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Want Your Business To Grow Overnight? Follow These Steps!

Ever wondered about the possibility of an increase in the business’s overall sales reach? Many businesses whether small scaled or large, fail to breathe in the global competition due to inappropriate sales techniques. While deriving out a full-fledged sales strategy, it is mandatory to understand that planning is the only working key. 

From designing a business strategy to making subsequent sales methodology, proper sales strategy is a must. Keeping in mind the needs of the business, this article gives the reader an ultimate guide to understand sales cadence. Also, it tells the readers about the ripe benefits it can bring to the organization.

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Many times the sales departments fail to get the results desired by the company. This happens due to weakly implemented follow-up steps that drive the clientele away. Moreover, the sales representatives may be ignorant of the reasons which are unable to fetch any response. To understand better, the concept of sales cadence should be taken into consideration in more depth. Moreover, how it can help the organization in enhancing its sales by 10 times.

What is Sales Cadence and why is it necessary for the business to grow? 

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In brief, sales cadence is the set of techniques that are used by sales representatives to approach the potential targets. It makes use of cold calling, emails, SMS texts, social media handles, etc to reach business points. 

Through sales cadence, the sales officials make sure that the prospective clients are tapped upon at least seven to eight times to get their full cooperation. This method starts at the basic point of approaching to the aftermath. In the end, the buyers either join the board or leave ultimately in the wind. It should be understood that the whole objective is to create inbound sales leads which will be fruitful for the business. 

With the help of sales cadence, the sales department can minimize the hours they are spending on tapping the clients. Instead, this can be used as a wonderful opportunity to explore and discover other viable options. Besides, it complements the sales officials in their efforts of regularly approaching the prospects and understanding their future wants. This way the sales representatives can close up more deals in a short period and move on.

Every salesperson might have his/her strategy to increase the client’s base. A proper sales cadence eliminates this approach. It sets the guidelines for every sales rep to be on the same path and follow up on the same procedure.

Developing a required sales cadence cannot be done overnight. It requires to put in several days that evaluates the audience’s response, their behaviors, and outcomes. Moreover, the market, industry, products/services, etc also impacts the whole sales regime. It’s followed by a trial and error method. Going out in the field and testing it will only tell the organization of it wants. Constructing a well-designed sales cadence takes time and follows a certain timeline catering to a few steps.

Here are 7 steps to form a suitable sales cadence to close deals by 10x in 2020:-

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1) Know the audience:

The foremost way to start with the sales cadence is by knowing and identifying the targeted customer audience. It becomes imperative to understand the wants and the reasons because of which the customers are there in the industry. This will provide clarity about the prospect’s status- the industry tag, the customers it caters to, and the way they operate in the market.

For example, the sales cadence for a small and mid-scale enterprise will require emails and personalized messages for better response. On the other side, small level managers and authority holders will require less of the same.

For the sales representative, understanding the weak areas and providing solutions to those problems becomes very important. Knowing the audience in every way possible will help in understanding the prospect’s scenario in the market. 

For this making, a questionnaire might do the trick. This questionnaire can incorporate key area queries like:-

– The type of business;

– The scale of the business enterprise;

– The customer base, their needs, and their wants;

– The overall of employee base;

– The general day to day problems;

– The solutions to meet those problems, etc.

After knowing the audience, now is the time to find the people through which the organization can be looked into. These people are the fuel for running the company. They can be found over social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Typing the relevant keyword in the search bar can extract the required results. 


2) Decide the mode of communication:

After knowing the prospective client base, communication serves as an important key to tap them. To contact the fellow prospects, it’s superlative to know about the kind of communication which is likely to get responses. For a sales generated business lead, who is more active on social media platforms, contacting him/her via call would be of no use.

Moreover, the time duration plays a very important role in the mode of communication. If the sales cadence allows for the sending of emails and messages in the morning, then it is very unlikely to fetch results. The reason is that during morning hours, people usually rush towards their offices and miss out on all the mails. Thus, it gets lost in their inbox. Therefore, an ideal time to reach out to the prospective clients would be between 10 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 4 pm.

It should be observed by the sales representatives that they can use this to their advantage.

This is the time when most of the officials of the corporates are looking into their virtual existence. It can be an opportunity for the sales reps to tap on their attention. It is very important to learn about the time availability of the targeted audience. This way the responses are likely to increase and the efforts will not go in vain.

