Top 10 Best Email Marketing companies in India 2023

The importance of email marketing for India is high as well since it is a direct method of reaching clients through email. Coordinated email marketing reaches out to those who are interested in the topics of your business, unlike spam. The information is delivered more like a bomb than a laser-guided rocket: No matter what you are selling, compared to advertising or other forms of media exposure, it is a way to reach a large number of potential customers easily and directly.

Even though it is the oldest kind of web marketing, email marketing is still regarded as the most effective method for generating leads and ensuring conversions. Email marketing has grown significantly in recent years along with the development of the digital world, and no one can dispute the significance of email marketing agencies in today’s world for generating leads and increasing ROI.Top 10 Email Marketing Companies For Your Startups 2021 - Inventiva

Email marketing services are a part of web promotion, which also includes web-based marketing via websites, online networking, websites, and other channels. These services are available in India and other countries. With the exception that communications are transmitted electronically via email as opposed to mailing letters through the postal service, it is essentially the same as instant mail. Since the world first learned about the Internet, email marketing has evolved into a fundamental tool for companies. Nevertheless, not all campaigns that reach our inboxes are worth our attention.

No one organization owns or controls email. It is an open platform for communication, and a wide range of services give users access to send and receive email. sending emails to clients to strengthen the relationship between a business and its past or present patrons and promote repeat business, sending emails with the intention of luring in new clients or persuading existing ones to make a transaction right now, including advertising in emails sent to clients by other businesses.

This data demonstrates that email is a cost-effective medium for marketers, but how can email perform so much better than other channels in terms of ROI? It all boils down to sending very relevant and tailored communications. Email enables you to be much more targeted with your messages than social networking, where you send status updates to every follower regardless of their location, hobbies, or past purchases.

You may be more targeted the more information you have about your consumers in an email marketing platform like Campaign Monitor, including information gleaned from connected systems like your CRM, customer care solution, etc. Rich media formats, which can include visuals and offer your product or service substance and flavor, can extend the text-only confines of email marketing. You have the potential customer’s undivided attention while using email marketing. Pop-up adverts and other online advertising sometimes obstruct the material that a potential consumer is trying to view. However, with direct email marketing, the content is the advertisement.

India’s expansion of digital marketing

In India, digital marketing first appeared between 1996 and 2005. However, as internet connections became widely available and consumers began utilizing search engines like Google, digital marketing began to truly take off. In India, digital marketing first appeared between 1996 and 2005. However, as internet connections became widely available and consumers began utilizing search engines like Google, digital marketing began to truly take off. By 2010, both small and large businesses began launching sponsored and organic initiatives to create leads for inbound marketing. After 2010, India’s digital marketing industry had a quick rise, which is still going strong today.Best Email Marketing Company in Jaipur India - Hire Email Marketing Expert | Ab Web Experts

Internet services are launched in India

The introduction of internet services in 1995 marked the beginning of digital marketing in India. This was the initial baby step in India’s revolution in digital marketing. VSNL introduced the Internet service in India on August 15, 1995. (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited). In 2008, Tata Group purchased VSNL and changed its name to Tata Communications.

However, just 0.5% of the Indian population used internet services as of the year 2000. In India, the major boom in internet usage didn’t begin until around 2008. The number of new digital marketing businesses formed and the thousands of new employees hired during the years 2008 to 2010 represented the largest increase. India had 193,204,330 internet users in 2013 or around 15% of the country’s total population. India has over 525 million internet users in 2019. By 2023, this figure is projected to increase to reach 666 million.

The Government of India’s Digital India Program

The Indian government introduced the “Digital India” initiative in 2015. It was established to transform India into a knowledge-based economy and society. The goal of the Digital India program is to empower India both socially and economically. The government decided to offer e-government, public internet access programs, broadband highways, and universal access to mobile connectivity.

The following are a few benefits of the Digital India program for the field of digital marketing:

  • Even though more individuals began accessing the internet, the sector of online marketing saw a surge in client acquisition.
  • Earlier, just 10% of the entire income was earned through e-Marketing efforts. However, with the government’s introduction of digital India, individuals began displaying increased interest in new technologies. As a result, 85% of marketers currently make money from their e-Marketing efforts.
  • Today, around 80% of Indian marketers increase conversion rates using integrated campaigns that include email, social media, and mobile.
  • A majority of marketers—50%—plan to raise spending on online marketing initiatives as they become more oriented toward digital marketing.

India and global email marketing categoriesDigital marketing Email marketing Marketing strategy, Marketing, text, service png | PNGEgg

  • Transactional Emails

These are emails that are dispatched in response to predetermined events. The portion of the email message that is sent out verifies a transaction whenever a customer purchases an item or makes a reservation. By providing clients with a means of demonstrating that they need to purchase anything, they legitimize online commerce. New sales messages are generally included in transactional emails.

