Facebook Joins The Race To Win TikTok Fan-base With Its New Short Video Service Feature Introduced In India

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic imposed lockdown and social distancing, we have seen a massive use of digital platforms. From medicines to entertainment, from grocery to school everything has turned online. Since that dawn, many apps have come forth in providing innovative means to fulfill people’s needs. Many tech giants have come up with new features. Google and Facebook are on one to one combat to deliver their best performance to steal people’s hearts and minds. Mark Zuckerberg has taken advantage of current situations to bring new and diverse features to its app and is making it a single platform for everything you might need. Facebook is testing ‘short video’ among its news-feed content. If you are a regular user of Facebook then it is already visible in news-feed along with a create button to upload your one. This might ring the bell to one of the most popular app – Tik Tok. Yes, Facebook is providing medicine with its new feature to all the people who are still mourning the loss of Tik Tok. Just as the Chinese app, Facebook contains the scroll through the option for easy viewing experience. This feature brings us to the understanding that this feature has been completely focused on baiting Tik Tok users into the Facebook platform especially in India. Since the ban on Tik Tok imposed, many users have gone in search of a reliable app to substitute for the masterpiece but nothing has been persuading enough to fill the void that Tik Tok has left in its users.

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One thing we need to understand here is that India has been the major contributor to the growth of the brand. 2 in every 3 Indian youths have had Tik Tok installed at least once in its course of popularity. Now, Facebook is trying its fullness to capture and conquer that kind of attention from the Indian market. The testing has just begun and Facebook has so delightedly chosen India to be the first spot of trial. There has been a lot of question on how will it be a benefit to the people who own a page as it’s easily accessible for a user having just their profile. But we need to rethink the question again. This feature of having video as short as 15 seconds with a scroll through viewing experience is such an extremely popular and most loved feature in the Indian market. So once it has been launch we shall undoubtedly see a high rise in its demand, and that, in turn, will provide the benefit of ‘More reach’. Through this setting, our content will reach in more diversified regions, and with this; there is an increase in exposure to our profile/ page. One of the most intriguing factors is that any short video posted on the page is automatically directly into the news-feed section. With this, any page owner can market their content into a short video and it will be directly seen in the news-feed on the open page of a Facebook app. This will allow the creators to deliver their content to a large scale and page owners are the ones with the maximum benefit in it. This is also a very thorough tactic to use, upload your video within the 1-minute limit, and sit back and enjoy as your video gets circulated with your content in it. This is such a good announcement and it’s upon us to make the best use of it immediately.

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Now there arises another question- video less than 1 minute isn’t monetized on Facebook then what is the use of it? But the answer is not in getting monetization, it’s about getting the growth. Growth is necessary. You can either post a series of short videos or just a short part of a long video, both will push up the standard and exposure. Another amazing factor with this is that when a person likes or what’s to see more about your content, those short video itself will lead them directly to your wall. Hence, make sure the short videos are eye-catching and luring as well! The methods of creating and uploading the short video are just the same as Tik Tok, so all the users will not have any hard time trying to crack this code out. There are tones of music to select from, options of editing as well have been given and even a caption could be added.

There has been no app to date that has been able to garner such a fan base like Tik Tok. But attempts sure have been made by other Indian ventures. So this new feature from Facebook has surely been a very welcoming one and there are a lot of chances that Zuckerberg is not stopping here. The fact that one man’s loss is another man’s gain has been so evident here. Facebook has made a big investment with jio a few months back. And as India is moving into a very digital rise, gathering loyal customers to its platform or sustaining the present ones have been an important task. One of the key reasons why people prefer Facebook and why it will be an advantage to trust them is that they bring an enhanced version of whatever feature they produce. They tried to nullify the security issue in zoom through their messenger rooms. Now the TikTok feature being induced is just one in a million things that Facebook is doing to keep the Indian citizens entertained in this pandemic stricken world. It sure is a welcoming point and it amazes me to wait for what else with Zuckerberg add to his umbrella. 


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