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Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Visakhapatnam 2022.

Top 10 Most Innovative Startups in Visakhapatnam 2022.

Startups: Vizag, the state capital and industrial hub of Andhra Pradesh. It was known to be Visakhapatnam, the biggest city in the province. It is familiar with new advancements and startups because of its industrial past. Vizag is experiencing a boom in entrepreneurship due to the increasing technology adoption in Andhra Pradesh and the rapid expansion of the startup ecosystem there.

After signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the government in March, the country’s leading company for the IT sector, Nasscom, established the Sunrise Startup Village at Rushikonda in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, because of its start warehouse. In 2013, Nasscom launched its 10,000 Startups first step in Bengaluru, and today, it has its first startup warehouse in Andhra Pradesh.

Visakhapatnam is now Andhra Pradesh's smallest district

 Who would provide a proper co-working space for six months of incubator space in the warehouse? In order to get this, Nasscom has selected five teams to participate in its incubation program in Visakhapatnam.

The Technology Research Institute (Tip) at Startup Village will house SAP, and both will have space there. Also, SAP and Andhra Pradesh government signed an MoU to launch a startup incubator. By starting out under the guidance of startup professionals from Bengaluru. In order to improve the startup environment, SAP and the Indian government signed an agreement of understanding in January 2017. The business has done this first in international corporations. SAP has supported over 3,200 startups over the other four years.

 According to official statistics, in Andhra Pradesh, 9600 employment was generated by 950 startups. Business incubators have been constructed at Visakhapatnam, Anantapur, Kakinada, Tirupati, and Tadepalli thus far.

Compared to companies identified by the DPIIT in other major provinces, the employment generated by businesses in Andhra Pradesh.

Maharashtra has more jobs (1.21 lakh), followed by Haryana (41,533), Gujarat (43,313), Uttar Pradesh (54,500), Delhi (75,784), and Karnataka, according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (92,444). Even though Telangana, Andhra Pradesh’s neighbor, has created 37,202 employment since January 2016, Andhra Pradesh has still produced a large number of jobs.

 Prof. Hanumanthu Purushotham, the chair of DPIIT-IPR at Andhra University and a former employee of the National Research Development Corporation stated that the province is undertaking different programs to support the startup ecosystem here. Countless people have entered startup land to be a result of the same. Whose seed money, infrastructure, and mentorship support improvement can enhance the startup environment in the province? According to Prof. Purushotham, Andhra University has built a different framework for the university’s incubation center.

The Top 10 Things To See And Do In Visakhapatnam, India

Providing marital deals, services, and expertise in designing birthday parties, team-building exercises, and holiday gatherings can help female entrepreneurs launch their event or occasion planning companies.

The organic food market is exceeding in India at a level of 25 to 30 percent. The growth of the organic food market is influenced by modern consumers‘ shifting lifestyles, growing health consciousness, an increase in disposable income, and the expansion of retail outlets globally. One of the most lucrative small businesses for homemakers or female entrepreneurs in Vizag is opening an organic food store.

The figures show that one of Vizag’s main growth engines is the textile industry. It is one of the top cotton growers in the country. Here, medium-grade grade and exceptional long-staple cotton types are mostly grown.

Andhra Pradesh produces the fourth-highest amount of wool and the third-highest exporter of raw silk in the world, in addition to the fourth-highest quantity of textile factories. As a result, textile manufacturing is one of the most attractive manufacturing businesses in Vizag for budding women entrepreneurs.

Visakhapatnam - Andhra Pradesh: City of Destiny grapples with development  issues - The Hindu BusinessLine

Since the state is the second-largest exporter of cotton and silk, it is home to a number of reputable textile mills. Many industries, like hosiery, spinning mills, and fabric weaving, dealing with textiles. You may establish your small-scale independent businesses in Visakhapatnam and practice any of the specific forms of knitting or weaving.

Due to the benefits of a skilled workforce, cutting-edge technologies, and robust infrastructure, it is one of the women’s major start-ups in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh).

Vizag is the ninth-largest city in India by population. This city is an amazing place to live and has proper housing costs. The city has been built by different international banks.

Historically, a fishing village served to be the center of the nation’s IT industry. One of the cities in the world with the quickest population growth is Visegrád. The city’s GDP for the other year was $4.3 billion. The city had a very high per capita income. The nation’s oldest and biggest ports were established in 1926. The expansion of the IT industry has motivated the local economy. The list of startups in Vizag with at least 5400 crores in annual sales is provided below.

