Top 10 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies In India 2023

Top 10 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies In India 2023

Over the past few years, you’ve definitely heard the phrase “influencer marketing” a few times and wondered what it meant. Without a doubt, it is a popular term in the world of digital marketing. In the current fiscal year, it is expected that the influencer marketing sector would increase to $15 billion in revenue. The increase of $8 billion in just three years is noteworthy considering that it was only $6 billion in 2019.

Obviously, the pandemic had a significant impact on this because individuals were unable to leave their houses and instead spent a lot of time online. It was at this point that they looked into other internet buying options because there had been no other choices during the entire lockdown. They gradually started to follow these influencers on social media and started to respect their opinions. Particularly among teenagers and 20-somethings, these influencers are viewed as friends and as having a big impact on their lives.

Consumers in their teens and early twenties are the target market that influencers like since they spend all of their pocket money and earnings (acquired in the early years of their jobs) on entertainment. Just a few of their favoured purchases are clothing, shoes, lingerie, luggage, travel accessories, gadgets, imitation jewellery, perfumes, make-up products, food, and alcohol.

If your company produces any of these goods, you cannot ignore this market. Since people in their 30s invest mostly in financial instruments, real estate, rent, and children’s education, this group has the greatest purchasing power. Despite having significant purchasing power, they are not the only people that buy the aforementioned goods and services.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a sort of online marketing that focuses on employing influencers from a specific niche to promote a brand’s recognition among a larger audience. Influencer marketing, to put it simply, is the process of using influencers to sell your brand to your target demographic and spread the word about your products or services.

After firms understood how powerful, and likely to result in a sale, and customer recommendations were compared to other marketing tactics, influencer marketing swiftly gained popularity. As a result, 76% of companies and marketers anticipate raising their budget for influencer marketing in 2019.

As a result, influencers will have access to an increasing number of business opportunities. And all they have to do to take advantage of it is get in touch with the best influencer marketing company.

I’ve included the top 10 influencer marketing firms in India below to assist you with that.

Who is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who enjoys a significant following on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and others. People can be led to act as if they value their viewpoint and expertise by them. These influencers frequently work with brands to raise awareness of their goods and services. Their recommendations and opinions are highly respected by their fan base because they have a huge following that reads everything they post online.

Brands, therefore, depend on influencer marketing companies in India to increase their visibility to the younger market and increase sales. If you want to learn more about the science underlying how influence operates, check out one of our older articles where we go into great detail.

Is influencer marketing appropriate for all types of businesses?

In their respective disciplines, such as those of health, fitness, travel, gastronomy, beauty, business, technology, and science, influencers are frequently thought, as leaders. As long as you find the influencers that are best suited to your needs, there is always room for everyone, regardless of how big you are or what sector you are in.

To effectively communicate and work with influencers, businesses may employ a variety of influencer marketing techniques. For instance, a low-cost, optimised technique is better suited for small firms. For larger businesses, it will be wiser to choose a comprehensive strategy that involves a higher expenditure to engage with celebrities or other authorised brands. For instance, a sportswear company collaborates with Instagram influencer @sydneyloveleigh, who often posts about travel, fitness, and wellness.

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She is a 21.4K follower micro-influencer. Sydney was a great option for Nuxactive’s influencer marketing campaign since her lifestyle and fan base perfectly match the brand image and objectives of Nuxactive. A company can build a relationship with its target clients by having a relatively high engagement rate despite having a relatively modest following of 21.4K persons in the field.

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies in India

Whether you’re a brand seeking the most well-known influencers in your field or an influencer looking to connect with the greatest brands with lots of benefits, you should surely take into account any influencer marketing agency from the list below.

The influencer marketing companies I have listed below are currently the best in India for both brands and influencers.

  • Confluencr

Best influencer

The year of the founding confluencr is 2018. Confluencr, a Mumbai-based company, develops focused marketing campaigns for national and international clients in e-commerce, healthcare, food and wellness, and education. More than 15000 influencers in the agency’s network produce content in a variety of languages, including Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and others.

It provides content delivery, influencer curation, reporting, and analytics services. In order to reach a wider audience, the agency also arranges celebrity collaborations between brands and performers such as singers, actresses, and stand-up comedians. In order to increase company visibility on the platforms, it also offers influencer marketing on YouTube and Instagram.

Customers: WOW Skin Science, Pet Fed, Vedantu, Flipkart, Ola Foods, Groww, Kotak, Paytm, Vedix, Masai.

  • Chtrbox

Best influencer

The year of founding is 2016. With the aid of social media influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and product ambassadors in a variety of areas, Chtrbox enables local firms to target specific audiences. This Indian influencer marketing company is renowned for producing winning campaigns.

