KREO Design and Innovation: Genesis to Growth of a One-Stop Design Shop

How many times have we seen poorly designed signages, bus shelters or hoardings in our day-to-day life? Probably some zillion times. That is because India still has to go a long way to realise the value and importance of design as a domain and its impact on every aspect of life. This was Ms. Darshita Thaker’s mission behind forming KREO Design and Innovation – To make a meaningful impact through design.
With 15 years of experience in the corporate sector, Darshita, an alumna of the prestigious National Institute of Design, identified a pressing gap in the creative services industry. Corporates had to coordinate with more than one agency to get different services, be it an exhibition, social media, BTL activation or anything else related to design and strategy. This resulted in loss of time and hence delayed the entire delivery process. With an idea of addressing this problem, Darshita kick-started KREO Design and Innovation, which brought about designers, consultants and strategists with diverse experiences under one roof to offer a multi-disciplinary design firm that can take care of myriad design and creative services. KREO Design offers a spectrum of solutions into retail design, branding services, social media solutions, creative copy and content services, experiential design, animation design and the list is long.
Darshita also observed that designers in the corporate world work in silos, whereas, she feels that for out-of-the-box ideas to bloom it is imperative to have a conducive environment. That is when KREO was born to nurture great ideas under one roof, to provide comprehensive creative solutions in line with the client’s business objectives.
Over a span of 5 years, KREO successfully collaborated creativity with business understanding accomplishing over 4000 projects, treading into FMCG, fashion, retail, automotive and electronics industry spaces. Working with some of the popular brands in the country like Bosch, Facebook, Nikon, Reliance Industries, Titan, Red Bull, Crocs, Scania, Sterling Holidays to name a few, KREO Design has made a significant mark. Not only stopping at happy clients, KREO has gone ahead in winning accolades for notable projects, the recent one being at an international stage.
KREO aims to become the best design firm in the country and taking its design thinking to the world. With a constant thirst for doing great work and an undying zeal of understanding the client’s perspective, Darshita Thaker believes that the sky is the limit for KREO Design and Innovation.

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