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Absstem technologies- the future of India’s medical oxygen supply!

“The only way to get to the temple of simplicity is to walk through the valley of complexity”. -Todd Herman.

One such group that is very suitable as the best example for this quote is Absstem technologies. Absstem is a multidisciplinary organization that offers various services like manufacturing, testing, sales, R&D, certification, promotions, marketing, and service. Absstem technologies offer customized solutions to hospitals having a set up of any number of beds. They provide customized solutions with their innovative inventions like the Medical oxygen generator skid system, mobile medical oxygen generators with cylinder filling station.

In the recent crisis of COVID-19, medical appliances are very much in demand and frontline healthcare professionals are doing so much that we can’t even imagine. This is where the Absstem technologies are successfully aiding us in tackling the situation by providing the hospitals with their most efficient product called Medical Oxygen Plant. This is a revolutionary measure to avert India’s oxygen shortage as they replaced oxygen with the self- generating oxygen plant in India. Medical oxygen plant developed by Absstem technology is an initiative that will reshape the healthcare facilities of the medical industry. Since the virus attacks the respiratory tract of humans, ventilators are an important essential in severe cases and these oxygen plants are most effective at that time. Absstem technologies are the first startup in India that introduced medical oxygen generators – MedO. MedO is a generator that converts atmospheric air into hospital oxygen for ranging from 20 to 1000 beds. And MedO is very easily transportable, that at times like this as India fights, these MedO of Absstem technologies are used in containment center’s where one or two generators are enough to produce continuous oxygen to all beds. Absstem technologies aim in providing continuous, affordable, and contactless supply of oxygen. Absstem products are proudly placed under the radar of “Make in India “ and they do deserve praise for their initiative to make our country oxygen-independent and in elevating its status in the world of technologies. Absstem technologies have given their products in minimum manufacturing cost to hospitals making it more easily affordable. Which liquid oxygen requires daily refilling, space, and safety measure, these oxygen generators are contactless and one is enough to provide continuous oxygen without any disruption. Absstem technologies team is also helping India fight COVID 19 in working hand in hand with doctors and hospitals in creating and providing effective oxygen supply. They are surely our unsung heroes! Being the first and only startup in this kind they are setting an example in bringing technology and field of healthcare together. India needs new innovative minds like Absstem technologies to rise and show how new things might be difficult for people who might like experienced stuff but they are the proof that it’s not impossible!

Wake up India! Absstem Technologies has brought us the future of oxygen-independent India and they surely will achieve that mark in upcoming years. We wish you all the good luck for many more innovative solutions to be unboxed in the future!



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