1. Symbiosys Technologies

Symbiosys Technologies (@SymbiosysTechn1) / Twitter

In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India, one of the biggest international information technology enterprises is the Symbiosys Technologies Group. A model was developed using Finetech. They provide engineering services, metal designing, IT product development, BIM models, cloud modeling techniques, 3D laser scanning, and software engineering. Options for website design in the USA, the UK, and other countries.

According to Semrush, Symbiosys Technologies’s 4162,369 websites receive 9.58 visitors every month. One of the top IT companies in Visaxapatnam, Symbiosys Technologies, provides services to the distributing, transportation, retail, industrial, and structures differ in addition to the financial services, retail, manufacturing, health, public sector, and travel.

Company Overview

                Legal Name    Symbiosys Technologies
                 Industries                Fintech
                 Founder(s)         Shri Naresh Kumar
              Founded Date                 2001
        Total Funding Amount                    NA
                 Investors                  NA

2. My Vedhika

Event Planner Marketing Strategies to Attract Clients

My Vedhika is an application that allows a one-stop-shop for organizing amazing events you’ve only dreamed of. It is a one-stop-shop for all aspects of transportation, event management and planning, including locations for functions, catering, décor, event planners, sound and light, etc.

Users can reserve the services they need for events. Each category has shopping trolleys with the best discounts and offers, with prices ranging across a wide range. Customers may readily find dine-out restaurants, bars, upscale dining, buffet fast food joints, international eateries, etc., in Vizag.

My Vedhika is a Smartphone Version containing everything you could need to throw the perfect party or host the event of a lifetime. It serves as a one-stop shop for all events. The website mainly works with three categories:

  1. Events taking place in the city
  2. Fix my location.
  3. Locate my location for food.

1) City events: We present all the information on the amazing celebrations in or around the city. The site’s search engine allows users to look for events in accordance with location. Additionally, this can be used to publicize events.

 2) Choose a location: It is easy to plan any type or kind of social gathering at this location. This is another quick search using the search engine for many of the event categories like function venues, catering, decoration, organizers, sound and lighting, etc. The website provides thirteen more classes that are needed to arrange for an event successfully. We provide a shopping cart, just like every other e-commerce site, to make it easier for users to choose and book their event needs or requirements depending on their decided budget ranges across all thirteen categories. We give the top specials and discounts.

 3) Find my meal: Here, a person can look for a restaurant depending on their preferences or needs. Additionally, it functions to be website browser with nine different categories, including 1) Dine-out locations, 2) Delivery service restaurants, 3) Drinks and entertainment, 4) Cafés and delis, 5) Luxurious dining, 6) Brunches, 7) Steppes and bakeries, and 8) Buffet locations. 9) Restaurants from abroad. We give you the top specials, discounts, and offers.

Users receive free access to it. The user is not charged for any of the services. We set the client for promoting their goods.

When planning a party or meeting, one’s mind is presently racing with ideas about where to hold it, how to publicize it, how to do it, etc. There are many situations when having enough time to organize in an optimal way is a criterion. MY VEDHIKA lets you plan and cooperate successful events with only one click. Because my Vedhika puts you in reach of the amazing companies and several other things required for an event at all budget levels, the majority of the time and money lost on your search and journey might be avoided.

Company Overview

                Legal Name               My Vedhika
                 Industries  Access to event management, planning, and organization
                 Founder(s)             Sarat Adireddi
              Founded Date                     NA
        Total Funding Amount                       NA
                 Investors                     NA

3. Millionth Mile

What is Digital Marketing? The Important Information for Beginners

The Millionth Mile is one of the digital marketing companies that create products, advertising collateral, and banners in addition to social propaganda campaigns. You can then produce the goods you need using market data and research established by Akhil Jonnavithula.

Farooq Chisti and Prim Say are the owners of the consultancy firm Vizag’s Millionth Mile, which provides businesses with online and offline image management services. The startup company provides direct marketing, branding, UI/UX design, and digital marketing services. They claim that Small SEO tools have authorized the on-page SEO of their website.

On this website, you can create your own brand. The business asserts a sizable customer base, citing Amaticode and IFS Consultant to be the examples. In our opinion, no difficulty or hurdle is too big at Millionth Mile. We have a team that is hustle. We think that everything should be carried out thoughtfully rather than in robotic methods.

We have accredited Google Digital Marketers, seasonal content makers or creators, and Design thinking experts on staff who can expand your company to new heights by tying together many threads. You may take care of your customers’ issues, and we’ll do our best to take care of your company’s issues and assist your brand in traveling the millionth mile.