To find the best talent for your brand, it uses a unique algorithm to look for pertinent influencer data. The solution also assists the agency in calculating ROI thanks to specialised dashboards that show extensive information and insights. Influencers can use the agency’s platform to produce content, make money, and advance their careers.

Customers include Nokia, Flipkart, Livon, Pepsi, Puma, Whisper, Tropicana, and Hike Messenger.

  • ANTS Digital

Best influencer

It is Established in 2015. The lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, health, and parenting companies that ANTS Digital agency represents are among the largest influencer marketing agencies in India, according to the company. The agency connects you with the best local talent through its network of bloggers, influencers, and key opinion leaders (KOLs).

Being a tech-driven marketing and communications firm, it performs data-driven, custom campaigns that support the goals of the company. Goal setting, competition analysis, influencer finding, ideation process, outreach and promotion, and measurement are the six steps that it follows. Additionally, the agency provides creative, branding, public relations (PR), and digital marketing services.

GroupM, Ejot, Jain Farm Fresh, Eden, Concentrix, HQ, Kleen Skin, and Youva are some of the clients.

  • The Marcom Avenue

Marcom Avenue runs social media strategies that break through the clutter to help B2B and B2C firms outperform their rivals. It develops distinctive brand narratives that emotionally connect the brands with the target market. One of the top influencer marketing companies in India, the company has links to over 20,000 influencers, including bloggers, social media celebrities, writers of local content, vloggers, and others.

The agency offers brand enhancement, content production, curation, and distribution under influencer marketing. Additionally, it offers services in IT, experience, creativity, PR, and filmmaking. Titan, Oppo, Punk, OYO, Mahindra World City, Nestle, OLA, Instax Fujifilm Geeks for Geeks, and Explurger are among the clients.


Best influencer

Year of Inception: 2018

An Indian influencer marketing company called ENLYFT runs ROI-driven programmes to increase brand awareness and client loyalty. In addition to other areas, they have linked 20,000+ influencers with companies in the lifestyle, cuisine, parenting, education, and travel sectors.

They operate under the maxims of enhancing, enabling, and engaging. In the enhance category, the agency creates unique campaigns based on brand expectations, whereas in the enable category, the campaign managers facilitate workshops to assist producers in developing innovative material. As part of their “engage” process, they analyse performance and give reports on ROI. Customers: Micromax, LG, Lenovo, Meesho, TATA Cliq, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, Zerodha, Myntra, Oppo, and

  • Whisskers Marketing

The year of establishment is 2014. One of the leading social media firms in India that specialises in influencer marketing is Whisskers Marketing. The agency links local brands with micro-influencers, who can be moms, creators, vloggers, bloggers, and other types of online personalities. The agency provides services to all sizes of businesses, including tiny startups and major international corporations, in lifestyle, food, healthcare, and other industries. To give the audience the impression that the material is more authentic, the agency creates long-lasting relationships between the business and influencers.

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In its creator marketing process, influencers are found using a finder tool, campaigns are designed, content is created, and impact analytics based on KPIs like likes, comments, shares, etc. are performed. Customers include The Princeton Review, Meena Bazaar, FreshGravity, Great Learning, Opera, McCANN, Vakil Search, and Meena Bazaar.

  • Third Eye Blind Production

Best influencer

It is established in 2016. End-to-end influencer campaigns are handled by Third Eye Blind Productions, including audience research, campaign conception and strategy, execution, insight, and reporting.

This Indian influencer marketing company, with its main office in Mumbai, seeks to develop extensive programmes that have an impact on the audience and aid clients in achieving their goals. It boasts a network of social media influencers, including models, celebrities, and brand ambassadors, who produce captivating online content. With its own tool, the agency gathers important information regarding the effectiveness of your campaign. Additionally, it makes use of paid promotion to expand the reach of influencer material.

WOW Skin Science, Angel One, Wazirx, Mamaearth, Vauld, KhataBook, Urban Company, and Maybelline are some of the clients.

  • Tech2Globe

It is established in 2014. Influencer marketing is viewed by Tech2Globe agency as a creative tactic rather than a platform for exposure. In order to increase its brand reputation on social media, the firm recruits seasoned influencers and grant them creative freedom to produce authentic content.

This influencer marketing company in India has relationships with artists in a variety of industries, including B2B, eCommerce, healthcare, education, and tourism. Additionally, it manages campaigns, builds strategies, matches creators, and runs social media advertising. To facilitate fruitful collaborations, the agency learns everything there is to know about your business—from the target market to the rivals and current tactics.

Customers: Midwest Jewellery, Tulimed, Magic Opener, Hopwater, Telia Oils, Green Yi

  • I knowlegde factory

Best influencer

Year of Inception: 2000

IKF has worked with 850+ brands in industries like real estate, hotels, banking, education, healthcare, etc. during the course of its nearly two-decade history. In the argument between sponsored advertisements and influencer marketing, the agency supports influencers and thinks the latter is more successful.