According to studies, transactional emails are opened 51.3% of the time compared to newsletters, which are only opened 36.6% of the time. Marketers can often try to incorporate fresh sales pitches into emails that don’t appear to be specifically for marketing, knowing that they require a captive audience. Airline reservation emails, for instance, frequently ask whether you’d want to pay to improve your ticket. Finding an SMTP server provider in India or another nation, such as the USA, Canada, Germany, or another, is necessary since transactional email primarily requires a specific kind of server, known as an SMTP server.

  • Direct Emails

This location is known for informing clients about new products, promotions, and special offers. Clients receive direct product information from them, and they typically provide a link or another easy way for customers to access the product. They are identical to the flyers, coupons, and catalogs that need to be sent through the post office.

  • Newsletters

These emails are delivered regularly to a list of subscribers who have elected to receive updates from a company. Instead of specifically promoting a product or service, newsletters aim to build relationships with their readers. They often have a conversational tone and provide information that the client would find interesting. The objective is to keep a customer engaged with a business even when they don’t appear to be shopping.

Compared to traditional postal marketing, email marketing offers the following major benefits:

  • When done correctly, a precise return on investment may be measured and has shown to be quite high. Bulk email service marketing is frequently rated as the second-most effective internet marketing strategy, right after search marketing.
  • Advertisers may get in front of a sizable audience of email subscribers who have chosen to receive emails on topics that interest them.
  • On an average day, more than half of all Internet users check or send emails.
  • Email enables marketers to communicate with customers and provide tailored, pertinent, and dynamic content.
  • Businesses may immediately respond to significant customer events like purchases or shopping cart abandonments thanks to transactional emails.

There are a few important advantages of email marketing over traditional postal marketing, including the following:

  • When carried out legally, a correct quantifiable profit may be achieved and has proven to be successful. The ideal online showcasing approach is generally cited as being sought to advertise, with email marketing coming in second.
  • Publicists can reach a sizable number of email supporters who have chosen to receive contact on topics that are important to them.
  • On a typical day, customers view or send emails over a part of the whole Internet.
  • Advertisers may interact with consumers through email by sending them personalized, relevant, and dynamic communications.
  • Organizations may respond organically to crucial consumer events like purchases or shop truck abandonment by using value-based messaging.

One of the top email marketing companies in India offers clients a cutting-edge email, SMS, and online marketing platform that enable them to communicate with consumers more effectively and maximize conversion rates. It is one of the top email marketing agencies that provide tailored email marketing software solutions that meet all of your demands because of its working approach, which is founded on the idea that each email marketing campaign can achieve the intended outcomes with the appropriate tools.Octane Marketing Client Reviews |

Its features, such as Integrated Marketing, Performance Marketing, and Permission Marketing, together with Agile Marketing Technology and Expert Service, are notable reasons to utilize it. You may have Multi-Channel Email and SMS Services, 100% Deliverability, White Labeled Service, CPM/ERP Integration APIs, etc. from Octane. in. Other features include the ability to just use opt-in lists, tools for building subscriber lists, automatic unsubscribes, CAN-SPAM complaints, etc.

  1. Mail Marketer

800+ Indian companies employ a reputable Do-It-Yourself email marketing digital agency to manage their email campaigns. As one of the best email marketing companies, Mail Marketer excels at delivering mass emails, promotions, event invites, newsletters, and bulk emails. With Mail Marketer, you can pick a plan, sign up, and automate your campaign without having to install the software or establish mail servers.Why Email Marketing Is Best Marketing Channel in 2022?

With the adaptable reseller plans of Mail Marketer, you may choose this option to receive a profitable reseller solution that enables you to launch your bulk email reseller service. You can find plans with Mail Marketer that fit any budget, so whether you operate a small-list business or want to send millions of emails, you can find a plan that works for you.

  1. Mail Get Bolt

As one of the best email marketing companies, Mail Get Bolt assists you in sending bulk emails without the need for hosting or a difficult SMTP configuration. You may send emails using its SMTP as well as the link to other SMTP services like Amazon SES, MailGun, Mandrill, & SendGrid, among others. It is one of the most reasonably priced email marketing companies, and you can easily utilize it to make the greatest templates for campaigns, newsletters, and other things.MailGet Bolt Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Drag and Drop Email Builder, Autoresponders, and Drips, List Management is some of its standout features, which enable quick email creation. Deliver emails automatically based on a preset schedule to engage your subscribers and manage your subscriber list conveniently in one location. You may also use it to import emails, clean email lists, track emails, and capture leads four times faster.