Company Overview

                Legal Name           Millionth Mile    
                 Industries    Digital Marketing Company 
                 Founder(s)        Akhil Jonnavithula   
              Founded Date                  2012
        Total Funding Amount                     NA
                 Investors                   NA

4. Ioninks

The 'Real story of IONINKS' Founder and CEO : Ion Sravan | by Meta Media |  Medium

Software, website applications, smartphone apps, and Android apps are all created by it. Inks is a software development firm that can accommodate any of the required software. You may quickly construct a mobile app using flutter technology with “Inks.” We used the Flutter framework to create more lifelike user interfaces for Android and iPhone. As a consequence, our customers gave us an overall rating of 4.8.

Company Overview

                Legal Name                 Ioninks 
                 Industries  Deliver custom software development and digital solutions
                 Founder(s)                 Sravan
              Founded Date                    NA
        Total Funding Amount                      NA
                 Investors                    NA

5. Saif Automation

Saif Seas (@SaifDrones) / Twitter

Vizag-based Saif Automation wants to decrease drowning incidents by using water drones called “Saif Seas.” These drones can be used in a maritime or other body of water emergency. Once launched into the water, crew members can command and steer the drone, allowing it to find and rescue a dying person and take them to safety.

The business was started in 2018 by Aliasgar Calcuttawala, his father Ahmed S Abdeally, and his brother Taher Ahmed. Currently, it has different offices in Visakhapatnam and Kolkata.

Company Overview

                Legal Name           Saif Automation
                 Industries   IT service & computer repair
                 Founder(s)       Aliasgar Calcuttawala
              Founded Date                    2018
        Total Funding Amount                       NA
                 Investors                     NA

6. Interview Buddy

This Startup Offers Virtual Face-To-Face Mock Interviews To Students And  Job Seekers – Interview Buddy™ – Dropout Dudes

Through Interview Buddy, which Ujwal Surampalli developed in 2017, job seekers and companies may interact. It allows job seekers to communicate in real-time time with industry professionals. Additionally, the startup provides candidates feedback while conducting practice interviews.

An average of more than nine years have been spent conducting mock interviews by the interviewing professionals at Interview Buddy. The start-up provides the analysis of sentiments in addition to video conferencing and other capabilities.

Use Interview Buddy to help students and job applicants get ready for successful interviews. By mimicking real-world workplace situations, they can practice interviewing in a stress-free and amazing atmosphere while communicating with and receiving instruction from subject matter experts.

The expert creates a commentary regarding the candidate’s actions to be a result of the video interview. After the interview, the candidate will receive an email with a summary of the questionnaire results and how they were used (discussion, body language, etc.), along with a link to the conference recording. Candidates can create a set of questions they are interested interest in at any moment using our preparation guide and advice.

If people do not understand how important it is to achieve their goals, they will misuse and take for granted the word “lying.” Interview Buddy may quickly find the ethics resources and analyze casual talks.

Company Overview

                Legal Name            Interview Buddy
                 Industries           Interview Practics
                 Founder(s)             Ujval Surampalli
              Founded Date                   NA
        Total Funding Amount                     NA
                 Investors                   NA

7. Yeskart

yeskart - Twitter Search / Twitter

Yeskart is the name of the housing market in Visakhapatnam. Sankar Rao Vysyaraju and Vysyaraju Sreenivasrao launched an online purchasing comparison tool in 2016. Hyper Home Market SCART is the name of the internet marketplace. Laptops, electronics, toys, jewelry, shoes, books, and other products are sold in more mall stores than nearby shops. He presently serves to be the founder and CEO of the Yeskart 1 Group subsidiary Sankar Ra Vysyaraj.

Eckart Private Limited’s long-awaited online store, Yeskart, has finally gone live. Undoubtedly, it provides a variety of packaging options and packaging services, allowing internet customers to look up the different orders and then purchase the stuff from all of the nearby retailers.

Company Overview

                Legal Name                Yeskart
                 Industries  Display the offers extended by different Merchants
                 Founder(s)           Sankar Rao Vysyaraju
              Founded Date                    2016
        Total Funding Amount                     $5.9B
                 Investors   1,281 Number of Investors

8. Wellness Hub

Amid coronavirus, Israel micro-fund seeks to invest in wellness startup |  The Times of Israel

In 2012, he established Wellness Hub, of which he is the director. The Wellness Hub seeks to assist people in achieving their optimal level of wellness through stress management, a healthy diet, regular sleep patterns, exercise, and much more. Clients can communicate with therapists via the Wellness Hub.

The Visakhapatnam startup seeks to streamline the counseling process to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible. The Wellness Hub aims to make fitness available to everyone in the community, whether it be through in-person lessons at its hubs, videos, chat sessions using its mobile phone app, or phone consultations.