Because of this, it propels clients’ initiatives for authentic and effective creators. The agency provides creator outreach and search services as well as relationship development, campaign strategy formulation, and implementation. Clients include Mother’s Recipe, Lupin, IndiGrid, Peppermint, Cloud Moyo, TitanX, and Mahindra Systech.

  • Letsinfluence

Best influencer

Year of Inception: 2018

Letsinfluence has a network of more than 500 celebrities and 25,000 top influencers. To meet the KPIs given by the client for the campaign, the agency conducts research on the creators’ audience, engagement level, past campaigns, etc. The agency builds your campaign from the ground up, studying your market and target demographic to develop original content that will appeal to them. Additionally, it oversees payments, performance reporting, and brand-influencer collaboration.

The Indian influencer marketing company also serves as a growth platform for content producers, providing them with tips on how to monetize their work. Customers: Titan, Boat, Emami, Meesho, Noise, Pee Buddy, OYO, Cosco, Snapdeal, Mamaearth, TrulyMadly

Influencer Marketing Benefits

Increases Brand Awareness & Reach:

Millions of people follow the bulk of social media influencers, including the 50 Instagram influencers with the highest followers, who have more than 2.5 billion. In light of this, influencer marketing—in which you work with influencers whose audience matches that of your products or services—will present an excellent opportunity for you to reach millions of potential clients.

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Overbearing marketing and sales strategies are simply a thing of the past for brands. It is becoming more sophisticated to advertise with influencers that can deftly incorporate brand campaigns into their expression and style.

Boost credibility and trust

Influencers have a lot of power since their followers respect them and view them as professionals in their field. They have a good relationship with their audience and treat them with respect. As a result, people respect their opinions and counsel. By implementing these tips, your influencer marketing campaign won’t feel like advertising, which will increase people’s interest in your business.

According to studies, 75% of YouTube subscribers value the platform’s use of real, relevant, and trustworthy people, and 70% of teen users are more inclined to identify with influencers than with conventional celebrities. Additionally, 60% of users state that they prefer the reviews of their favourite YouTube stars to those of well-known TV and movie actors.

Comprehensive Content Strategy

The creation of consistent, engaging content is not easy. Influencer marketing can fill in the holes in your content calendar when you run out of ideas or are otherwise stuck. If you can agree to a deal for content co-creation, influencers who are skilled at creating interesting and high-quality material to interact with their followers on a daily basis will bring you a lot of advantages.

Long-term, win-win partnerships

Undoubtedly, finding the ideal companion is the key to developing fulfilling relationships. You should choose influencers based on their industry and the audiences they may influence in order to create collaborations that boost sales for you and your partners.  The secret to beginning an influencer marketing campaign is to establish and nurture a positive relationship. By establishing productive relationships with influencers and forging enduring alliances, brands may succeed over the long run.

Influencer Marketing Increases Sales

According to 64% of those polled in a 2019 study by Mediakix, creating sales and conversions is one of the top three overall goals that marketers aim for when using influencer marketing. According to studies, businesses make roughly $18 for every $1 they spend on using influencers to communicate with their customers. And for many other brands, this figure might be higher.


As paid advertising costs rise, businesses find it more difficult to advertise their goods and services. Influencer marketing can help keep advertising costs low. Influencer marketing is quite affordable compared to other forms of advertising. The cost of an influencer is significantly influenced by the size of the audience and the specific niche. Influencer marketing has given brands entirely new potential to compete on social media sites like Youtube and Instagram utilising a more efficient and optimised method.

Best influencer

Summing Up

Despite the level of experience agencies possess, it might be difficult to uncover new influencers for fresh campaigns within their current network.

Because of the small database, a lot of businesses and agencies have shifted to influencer automation solutions like For their clients, the platform makes its 6M+ influencer IDs available, assisting in the search for new talent. Additionally, it helps you manage complete campaigns and track the outcomes.

Due to the rapid growth of social media and word-of-mouth marketing, influencer marketing has become more and more popular with firms. Understanding what influencer marketing is, how it works, and what it produces will give you a complete understanding of one of the most popular marketing methods for the future.

Through their consistently engaging material and the limitless sharing opportunities from their fans, influencers provide you with an excellent opportunity to attract new customers, increase brand recognition, and increase conversions. You can take your social media marketing initiatives to the next level by selecting the right influencers and creating an impactful influencer marketing plan, especially for startup firms that have had trouble gaining momentum.

Better outcomes can be obtained by applying influencer marketing to following initiatives after learning how quickly it can assist you in achieving your online goals. As long as you can identify its potential and work with the proper influencers in an efficient digital marketing plan, influencer marketing pays for itself more often than it costs you.

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