Beyondesign- Be your own design.

A land filled with a diverse range of talents. A land that is well known for its intrigued details. A land that is specialized for its unique culture. Such is our land, Incredible India! Indian culture attracts the world attention through its magnificent diversity. Indian women are always known to be extra careful and innovative when it comes to beauty. From adding an extra menu in breakfast to sticking the little jimiki in dupattas, women can turn even a lump of coal into gold! One such innovative Indian woman found an amazing company that celebrates the lives of many young ladies and lightens the world around us. Bhavika Shah founded Beyondesign in 2006 since then this has been an all-girls design consultancy. They are among the best-known company for design celebrates Indian culture in such a beautiful and intriguing way, that it’s such a pleasure to the eye. Innovation and communication have been their core strength that has been the efficient power button.

A Bombay based, all design boutique that focuses on the bigger picture with smaller details is all we can describe Beyondesign accurately!!. They practice process-driven design that is RELEVANT, RELATABLE, AND REAL. They govern with such simple rules that are collective of thinkers!. They attract people and brands from all facets of businesses to collaborate with. Their clients are as diverse and their ideas are collaborating from the vast background. It doesn’t matter you are a real estate, or nonprofit organization; they have everything ready for you. An element they live up to is their diverse creativity. Beyondesign’s mantra is ‘ be your own design!’. And as long as anything Relevant, Relatable, and Real, their passion fires up! Beyondesign’s eclectic team comprised of designers, content writers, and strategists, they have over 400 trusted clients, who they cater their diverse portfolio to. Small things in life are sometimes the biggest door opener. They search these simple ideas and create extraordinary brands!. A team led by Bhavika Shah is girls who are filled with energy, efficiency, and eclectic in nature.

Not many get to love what they do, but in Beyondesign, they love what they do and are privileged to have had the opportunity to have worked with some of the most iconic brands of all times including- Taj Hotels, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, The St.Regis Mumbai, The Ritz Carlton, Piramal Healthcare, Kalpataru Construction, Ravalgaon Sugar Farms, RPG, JSW, Robinsons Global Logistics, Oberoi International School, Asian Paints, The Mahindra United World College, Magic Bus, Sotheby’s and other emerging companies. They add value and bring to light our style, aesthetic, and their clientele. Their belief that good designs are simple, minimalistic, and meaningful has shined through their work. Beyondesign’s designs have been functional, Innovative, and honest in every attribute. Little by little, Beyondesign was strengthened by ever a girl who came by lifting them. And that’s why they are known for such amazing teamwork.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much! Together they are Beyondesign, the company that beautifies India to its eminent level! 





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