The idea of starting my venture stemmed from a personal struggle of not being able to find responsibly sourced, natural toxin-free products that were safe for my daughters. It was during the course of my stay in London that I got introduced to the harmful effects of chemicals used in skin care products. On moving back to India, when my daughter had her first skin reaction, I realised it was so hard to find natural, chemicalfree alternatives that were safe and equally as effective; there was a huge gap in the baby-care market that had not been addressed. Eventually, I landed up importing products for my daughters after finding that there were nearly no local choices for my girls.

I had spoken to over two hundred moms, only to realise that they struggled equally, with the same problem and depended on friends and family to stock up on their mom and baby care essentials, during their travels overseas and those who couldn’t were on a constant look out for better substitutes for their kids.

Why should something like finding an effective, safe lotion or a wash be that difficult? I constantly questioned why there wasn’t a brand exploring solutions, to solve the need moms had, for good quality, natural products that are safe yet effective? We have witnessed a surge of young mothers seeking to make the shift to an eco-sustainable lifestyle. There is also increased awareness in the baby-care market with the rise of working women and nuclear families.

After much thought and consideration, I took it upon myself to create a homegrown company that could truly be a partner to every mother’s journey into motherhood. The first set of team members are always the hardest to recruit. For us, most of the early members came in through references from friends and close relatives. We had our first team member join us back when we didn’t even have our brand name finalised. Most of our employees joined us because they believed in the idea and vision of the company and wanted to make a difference, just as my husband Mohit and I did.

At The Moms Co., we are on a mission to help mothers make the right decision when it comes to themselves and their family’s needs. With the help of an integrated local network, our products are available on popular online marketplaces like,,,,, among others and we are also present offline at major metros. The Moms Co. continues to grow at a steady pace month-on-month and aims at doubling-up this year, with growth being driven by new products and venturing into more cities and other countries. 

We are India’s only company that is Certified Toxin-Free across its entire range of products from an Australian firm called Safe Cosmetics Australia. All the ingredients we select pass through the toughest toxicity global databases on safety. Our motto is ‘Nature In Toxins Out’, with a philosophy of using only the best Natural Ingredients and staying away from everything that’s even potentially harmful.  We pride ourselves in being the only company in the country with the largest range of products for pregnancy. Our solutions are Gynaecologist and Doctor Recommended, so you know you are getting the best. 

We have a range of product offerings for moms and babies. We focus on addressing common concerns that mothers face during and post pregnancy with effective solutions for breastfeeding, stretch marks, hair fall, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and the like; to a range of products curated especially for babies for tear-free baths, skin care, diaper care, etc. The brand has over twenty-five products in its portfolio and a line up of many more releases by the end of this year.

At The Moms Co., each product is curated with love and without compromise. Experts from across the world have consulted with us on the ranges. We have been founded to help moms make informative decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Through our company, we today have created employment for around a hundred families. With the Moms Co., our core aim is to ensure that we meet the needs of discerning moms who strive to safeguard their child’s wellbeing, above all else. The Journey of motherhood is a beautiful one, The Moms Co. aims to handhold young mothers and make motherhood a little bit simpler for them.

Malika Sadani, Founder & CEO, The Moms Co.

A passionate entrepreneur and a loving mother full of enthusiasm, Malika Datt Sadani is the Founder & CEO of The Moms Co., one of India’s toxin-free brands catering to expectant and new mothers seeking natural, chemical free products for their daily personal care regimen. The idea for The Moms Co. came to Malika Sadani – a banker-turned-entrepreneur – in 2012. She had just moved back to India from London and couldn’t find safe, natural products for her daughters.

An expert in her own right, Malika feels she has always been an obsessive mother and there are many moms like her who want the best for themselves and their babies, who hate having to compromise on the safety of the products they use for themselves and their family. She believes, with The Moms Co., she has embarked on a mission to help moms in India and across the world make safe, natural and effective choices for themselves and their loved ones.

Malika has also received awards and recognition for her contribution to the industry thus far.

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