AR v/s VR- What is the difference?

The world of augmented reality and virtual reality are quite different than each other. You might have stumbled across both these terms but as a newbie, you have scratched your head saying, what are these two? Well, you are not the only one. Not everyone has a detailed perception of the idea of what the AR and VR dwell with. Both of them are different concepts with a different lining of an understatement. With the help of this article, we will let you know how they are differentiated.

AR and VR are not the same two concepts

One thing which we can tell you for sure is that AR and VR are not the same concepts. The term virtual reality and the term augmented reality get thrown around a lot these days but the idea behind them and the implementation of the technique is different. As you have heard it before, virtual reality helps you to enable a world that is simulated. On the other hand, augmented reality creates a simulated world right in front of your eyes. We know that these two definitions are quite the same but in fact, they have a lot of factual points.

What is virtual reality?

The idea of VR has been implemented for a long time now. Vr Headsets Company has its vision to give you the impression that you can be taken someplace else. With the help of a headset, you can wear it and seamless be inside a simulated world. If you put them off, you might feel like you are being blindfolded. When the headsets are on, you will notice that the LED panels are lit up and your complete field of vision has been surrounded by a 360-degree display. You are allowed to roam inside the simulated world, you are allowed to do the tasks in hand and visually I help you to replace reality with a man-made one.

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What is augmented reality?

Let us get into the world of AR or augmented reality. Whereas, VR helps you to be engulfed into a vision, have a seamless opportunity where you can do your work, augmented reality creates one right in front of your eyes. AR devices are more like smart glass which helps you to see everything right in front of your eyes as if you are watching them happen and take place in the real world. The technology which is designed with the use of augmented reality is ground-breaking and helps you to project images with the idea of free movement from one place to the other. On AR, you don’t have to accompany your simulated world with the use of a headset. It can only be done with brief goggles.

The complete and factual difference between AR and VR

So once we have stated what these both concepts are, here are the factual difference between AR and VR.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are something that you can accomplish in two different ways. Both of them regularly seems closely connected with each other because of the similar design of the headsets between them. But the idea and the concept behind these two are completely different.

VR helps you to replace the reality that you are in. AR adds to the reality projecting the idea and the information on top of what you are already seeing. Have you played the game of Pokémon Go? Well, then you can imagine what we are trying to paint. The world of AR helps you to create a reality on top of reality. You could see the Pokémon’s jumping in and around you, on top of your bed.

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Both these technologies are immensely powerful and they can be completely used to mark their consumer interested but show a lot of promise accordingly. They can completely change how we use computers in the future but whether one or both will succeed is anyone’s guess right now.

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