BikeDoctor, a Pune-based startup is revolutionizing the way two-wheelers are serviced by reaching at your doorstep, provide complete transparency of spares and many more

A motorcycle rider will never say that he/she doesn’t really feel like riding that day.
To keep the spirit on, you can reach out to BikeDoctor whenever your two-wheeler needs servicing, repair and break down assistance at your doorstep.
Started in November 2016 by Pratik Hedaoo, Zeeshan Haris and Yusuf Muhammed, BikeDoctor solves the problem of two-wheeler consumers by providing services at customer’s home/office or any convenient place having reasonable cost maintenance with total transparency in spares, accessories, consumables and pricing.
BikeDoctor takes pride in being Women-friendly, easy on the wallet, laid-back solution to the bike needs and total transparency in the transactions.
Several times people have complained of being cheated when they get their two-wheeler serviced, they want more spares transparency. Also, women don’t find it feasible to visit garages at odd hours.
To solve such issues, BikeDoctor was started. As authorized garages are not found nearby and the local garages do not have a standard process, this is when BikeDoctor comes at your rescue.

One of our key USP’s is transparency. We hold ourselves in high esteem in keeping our services and monetary exchanges transparent. Be it changing of spares, total fare or pricing, the essential attributes of our service. A completely straightforward demeanour is our key.

They also work hard in making it as convenient as it can be for its customers. They put a lot of efforts in satisfying the customers with their services. The services are designed by BikeDoctor in such a way that it shall match up to the convenience level of the customers. This is the reason why services are provided at home, office or any location where the customer wants us to come at their provided time slot.
Bike Doctor provides servicing at doorstep making it feasible for women as well as others looking out for authorized garages. It also enables customers to cross-check the spares, consumables, pricing and accessories making the process convenient and easier. BikeDoctor has handpicked and trained mechanics for your perusal.
It spares you from the hustle and saves your precious time.
Another astounding feature of BikeDoctor is that it provides a log of all the services that it has provided to the vehicles of various customers. It provides each and every detail of the changes spares and services given. In this way, customers can provide all the information and authentic data when they try to sell off their two-wheelers. Right at the tip of the fingers, one can get the complete history and data of the two-wheeler maintenance.
BikeDoctor also provides periodic reminder so that the health of the vehicle is maintained at an optimum level. Customers will be notified and alerted for the next due service date. The customer can then allot timing as per his/her convenience for servicing.
Value of business since inception is 1 crore and their current turnover is 60 lakhs. More than 15 thousand people have registered. And they have more than 50 thousand website visitors.
With an extensive experience of five years, BikeDoctor has become more efficient at its role and is at a better position to understand customers problem and how to solve them in an effective way.
BikeDoctor already has more than 10 thousand customers signed up. It is currently present in three cities- Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. Their customers comprise of BigBasket, Indian Oil, Pizza Hut, Credr, Dominos, Bounce, Rentomojo, IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance and many others. Their plan is to provide services in more than 100 cities.

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