We are now at the start of a global upheaval in the ways that we work, play, and take, and areas where tech and digital advances may improve the health, fitness, and well-being of people. Startups and corporations are heavily involved in this disruption, and we need to provide their managers with the tools they need to develop better products, services, and a new business strategy that will advance the well-being of people everywhere.

Company Overview

                Legal Name               Wellness Hub
                 Industries  Online Counselling | Wellness Services
                 Founder(s)             Akash Sinha
              Founded Date                 2012
        Total Funding Amount              $30,078,163
                 Investors               NA

9. Acro Marc

Member - Acro

The smartphone app and website for AcroMarc attempt to redefine how users explore and shop by giving consumers a platform that allows them to purchase from any of the stores. This online and offline shopping platform provides a complete offline store experience. It started in December 2014 and provided attractive opportunities for offline shopping.

AcroMarc allows seamless product purchases from the retailers in any Indian city (with a delightful kind of checkout process).

AcroMarc is an app that focuses on one-on-one and tiny group communications and provides private sharing and dialogues. It makes use of big volumes of data to reduce complexity and make straightforward, individualized rating and size differences in physical, fit, personal preferences for style, and performance standards.

Users can get the right ideas on all the budget-friendly products that will give them a stylish, sophisticated look with the help of an amazing virtual styling room.

Company Overview

                Legal Name                 AcroMarc
                 Industries   Offline shopping experience
                 Founder(s)               Shiva Karan
              Founded Date                  2015
        Total Funding Amount                $10.3 million
                 Investors                    NA

10. Yes! poho

Try & Buy | Social platform, Social media platforms, Techno

Raghuram Kuchibhatla founded the firm in 2017, which allows artists and weavers to communicate with customers directly online. An agent is sent to inspect a saree before shipping once it is ready. Operational centers close to weavers’ villages alert them when an order is received.

Nearly 40 weavers from Andhra Pradesh villages, including Veeravaram and Ramachandrapuram, Tamil Nadu’s Kullakkapalayam, West Bengal’s Badkulla, and Bihar’s Champa Nagar and Telangana’s Pochampally, have so far joined the first step.

The landscape is dotted with a number of amazing hillocks that look out over a fantastic length of tranquil beaches. The location is studded with different wonders, from the big Bay of Bengal to caves tucked away in the Eastern Ghats.

Our core team members are experienced business owners who have worked in different startup industries, including banking, commodities, and technology. For our customers, we have developed a one-stop-shop where they may delegate some of their daily burdens. Our customers are leaders in their respective fields and undoubtedly confront many problems daily. We collaborate with them to be the team, ascertain their needs and desires, and plan and carry out our actions in accordance with their corporate purposes and purposes.

 You may relax knowing that we handle our customers’ marketing and technology strategy and implementation. For their company’s growth and direction, they put their attention on crucial business factors, including design, capital raising, etc.

 Company Overview

                Legal Name                   Yes! poho
                 Industries     Ethnic wear & Sarees online
                 Founder(s)      Raghuram Kuchibhatla
              Founded Date                 2017
        Total Funding Amount                 $2.2B
                 Investors    537 Number of Investors

The beautiful character of Visakhapatnam, which is bursting with a rich and different cultural past, fascinates you. Vizag has nearly unlimited potential for industrial growth thanks to its wealth of natural resources, sophisticated infrastructure, and access to transportation, telecommunications, and other services.

This article will assist you in starting your own business by outlining some of the best and most lucrative business platforms that women in Vizag can do. The pharmaceutical business is quickly establishing Visakhapatnam to be a more attractive location. Andhra Pradesh is yet any of the other Indian states that is vying to become a pharmaceutical hub because of its first-rate infrastructure and administration initiatives.

Since several businesses in the medical sector have expressed their interest in constructing facilities here, Visakhapatnam, the second-largest city in the State after Hyderabad, is expected to grow into a major medical center.

Splendid performance by Visakhapatnam Steel Plant in 2021-22- The New  Indian Express

The serene beaches and giving kind of atmosphere in Visakhapatnam make it the perfect place for an overnight trip. Additionally, a large number of business managers travel by plane to the city every day. Women in Vizag would find this company to be both lucrative and exciting.

The state tree of Andhra Pradesh is neem. Proper knowledge of the oil and gas production process is required to explore the neem oil and gas extraction business chances. Commercial and industrial neem oil extraction processes employ a variety of extraction techniques. Using solvents like alcohol or ether to extract neem oil is the often-used approach.

Neem oil has an important market share in the cosmetics portion in addition to agriculture. Raw material in creating skincare, hair care products, and body creams is neem oil. The booming ayurvedic sector relies heavily on neem oil.

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