  1. Kenscio

By enabling personalization and one-to-one connection, Kenscio’s cutting-edge email marketing and technology solutions may help you manage email marketing campaigns. You may handle Email Marketing Campaigns using Email Validator, Big Data Solution, and Marketing Automation using Kenscio’s Acquisition function. Kenscio is one of the most favored email marketing companies in India, offering real-time email personalization, multi-channel marketing, and social media monitoring.WebEngage Partners With Kenscio s Email Management Solution - BW Disrupt

  1. Juvlon

Juvlon, one of the top email marketing companies, assists you in creating professional-looking emails quickly. To make your emails more conversion-focused, you may choose from its simple editors, template gallery, and customizable campaign features. Small and medium-sized businesses in India and overseas may connect with their clients in the most efficient, practical, and automated way possible with Juvlon’s assistance. Juvlon provides some of the top email marketing solutions, including email design, campaign reports, contact list management, email delivery, marketing automation, and SMS marketing.

Juvlon Email Marketing Photos, Gultekdi, Pune- Pictures & Images Gallery - Justdial

It makes it incredibly simple for you to manage spam, set IP options, authenticate emails, and operate permission-based email marketing campaigns. Choose Juvlon to receive insight-driven live reporting, tracking, email comparison, and other crucial email marketing information.

  1. VibeMail

Using unequaled bulk email delivery services, one of the most reputable bulk email service providers offers the most aggressive, economical email marketing strategies. The organization has customers throughout India as well as in the United States, Canada, and Australia. A highly reliable mass email service with high uptime and customer support, VibeMail is an email marketing digital business that offers email marketing services to assure high inbox delivery.Bulk Email Marketing Services Provider | Technomate.Mobi

In addition, VibeMail’s cloud-based mass emailing solution provides the highest level of service reliability. VibeMail’s IP reputation monitor and bulk email campaign segmentation assist preserve server reputation across ISPs. VibeMail’s sophisticated capabilities enable you to build, deliver, and track bulk email campaigns.

  1. Crux Mailer

To receive a cost-effective email marketing solution for your business, use Crux Mailer as your email marketing digital agency. For all of your bulk email marketing requirements, it is one of the best email marketing agencies. With its bulk email marketing software, Crux Mailer enables you to build and save an infinite number of email campaigns.Top 10 Email Marketing Companies in India | Email Marketing Services

You may quickly generate HTML and Text-based emails using its sophisticated HTML editor. Additionally, it helps a lot with email tracking and reporting. Crux Mailer helps you find out real-time open and click tracking information and also lets you know who opens and reads your emails. To find out how visitors are accessing your website or clicking links in your email campaign, utilize Crux Mailer. Additionally, it enables the import of data from other Excel files.

  1. Hems Mail

Hems Mail, one of the top email marketing agencies, offers bulk email services that make it simpler for email marketers to interact with their clients. With Hemsmail’s SMTP Server, you may send emails to your customers and stakeholders that can link back to your website as well as outbound bulk emails. By connecting to sophisticated email marketing tools, you may integrate its bulk emailing service with significant campaigns and track the click-through rates of your emails.

10 Best Email Marketing Agencies In India

You may receive assistance from Hems Mail Complete Email Marketing Solutions with email design, sending, tracking, audience targeting, etc. Hems Mail has received the Excellence Award 2015 in Digital Marketing from Brands Academy, as well as industry recognition.


One of the top email marketing companies that can assist you in turning contacts into customers with 100% managed email marketing is To follow up on your leads at the appropriate moment and ensure conversions, CYBRIDGE enables you to track your visitors’ email opens, clicks, and other types of activity. Personalized communications, mobile adaptability, and administration of the entire activity for you so that you may concentrate on your business are notable offerings.cybridge-logo.jpg

Additionally, CYBRIDGE supports you with tracking and analysis, bulk sending, and emailing that is spam-free and bounce-free.

  1. Brainpulse

To guarantee excellent deliverability for bulk email campaigns that handle every part of mail broadcasting, choose Brainpulse Email Marketing services. The business provides managed email marketing, which elevates your email campaigns and makes your messages more pertinent. You may quickly select from the tailored email marketing plans created depending on the requirements of your company.BrainPulse Reinvents SEO Services to Address Google Penguin / Panda Updates

To guarantee better effectiveness with your email marketing campaigns, you may begin with planning and scheduling before moving on to emailer creating, sending, and measuring. Other characteristics that qualify Brainpulse for our list of the top email marketing agencies are email validation, data mining, and email marketing automation.


Email marketing is quite beneficial, to sum up. It is inexpensive and provides a host of advantages. It is very scalable. Every marketing effort gets a more individualized touch thanks to email marketing. This creates a foundation of devoted customers. And loyal clients are the most crucial factor. The top 10 email marketing tools in India listed above might be useful. Interested businesses might consult this list. They may decide which marketing strategy will work best for their company. It is wise to use the free services that many of this offers. Therefore, it ought to be a part of any marketing plan with a priority list.

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