By using the above, sales reps can easily incorporate the desired communication channel in their sales cadence to reap the benefits.

3) The attempt cycle:

It is highly recommended by the sales experts to perform follow-up rituals. However, the potential business leads might not want to be interrupted at regular intervals. Therefore, for sales representatives, it becomes extremely important to know a suitable follow-up cycle.

Generally, calling and reaching out to the prospects should be done at least seven times to know the final response. Therefore, on average, calling 8-12 times can be done to record the results. 

This is not specified for every industry out there. Every company has a responsive instinct. Some are likely to give a response on the very first call. While some do not respond even to the last breath. 

Having conducted and designed a minimum of seven calls now is the time to show some patience. If the probable client still shows no change, then maybe it is the time to move on with the next name on the list.

However, proper spacing of days between the communication channel needs to be taken into consideration.

4) The appropriate timeline:

Making followup calls to the business leads from time to time will annoy them. Instead of earning their favor, the sales representative might end up on the contrary side. Therefore, it is always suggested to reach customers every three days via calls, emails, or the chosen communication channel.

Moreover, the sales cadence follows a certain duration cycle. It depends upon the customer in question. If the customer shows the relevant interest in the company’s services, then the cycle can go up to 2 to 3 weeks. However, if the customers need time to think and evaluate, 4-weeks can be the stipulated time.

5) The targetted sections:

While following a suitable sales cadence, it is always advised to categorize the probable clientele base. These specializations can be formed based on the industry, product/services, location, etc of the company.

Moreover, to formulate a perfect communication channel, the people to be contacted can also be segregated likewise. For example, large scale organizations can be put into tier-1 or category-1 Meanwhile the small or medium scale can fall in tier-2 and tier-3 categories respectively. 

Once the list of the audience to be approached is formed, the exponential sales cadence can be constructed.

6) The desired content material:

How an individual beginning with the email or open a cold pitch hugely affects the client’s connection. To catch the fish, the bait needs to be properly fixed. We all know this. In the same way, to catch the attention of the desired business prospect, the content needs to be accurately formed and laid down.

It has been highly emphasized by the sales experts to create a personal touch in the message while sending it. It might help the party to understand his/her wants. This way the other party may want to connect for further communication and discussion on the stated issue. 

While giving a familiar touch to it, make sure to incorporate a friendly email headline that would serve the purpose. At the same time, modify the email content in such a way that it pinches the weak points of the receiver. The needs of the receiver, their wants, solutions which the team can provide, etc all should be taken care of.

If possible, share all the relevant documents, resource papers, etc that might enhance the edge of the company in question. These can be attached to the ongoing mails.

In short, content created for the emails, messages, and social media interactions should be such that it derives the communicatee’s demands. He/she is not left with any option other than to reach out to the communicator. 

Well-designed content with all the required information complements the fruitful sales cadence in the long run.

7) The test and trial cycle:

Now is the ultimate time to put everything in motion and test it out. This is the last but the most excruciating step in the growth of the sales results. Once a proper, suitable sales cadence is constructed keeping in mind the above, now is the time to wait. To fetch proper results, the sales teams will need to record responses and observe outcomes.

It should be noted that it is not an overnight result-bearing machine. Thus, it takes time. However, it will be useful for business only. By keeping up with the sales cadence, it can be observed if the targeted audience is responding to the communication channel or not.

If the prospects are not replying to emails and messages, it is indicated to change the content altogether. The modified content should be formed keeping in mind the feedback of the previous content. If no change such is incorporated then there will be no use of altering the written material.

In the same way, if the audience is responding to the phone calls after lunchtime, the data can be recorded for further reference. This can be used for the next sales cadence formed by the company. Save this data for future use and evaluate it in comparison with past cadences. This way the company understands what it needs and what can be thrown away.


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Consistency is the key to success. The whole purpose is to understand what works best for the company and how the team can appropriately decide a suitable sales cadence. 

The purpose is to derive additional sales into the organization’s sales bucket. It can clearly be stated if a proper sales cadence is followed, then the business experiences 10 times the sales it usually delivers. Moreover, it gives the relevant feedback to the previous methodologies followed by the organization in practice. 

This article tends to serve as a perfect guiding material to understand what sales cadence is. Also, the benefits it can bring to the sales departments and the business as a whole.

All the above tactics are designed to keep in view the sales cadence in 2020 and its implementation.



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