ongoing online cooking competitions, and other entertaining, engaging events.

By providing samples and tastings of their products at shops, shopping centers, and social gathering places, the founders intend to soon enter international markets in South East Asia and the Middle East.

By 2021, All That Dips wants to be the fastest-growing firm in the healthy food and condiments sector and to have a strong presence in all major cities, countries, and regions. They started their business when Dr. Deep Lodhari and Dhaval Patel made a particular batch of hummus and fresh salsa in 2017. They sold 50,000 worth of goods in a nearby market in just two days!

They are motivated by insanity and passion for delicious food and think that eating well may convert the way we live.

Company Overview

                 Legal Name                All That Dips
                  Industries                  Food
                  Founder(s) Dr Deep Lodhari & Dhaval Patel
                Founded Date                  2017
          Total Funding Amount                 $260.9B
                   Investors  22,196 Number of Investors

7. Indiaohyes

Innovative approach started by young entrepreneurs from Vadodara through ' Indiaohyes' startup

The “Indiaohyes” firm from Vadodara provides a new solution to the issue. During the Corona era, it was recommended by government policy that people stay at home and avoid going out in public. Along with this, there were religious practices and rites. During this period, Vadodara-based entrepreneurs Maulik Dhruv and Bindesh Bhatt launched an internet service to provide religious rituals like pind daan, Uttar kriya, brahman bhojan, and tarpana. The startup platform was first created to replicate the Brahmins’ pilgrimage rites.

Co-founder of Bindesh Bhatt adds that the portal facilitates conducting religious ceremonies through video conferences with Brahmins from holy locations, including Siddhpur, Chanod, and Varanasi.

Additionally, you can use this platform to call the Brahmin after doing the Corona test and schedule a puja rite at your house. He continued, people from all over the globe can join you online, and you can watch live.

Surprisingly, this virtual worshiping through these channels has remarkably swiftly helped thousands of individuals across the nation and beyond. The Corona stage is a disguised blessing for us as it gives people who have lost loved ones to this terrible illness a place to pray and do rituals.

Company Overview

                 Legal Name               Indiaohyes
                  Industries           Religious rituals
                  Founder(s) Maulik Dhruv and Bindesh Bhatt
                Founded Date                   2020
          Total Funding Amount                    NA
                   Investors                    NA

8. TechoKids

TechoKids (techokids) – Profile | Pinterest

 Children in Vadodara will have access to an educational platform through TechoKids. The Indian government pushes for online education until schools reopen since it is the only safe way of learning in the current Corona pandemic crisis. Businesses that provide superior learning modules influence students’ learning and careers.

In less than three months after its launch on March 10, the Vadodara-based firm “TechoKids” has developed a marketplace for itself in the UK, the USA, and India while helping the “Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan” government effort.

Two young Vadodara entrepreneurs have founded TechoKids, an innovative EduTech firm. With deep roots in India and quick expansion across developed nations, this firm will soon rank in the top educational platforms globally.

Children can receive individualized guidance from knowledgeable faculty members and develop apps, websites, and games using the web-based learning platform TechoKids.

The business endeavor has gotten support from Vadodara Startup Studio, a startup accelerator and accelerator in Central Gujarat, driven by the prominent Parul University of the city. This support includes market analysis and strategy, ecosystem networks, and incubation. He was also inspiring in the opening of TechoKids. He sent his best wishes and thoughts to the startup company’s founders and employees on behalf of Parul University.

Developed countries like the US and the UK employ technology to educate and train their youngsters in different areas.

The two noticed this and had the idea to develop an Indian platform. The company had just two employees when it first started, but after three months, it now has 50. TechoKids employs more than 50 professionals, including IIT, IIM, and Parul University alums.

Company Overview

                 Legal Name     Techokids Private Limited
                  Industries                Education
                  Founder(s)            Sonveer Singh
                Founded Date                 2020
          Total Funding Amount                   NA 
                   Investors                   NA


CHARGE+ZONE To Set Up 10,000 EV Charging Stations - EMobility+

The 2018-founded electric vehicle charging infrastructure provider, CHARGE+ZONE, is growing its network of charging stations in India. Electric cars are becoming common in a growing mindful world. One of the essential conditions for this transition is the existence of the appropriate infrastructure.

