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Bharatsthali – Wear With Pride, Live With Tradition

Opening your eyes to the new world, you tug inside your mother’s dupatta. As you grow and new people start talking to you, you pull and hide inside your mother’s saree pallu. You stand in front of the mirror twirling like a cocoon as you trip trying to replicate your mother. You call your mother to attach pins here and there so that your saree doesn’t fall during the farewell ceremony. You wear the saree that your mother has bought for you with so much love for your first interview and you come back home just to hug her thanks for the luck! Your father’s eyes beam with tears when he sees you in your wedding saree ready to fly away from him. Indeed, saree is the signal of pride for every woman, the signal of strength for every mother, the signal of beauty for every wife, and the signal of love for every daughter. Indian women are proud to wear them through all course of life. But finding the right saree for every walk of life, every time of style and quality check, are a great concern. So we have bought you a Chandigarh based fair-trade enterprise- Bharatsthali. Bharatsthali is ‘vocal for local’ enthusiast much before it became a national catchphrase. They are the best online shopping place for saree. They make handloom fashionable and mainstream. Bharatsthali brings saree from deep roots of traditions which are carefully handwoven. It’s a go-to option for people who are waking up to the benefits of wearing natural textiles that are skin-friendly and eco-friendly. They have a wide range of sarees for all walks of life. Be it the dreamy drapes of silk, cotton, linen, kalamkari ikat or the Banarasi dupatta, cotton suits, or organza fabric at wholesale rate here’s handwoven delights for classes and masses.

Bharatsthali is the brainchild of pulkit and sumati– a husband-wife duo, who started their entrepreneurial journey with Arena Flowers- a one-stop destination for online flowers. Bharatsthali is a one-stop-shop for finding handlooms online, from six yarders to fabrics by the yard. With sarees coming from the tradition-rich cities of Banaras, Bihar, Rajasthan, Kolkata, and south India, their fabric is shining, shimmering, and raw with smooth textiles. Kanchipuram silk, the pride of Tamilnadu is crisp and sheer in Bharatsthali Kanchipuram silk sarees. They bring fabrics fresh from weavers and artisans to facilitate ease in business, to increase the margin for weavers, and to reduce the costs for end-users. As the fear of pandemic has prisoned us inside our homes, Bharatsthali is worth checking out for orders for they have premium logistic partners and have faster turnaround times. Bharatsthali silk bare Silk Mark India, a certification of purity and authenticity by the government of India. They provide free shipping on all Indian orders with ultimate fast delivery service, 24/7 support system and they also ensure your payment security. With the upliftment of rural weavers in selling their products on Bharatsthali, they are contributing to the upliftment of the Indian economy in a rural area, and by preserving and nurturing our tradition with innovation, they bring out the best culture ware of all style, for all time! Oh, tradition worshippers, your body deserves to be clothed with such fine class saree for you are the pride of India! If not now, then when? 

Contact details:

Name: Pulkit Gogna
E-mail: namaskaram@bharatsthali.com
Website: https://www.bharatsthali.com
Call: +91 95 9292 5533



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