The Vadodara company CHARGE+ZONE is creating a network of electric vehicle charging stations to achieve this. In order to improve the charging infrastructure in India, CHARGE+ZONE was established in 2018 by Kartikey Hariyani, Pavan Bakeri, Kinnari Hariyani, and Ravindra Mohan are constructing a network of electric vehicle charging stations.

Through the 2010-founded TecSo Project Ltd, Kartikey focuses his enterprises on power and solar PV plants. Realizing the electric car market opportunities led to the creation of CHARGE+ZONE.

We at CHARGE+ZONE are dedicated to building India’s extensive network of charging stations. We started this startup for that reason, says Sharma. The firm, founded and run by Kartikey, seeks to build a network of autonomous charging points and automate the entire process.

These charging stations are uncrewed, unlike a petrol station or a petrol pump. However, he continues, EV charging stations won’t need a staff member to be present.

Noida, Delhi, Gurugram, Bihar, Nasik, Lucknow, and Ahmedabad are some of the current customer cities. This company’s network services roughly 2000 electric vehicles daily and supplies about 30K electricity daily.

Users can use the smartphone application to search for nearby charging stations, reserve charging slots online, and make payments (available on both Android and iOS phones).

Kartikey claims that by establishing themselves in Vadodara, which is home to numerous electrical engineering institutes, CHARGE+ZONE was able to reach the talent pool they required. At the moment, CHARGE+ZONE employs 45 people.

He asserts that the company uses B2B marketing strategies to reach customers. Additionally, it is trying to create a dealership and franchise network across India.

Kartikey says that the charging points function similarly to gas stations in terms of commercial strategy, except that electricity is available instead of petrol or diesel at the stations. In order to create a statewide network of 10,000 fast-DC charging stations for electric vehicles, the business is also researching wireless inductive charging possibilities.

The Indian electric vehicle market is expected to reach $47 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 44%, according to a report by Mordor Intelligence.

According to Kartikey, the company competes in the market for EV charging infrastructure with organizations like Energy Saving Services Limited, Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Limited, and others. But rather than being competitors, he adds, “We hope that we will all work together to build the country’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure.”

Company Overview

                 Legal Name            CHARGE+ZONE
                  Industries   B2B and B2C charging services
                  Founder(s)             Kartikey Hariyani
                Founded Date                   2018
          Total Funding Amount             $13.9 Million
                   Investors                   NA

10. Pintu Pro

Pintu Pro, an IT startup from Vadodara to launch 'Cyberiology' for  tech-savvy businesses in India and abroad - Hello Entrepreneurs

Piyush Mistry, an IT entrepreneur from Vadodara, Gujarat, founded the business Cyberiology, which provides intelligent organizations with one-stop security and privacy services both domestically and abroad.

Cyberiology will be capable of providing a variety of options, all under one roof. Businesses globally use certified professionals in digital marketing, social media enthusiasts, engineers, developers, and consultants to help with cybersecurity audits, data management, password management, and compliance assurance.

Cyberiology is the all-encompassing cybersecurity and security solution for tech-savvy corporate companies in India and around the world, according to Piyush Mistry, CEO of Pintu Pro, a company that provides such solutions.

The company claims that it has successfully provided services in several countries, including Germany, Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Pintu Pro presently offers services to more than 550 customers globally with a team of 550 cybersecurity specialists, web designers, ethical hackers, and authentication and authorization specialists.

Company Overview

                 Legal Name        Pintu Pro Private Limited
                  Industries  Computer and Network Security
                  Founder(s)               Piyush Mistry
                Founded Date                   2010
          Total Funding Amount                   NA
                   Investors                   NA


Gujarat’s third-largest city, Vadodara, is renowned to be the state’s cultural and educational hub and is located on the river bank Vishwamistri.

The ancient name of Vadodara was Vadapradaka, which translates as a village surrounded by banyan trees. Archaeological discoveries demonstrate that humans have inhabited this area since prehistoric times.

Vadodara Travel Guide | Vadodara Tourism - KAYAK

Imperial Guptas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Solankis, Sultans of Delhi, Mughals, and the Marathas all controlled Vadodara at various points in history. Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III, a renowned ruler, socioeconomic reformer, and patron of the arts, architecture, and music, is responsible for the splendor of modern-day Vadodara. He was the one who imagined Vadodara’s growth. A city of castles, gardens, and industrial behemoths, Vadodara is what it is today.

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